While others are creative and lively and start something new and inspiring I’m just here, thinking way too much about the possible impression on others that posting something might leave instead of just having fun. Ugh. *is pretty self conscious sometimes, although not showing it*

I don’t know how you feel about posting something, do you fear critique or just being plainly ignored? I hate that. I don’t want anyone to feel like this. I want to encourage people to be crazy and lively!!

Let’s make a gif party and let’s spread it around to show the non-Hetalians just how awesome and derpy our community is! 



Welcome To Seychelles Seashore!

  We are a growing Hetalia fan community that offers new an old fans
  alike a place to roleplay, chat, or just hang out. 

  We offer a lot of things, including but not limited to:

     + A community of Hetalia roleplayers of all levels and styles
     + Multiple roleplays with different plots, AUs, and styles
     + Forum games
     + A place to post cosplays, games, art, and other fanworks
     + A forum contest with physical, irl prizes
     + A chatbox
     + Places to talk about anything and everything APH
     + And so much more! (And even more is in the works!)

  Right now we’re in our revival stages after the forum became inactive
  around the end of last year.We’re in a huge need of staff,    
  including tumblr staff, global moderators, and admin assistants! 
  We’re also open to suggestions for what we should add or do in the
  future. We’d like if you reblog this to get the word out! ouo

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is this like back in the hetalia Facebook rp community where they would say “I only ship yaoi no hentai” when they meant hetero

anonymous asked:

Omg, so I'm trying to translate your fics to spanish and its so hard but I must share all your fics with the spanish speaking hetalia community! They must spread!

//SCREAAAAAM!!! Oh gosh gosh gosh, anon, that’s so exciting for me!!! I speak Spanish too, so be sure to link me when you’ve translated it so I can practice my Spanish more!!! I’d love to read my fics in Spanish, ahhh!!! So long as you credit me and link the fic to the originals in English, I’m very happy to hear that my stories are being translated into other languages, omg!!! This is wonderful, thank you, dear!!! Good luck with translations, oh gosh, I’m so happy!!!

My fics will now be in Spanish and French, so there’s three languages for everyone to choose from! This makes me so happy, I’m going to cry!!! I hope I can read them too! I get to read my fics in the languages I’m learning <3333 Biggest smooches to you, dear!

About this blog

Hello Admin here! 

Obviously as you have noticed, this blog is based off Aph England from Hetalia. I wanted to make this blog for a very long time, and finally i did! For as long as i have been in the Hetalia community i have been observing England, and spend useless amounts of time in getting to know his personality the best i could. This blog will represent what England would reblog and blog about if he had tumblr, i will stay as in character as possible. As a bonus i will post selfies of me in my England cosplay, (of course in-character selfies haha) and photos of things he find beautiful. Imagine him being a grandpa who tries to be hip and cool.


- You can and are allowed to send asks of course! I will answer them all in character, unfortunately this is a sideblog and i can’t send asks back. 

-You can tag me, and i will answer all of the things you tagged with me.

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