The Lord of the Rings

Color Screenprint Triptych Set

12″ X 24″

Limited EditionRrun of 100

$100 for the set

These prints will be available TODAY, exclusively through Hero Complex Gallery’s site HERE around 9 am PST Friday, October, 4th, 2013. 

Artist: Marko Manev - Website - Tumblr - Twitter - Facebook

Hero Complex Gallery:Twitter - Website - Facebook


Tribute to Tim Burton Series by Marie Bergeron / Tumblr / Store

24” X 84” and 11” X 27” Giclee prints, numbered editions of 10 and 50 respectively. Available HERE.

Part of the Young Guns of Print art show at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook. All artwork now online HERE.


A Mario Kart piece I did that will be in Hero Complex Gallery’s “Righteous Rides" show, opening tomorrow! The limited edition print will be on sale after the opening night wraps up, I believe.

This piece was originally a project for the Game & Print Club, but we decided to change track and enter it in the coincidentally occurring appropriately themed, Hero Complex exhibit.

You can now purchase the print online at Hero Complex Gallery.


If you missed yesterday’s entry, this is the second in the ‘Mused on Tattoos’ series for Hero Complex Gallery’s Young Guns of Print show!

This time it’s the tough-as-nails biker, Hades (complete with helm of darkness), who has booked a sitting. I suppose it’s only natural that the Greek god of the underworld would have a lot of morbid imagery (But I bet underneath his tough exterior he’s actually a big softy).

So the show opens tonight and there are so many cool artists contributing that you should probably just go. Here, I’ve linked to accessible parking near the gallery.


Public Enemies

Illustrations by Jacob Bills

Batman & Joker - 20” x 36” 10 Color Screen Print.
Superman & Luthor - 20” x 36” 7 Color Screen Print.
Sold individually or as a matching numbered set.

Part of the Arch Nemesis art show opening 24th May, 2013 at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.


My Game of Thrones-inspired portrait series with @herocomplexgallery continues!! As a big fan of the show, this has been a great ride. Prints can be purchased exclusively through Hero Complex Gallery in LA.

New pieces are released each Sunday at the airing of GoT (9 EST) until the finale on June 15th.  Prints have a 2 week timed release, so be sure to grab your favorites before they sell out.  (Hint: if you’re a fan of Arya and/or The Hound… best hop on that ASAP)

Links: Tyrion Lannister, Bronn, Joffrey Baratheon (SOLD OUT), Jon Snow, Ygritte, Samwell TarlyThe Hound aka Sandor Clegane, and Arya Stark with Needle!

All my best and thank you for the fantastic support! I really appreciate each and every share.  Cheers!


Concept & Art by Francesco Francavilla
Limited Screenprint for POPEYE’s 85th Anniversary Art Show.

Happy to let everyone know I am participating to Popeye’s 85th Anniversary Art show (officially licensed by King Features Syndicate) with the above piece. The limited screenprints will be on sale at Hero COmplex Gallery this Friday, and any left will probably pop up on HCG online store for everyone to buy.
Thanks to Chogrin and HCG’s own Adam for having me on board.

Here’s the description of the show:

4 years in the making, it is with great honor to announce: “STRONG TO THE FINICH! AN OFFICIAL POPEYE TRIBUTE ART SHOW,” celebrating 85 years of Popeye the Sailor!

The show is curated by illustrator, CHOGRIN, who has picked over 100 artists from around the world to pay their own unique tribute to the legendary sailor, created by E.C. Segar in 1929.

The show will premiere on September 5th, 2014 at HERO COMPLEX GALLERY (7-10pm). 

Keep visiting this page for more news & artwork!

And remember to stay “strong to the finich!”


The Hellboy 20th Anniversary Show is almost upon us and there’s still so much to share!

I really dig the mythos of Hellboy and the world Mike Mignola has created so I’ll admit that I had trouble picking a single direction to pursue.

And like a spoiled child I opted to NOT choose and simply do everything! The piece will be made up of small vignettes pulled from various moments in the comics (with a few that I simply created for the visual of it.)

Here are but 4 of the total 48 scenes. That Hellboy, he just keeps truckin’.

I am honored to announce that I will be taking part in a gallery show starting this friday at Hero Complex Gallery in LA celebrating the newest season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Not only is it a real treat to be able to work on something so near and dear to my heart as The Walking Dead (in comic form, television form, and especially Telltale Games’ absolutely beautiful take on the series…..I miss you Lee), but Adam and Soua who run the gallery are absolutely wonderful people and a real pleasure to work with. 

The show runs from October 11th through the 26th. If you are in the area, I highly recommend that you stop by. There are some truly fantastic artists displaying work there. 

Also, this piece of mine will soon be available as an 18” X 24” Giclee print through Hero Complex Gallery. I will be sure to post those details when they become available.

I very much look forward to working with the great folks over at HCG again. And considering my new found interest in doing gallery work, it looks like I won’t have to wait long.  


The Lord of The Rings Triptych by Marko Manev / Tumblr / Twitter

12” X 24” 5 color screen print set with a glow in the dark ink layer, numbered editions of 100. On sale Friday, October 4th 2013 9am PST, HERE.

Part of the Young Guns of Print art show at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook. All artwork now online HERE.


Craig Drake – Solo Art Show @Hero Complex Gallery

Craig Drake is a name you’ve probably already heard. 
He participated in to many pop culture related collective art show in the USA, and you may know him for him amazing style. 
He recently got a well deserved solo art show at the Hero Complex Gallery, with a lot of awesome pop culture heroes involved !

Here is a small selection of his artwork, but for the whole show, please go on the Hero Complex Gallery !