Like her mother before her, Nancy is the kind of girl that girls are taught not to be. She’s always rubbing people the wrong way by asking too many questions. She makes honest, clumsy mistakes. She refuses to let her relationships get in the way of doing what she loves: solving mysteries. She’s the girl who cannot stay out of trouble, because she insists on following her burning curiosity, even if it means putting herself in danger. Sure, she solves the mystery to help people, but that’s secondary to quenching her thirst for adventure. Nancy Drew is not a strong female character. She’s flawed; she’s not always strong. Her character has a realness most videogames, films, or other media don’t bother to allow female characters. We’re always asking for more “strong female characters.” What we should be asking for is more characters like Nancy Drew.
—  Mariam Naziripour (source