Band Shirts Add A Certain Romance | Chapter 16

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by onlyfortheboysintheband.tumblr.com 

     Alex woke up a few hours later when the water in the bathtub had got so cold it gave him goose bumps in sleep. He looked down at his fingers and grimaced in disgust at their shriveled-up state. Miles obviously wasn’t having any troubles sleeping in the now almost freezing water, but Alex still decided to wake him up, turning around and pecking him on the lips.

“Mi, wake up.”

     It took Miles a few seconds to get the sleep out of his eyes and a few more to remember how he had ended up sleeping in the bathtub. He smiled as he thought back to what they had been up to just a couple of hours ago.

“What are you smilin’ about?” Alex asked examining his face with eyes glistening of pure adoration.

“Just…us,” Miles smiled again, showing his teeth just slightly.

“Oh,” Alex quickly caught on, “that were dead nice.”

“Wow, if I were to ever write an autobiography, please remind me to write ‘he gave dead nice blowjobs’ on the first page, okay?”

     Alex snickered and elbowed him wholeheartedly before shuffling around the bathtub; a poor attempt to stand up from the slippery ceramic bottom. “Come on, let’s go to bed before me arse freezes off.”

     Miles took one of the towels from the bathroom and draped it around his shoulders before shimmying towards the bed where Alex was already lying under the covers. Alex grinned at the boy in front of him and the lack of efficiency with which he used the white towel. Miles let the towel drop onto the floor and climbed into the bed, possibly too far away from Alex as he pouted his lips and brought him closer, snaking his arm around Miles’ waist. He reached over Alex to the bedside table where Alex left his mobile phone and turned it on.

“What time is it?” Alex asked with his voice muffled as his face got squished against Miles’ chest when the boy moved.

“Almost four o’clock,” Miles paused before continuing with a chuckle, “and yer mum called three times.”

“Shit,” Alex sighed from under Miles, “I’ve got a lot of explainin’ to do, don’t I?”

     Miles turned the phone off again and let his body drop back onto the bed next to Alex.

“What are you gonna say to her?”

“I dunno…reckon she’ll be more mad about the fact that I got drunk and didn’t tell her where I were goin’,” he smiled at Miles, “and the fact that I interrupted her when Corrie was on.”

“Oi! Don’t diss Corronation Street, I happen to love me some,” Miles smirked seeing it annoyed Alex to the point where he had to roll his eyes.

“I know you do, you little mope!” Alex laughed before reaching under the covers to poke Miles in the stomach, getting squeals and laughs from the boy; the prospect of sleeping long forgotten.

“Okay,” Miles got serious again when he finally managed to get Alex to sod off, “but what are you gonna do once you get home? I’m sure yer mum’s lovely, but I don’t want you getting’ in trouble.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Alex half-smiled, but he couldn’t hide the fact that he was quite scared to approach his mother after what he had done. Miles was right; he was regretting it once he had sobered up.

“Al…,” Miles stroked his cheek worriedly, “do you want we to come with you?”

“I thought we were tryin’ to work out how to apologise to her, not give her a bloody heart attack!”

“Okay, I’m sorry, just tryina help.”

“I know you are,” Alex brought Miles into his chest and squeezed him tight, “I love you.”

     Miles pulled away from the embrace to get a view of Alex’s face, whose expression went from that of complete solitude to pure horror. Alex was on the verge of saying something when Miles interrupted, “what?”

“I-I’m sorry, Miles, it just slipped from me tongue, I didn’t mea-,” Alex started panicking and pushed himself further away from Miles with the intention of standing up from the bed.

“Al, AL! Calm down,” Miles said with a chuckle as he observed the flustered boy, “I love you too, f’course I do,” he grabbed Alex’s hand and brought him closer again, “just didn’t think I were to hear it out loud.”

     Alex let out a sigh from the pit of his stomach and leaned into Miles’ touch, “I love you so much.” Miles chuckled lightly before closing his eyes, exhaustion getting to him again. He drifted off to a content sleep, soon after joined by Alex.


     Four months had passed with frequent visits from Alex in Liverpool and vice versa. Alex’s mum was more than alright with Alex being gay, although he had received a strong smack over the head for scaring her to death and also interrupting her TV-watching rituals.

     Miles followed the band as they toured around Britain, slowly becoming a steady part of the group. He would stand on the side of the stage, looking affectionately at his boyfriend and mouthing the words to the songs he had got to know so well. Sometimes, just for the pure feeling of nostalgia, he would put on his white t-shirt that said ‘I Bet You Look On The Dancefloor’, now a bit beaten up because he would wear it to sleep almost every night, and sneak out into the crowd. Alex would then laugh at him during the song and watch how he would dance around to the point his hair was sticking to his face with sweat similarly to his own. He would wink at him after the song had ended and Miles would chuckle at the girls around him who obviously thought the wink was aimed at them. If only they had known how wrong they were.

     During moments like these, Miles was taken aback by how much his life had changed within just a few months. He definitely wasn’t expecting this outcome when begging his friends to go see Arctic Monkeys in Liverpool with him, having to show them their songs on myspace because they weren’t aware of them back then. Miles himself discovered the band at his favourite record shop in the city when the owner handed him a CD with four demos for free, assuring him that he would fall in love with the band. He didn’t even know how right he was.

     He had spent many nights listening to he bootleg CD and trying to play the same chords on his guitar, singing ever so slightly so he could still hear the lead singer’s voice. Of course, he never told Alex about it, although the boy was surprised, to say at least, when Miles took his guitar before one of the gigs and started belting out to ‘Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts’.

     It was almost the end of February and Miles and Alex were sitting on the stage, their feet dangling from the edge down onto the dance floor. Tonight they were to play in London, at a place called The Garage. Miles could probably count the times he had been to London on his fingers and the same could have been said about Alex. It was their first time playing in London and they were all filled with anxiety. The place looked quite concealed from the outside, but once the five of them stepped in, they were overwhelmed by how spacious it was; definitely one of the biggest venues they had yet played.

     They had finished their soundcheck and the rest of the band went to play ping-pong in the room adjacent to the stage, leaving Alex and Miles alone. Alex’s nerves were getting to him and every tap of his fingers became more vigorous until Miles reached for his hand and calmed him instantly.

“You’re gonna do great, love, I know you are,” he assured Alex with a slight smile.

“This is the furthest we’ve been from home, I think I’m goin’ to throw up on stage,” he chuckled, but continued to tap nervously with his other hand. Miles reached for the other hand too, partly because the sound was annoying him, but more importantly he wanted to let Alex know he wasn’t alone in it. He intertwined their fingers and placed a sweet, but very passionate, kiss onto Alex’s lips. Alex gave into the kiss as if that was the thing both his body and mind needed to keep sane until he was onstage.


“What’s up?”

“I ‘ave an idea.”

“What should that idea be?” Miles said, going along with yet another childish game.

“What if we lived together?” Alex said, sheepishly resting his head on Miles’ shoulder.

“You mean…as in sharin’ a flat?”

“Yeah, why not? I’m sure our mums would be glad to get rid of us and the bloody train journeys to Liverpool are costin’ me my dear life.”

“Oh, shut up, you just sold out a venue in London,” Miles poked him in the stomach teasingly.

“I plan to eat next month as well,” Alex ruffled Miles’ hair.

“I don’t know, Al…are we even ready for that?” Miles wanted to keep a straight face for as long as possible, but the idea of sharing a flat with Alex, waking up next to him every morning and falling asleep beside him each night had him beyond excited.

“Okay Miles,” Alex straightened himself and put on a serious face, “what’s my name?”

“Where are you goin’ with this?” Miles asked suspiciously.

“What’s my name?”

“Alex Turner,” Miles sighed realising he wasn’t going to win.

“When was I born?”

“6th of January, 1986.”

“What time?”

“How am I supposed to fuckin’ know that?!”

“Don’t worry, I dunno either,” Alex smirked.

“What’s my favourite subject?”

“If anyone asked you, you would probably say PE, but I know in fact that it is actually English. You just want to look cool sometimes,” Miles smiled mischievously.

“What do you mean ‘sometimes’?” Alex protested, “oh, never mind, onto the next question.”

“What’s my favourite band?”

     Miles looked down at Alex’s t-shirt and shook his head, “you have on a Strokes t-shirt, what kind of a daft question is that?”

“Good point,” Alex smiled shyly, “what’s my favourite position?”

    Miles let out an audible choking sound, but answered nonetheless, “you inside me.”


“Me inside you,” Miles rolled his eyes with a sigh. He hadn’t yet decided if he was enjoying this game or getting sick of it.

“What is my dream?”

“You’ve always wanted to just be happy, have someone you love by your side and get to spend every second of your life with them. But somehow music has made its way into your life and you cannot imagine living without your band and without writing songs and the whole process of recording and performing them, it has become a necessity. So I would say your dream is to get better and better at what you enjoy the most and keeping the people you love beside you at all costs.”

     Alex turned to completely face Miles, “see, there is nowt you don’t know about me,” he said with a blazing smile. “Go on, ask me sommat as well.”

“No, I believe you, Al, you know everythin’ about me too,” Miles leaned in to peck Alex on the lips.

“So, what do ya say?” Alex asked excitedly, his eyes sparkling with that boyish mischievousness Miles loved so much.

“Okay…yeah, why not?” Miles couldn’t contain his happiness any longer.

     Alex pushed Miles down so he was laying on the stage’s floor with his back and kissed him ever-so-gently until licking Miles’ bottom lip in order for the boy to open up for him. He broke the kiss eventually, scared that someone might interrupt them, and planted a light one on Miles’ nose before standing up a reaching out to help Miles.

“Come on, we have to get a bit pissed before to show so I won’t die out there,” Alex prompted Miles with a nervous sigh. They were both a visible shade of pink, hair ruffled, and t-shirts crinkled as they made their way towards the rest of the band.

“I love you, Al,” Miles leaned into Alex’s chest as they walked, reaching for the boy’s hand to get the last remaining nerves out of him. 

(Next chapter coming soon!)

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