Richard McGuire’s Here


In 1989, Mr. McGuire, then an aspiring New York artist better known for playing bass in the postpunk band Liquid Liquid, published a 36-panel comic that hopped backward and forward through millions of years without leaving the confines of a suburban living room, thanks to the use of pop-up frames-within-frames inspired by the relatively new Microsoft Windows… now he has popped up through a wormhole of his own, with a full-color, book-length version of “Here” that once again transforms a corner of his childhood living room in New Jersey into a staging ground for all of earthly history.

Each two-page spread features a fixed view of the room in a certain year, with pop-up windows giving glimpses of what might have been visible in exactly that spot at various moments in the past and future: from the tail of a passing dinosaur to a 1960s children’s birthday party to a quiet late-21st-century fireside chat.

McGuire is amazing. I’m thinking of flying to NYC just to see the show. Don’t miss it if you’re there.

I pre-ordered the shit out of this.

some good sterek fics i’ve read (in some cases - re-read!) recently \o/ there’s really no order to this, there’s a mix of long/short, angst/fluff, so if you want more specific recs then my ask is always open!!

painful maneuvers - words: 11,207

Stiles is a hyperactive Obstetrician. Derek is a grumpy Midwife. It’s true love (and babies!).

bogarted - words: 3,126

Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.

truth or dare - words: 8,729

Derek can’t tell the truth. At all. It’s funny until it isn’t.

play crack the sky - words: 112,645

Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014
“Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

talk geeky to me - words: 19,874

The five times Derek and Stiles “fake” kiss and one time they take things further.

not like bond & moneypenny - words: 29,869

(AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty)

Stiles thinks he’s finally getting a break when a job at the sleek, sophisticated, Alpha Magazine opens up - but soon realises he’s not going to be writing anything and instead is playing tutor-slash-babysitter to their new Editor-in-Chief. Derek’s spoiled, grumpy, in way over his head…and so painfully attractive it makes Stiles want to lick his face. So there’s very little choice in the matter.

a match made in curtain area 2 - words: 4,988

All human AU where Stiles is a doctor at BH Memorial Hospital and Derek comes in drunk, in need of stitches. There’s drunken flirting, meddling siblings and curious co-workers involved.

last lovesong of a dying lemon - words: 10,424

Stiles’ Jeep keeps breaking down. Derek is a mechanic.

designing werewolves - words: 13,197

Stiles doesn’t know the first thing about interior design, which is unfortunate, since Lydia wants him to redecorate her whole house in a week. It’s lucky Scott’s packmates run their own decorating and painting business. Stiles has his doubts about the Hales, but Laura turns out to be pretty cool, and Derek, well, he’s the hottest painter Stiles has ever seen.

pick me up - words: 4,784

Growing more and more confident as he grew older, Stiles started the ridiculous pick-up lines and joke-flirting with Derek back when he was still in college. After college, it just got worse. Not that Derek minds. Sometimes Derek will play along, because Stiles is funny, and those bad pun innuendo pick-up lines are ridiculously hilarious, and he likes it when Stiles tosses his head back and laughs like that. He loves it when he’s able to catch Stiles off guard with his own brand of humor, loves the way his eyes light up as he smiles at Derek. Pretty much, he’s just kind of hopelessly gone on Stiles, but doesn’t fully realize it.

Then one day…he does.

lime and chili aioli - words: 13,932

Stiles was stuck in a bank robbery in the middle of the day in the middle of Beacon Hills and he could have pocket-dialled Scott or Derek but his phone was on the kitchen bench, covered in lime and chili aioli.

all questions put to rest - words: 8,317

Their office was the best kind of office. Then a guy walked past the open door and the bottom dropped out of Stiles’s life.

also my ficlet tag is regularly updated, i would definitely check out amy rose's sterek Friends meme that’s up on ao3 and tbh i’m still crying over the au prompt i sent her