> Explain via elaborate chalkboard diagram.

The queen’s main duty, as explained by the changeling, is to provide food for her subjects.
Since changelings feed on love, their main source of energy is provided by the queen’s love for her hive, which is in turned fueled by the hive’s love for the queen.

While she could fulfill that duty just fine, she was still just an itty-bitty changeling queen, and so required a regent to oversee most of the governmental work. However, this particular regent turned out to have higher ambitions

Crisp and Composed: The Immaculate Works of Tim McDonagh

American illustrator Tim McDonagh uses a combination of paint, indian ink, and digital manipulation to create crisp and immaculately composed illustrations, each with meticulous line work and limited colour palettes (and many with detailed depictions of plants and animals). His impressive list of clients includes Nike, Penguin Books, Virgin, Random House, Activision, The Hollywood Reporter and Wired.     

Tim spent his younger years growing up in a rural part of America, surrounded by rattlesnakes and snapping turtles which in turn led to his fascination of animals. He also loves to draw grass. 

Handsome Frank

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“…wait the first choice was reasonably as well wHO ARE YOU???”

On a serious note, my head canon is that Tim is Non Binary because, he is a box. Boxes don’t have a gender. Although he does like he/him pronouns.

Thank god we don’t argue about his gender like the FNAF community. They are robots BRUH.

> Respectfully explain situation. :x in an adorable way.

You tell the Moonitaur the entire story, all about the crash-landing and the eyepatch and the falling into a hole covered in jam and the death and subsequent resurrection of the Cartographer’s Cap and the Minitaur that wouldn’t leave you alone and and and…

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If all dogs go to heaven, where do all cats go?

To suck the breath out of people that leave tumblr without saying goodbye.