Mom took me to herd my ball this morning before it started raining.


Pems to the left, Cardis to the right! How can you tell the difference between a Pembroke and a Cardigan? I can tell you for certain, using google does not provide reliable results. One of those Pems even came from a breed profile for Cardis!

  • Pembrokes tend to have finer, more tapered heads, while Cardigans will have a coarser muzzle and square jaw, as well as overall thicker bone structure.
  • Cardis will always have a tail - not all Pems are without tail, but if it’s docked, it’s definitely a Pem.
  • Pems come in shades of red, as well as sable (shaded or saddle-marked) and black with tan points. Cardis also come in these colours, but all others are strictly Cardigan: black, brindle, and anything merle.

You are now free to lord your corgi-discerning abilities over others!


Westminster Kennel Club 2013 Group Winners:

Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect "Swagger"

Old English Sheepdog

Group First - Herding

Swagger is a surprise contender for this year’s top prize.  He’s a 20 month old dog who has not yet reached his champion title but blew away other champions and even some grand champions to take Breed and Group First. Swagger has made quite an entrance to the show world, previously taking Best In Show at Buckthorn Kennel Club, which allowed him to move on to Westminster.  It’s an amazing start for a class dog, but it shouldn’t be a surprise considering his pedigree—his parents are both multiple Best In Show winners, CH Bugaboo Bog Shot and CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl.  Good luck to Swagger as the underdog going against the grand champions for Best In Show at WKC!

(photos by Frank Franklin II/AP and Philip Boroff)