Candy Store Reprise
  • Candy Store Reprise
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  • Written for Heathers: the Musical

Okay so I saw a post a while ago about a Candy Store reprise but sung while J.D. was building the bomb and honestly I just really wanted to write that so here yA GO GUYS SORRY IT’S SUCH BAD QUALITY BUT U H

I literally wrote it in study block, recorded it, didn’t even do multiple takes, and went to post it so:

"I’m coming over tonight, Veronica! I’ll win you back back, just you wait!"

I hate: killer bees, Heathers, bitches, beauty queens
I hate: cliquey teams, bullies, grown-ups, in-betweens
I hate: parasites, attention whores, bitches who bite
I hate: psycho dads, asshole dicks, and douchebag trash!

No, babe, can’t let you leave
sorry but just believe
trust me to know what’s best for you.
They messed inside your head
we’ll screw them left for dead
cause’ darlin it’s just me and you!

"C’mon! It’s perfecto!"

Baby, I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
together we can burn this hell hole to the ground and watch it roar
if you would step into my candy store

"Oh, God, Veronica! You’re killing me over here!"

They tried to mess with me
so we killed their queen
and her little jock lackey gays
So weigh the pros and cons
of joining in my cause
and, honey, see the hell I can raze

"Time to finish what you’ve started, babe! This Shakespearean comedy needs a resolution!"

Baby I’m just dyin for
you to step into my candy store
we can watch them crumble down into the  ground with roasting smores
so step into my candy store

Babe, I swear, I’m dyin for
you to step into my candy store
Honestly, Veronica what more could you ask me for?
Come on, just step into my candy store.

It’s my candy store.

"Let’s go play God."

If you’re anything like me, it’s the demented things in life that fascinate you the most. One of those things for me, and for a lot of people, is killers. Many movies, books, and musicals have been written about them. From the new musical Heathers to classics like Chicago, we as a musical theatre community just love musical murderers. And so, I present you some of my favorite songs featuring these deranged but somehow lovable characters. […]

Summary: Post ‘Big Fun’ (and the drinking of the big blue). Heather goes hunting for Veronica after finally getting away from the party with more than one objective

Heather felt dizzy.

She knew she was still a little bit drunk, and exhausted after a sleepless night full of activity, but it didn’t stop her from walking. She had been walking for a while now.

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