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Anonymous said: I would really love it if you could write a sterek fic . One where Stiles doesn’t know Derek’s a werewolf and they have been going out for six months. Derek hasn’t even mentioned Stiles to his family or told Stiles anything about them. So one day Stiles decides to surprise Derek at this loft and finds him a sleep on the bed cuddling a girl. Not knowing it’s Derek’s sister Laura. Stiles leaves and refuses to see or speak to Derek. angst with a happy ending please and thank you.

Words: 3093, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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heartlines (10/20)

She won’t be.” There’s no question of which she Zelena is referring to. “Give me your heart, and I right the wrong you did to Emma ten years ago. I bring your son back to her.”

Regina’s eyes are suddenly open to them, grief and vulnerability warring within them. Emma is terrified. “I don’t need Henry,” Emma cuts in, frantic at the shift in Regina’s expression. “I don’t need anything but the safety of the kingdom. Regina, no.”

“Regina, yes,” Zelena mocks. “How much longer is Emma going to be a casualty of your dramatics? She deserves better than this. Do you know how much time she spent saving your life from that potion? How utterly devoted she is to you?” She laughs scornfully. “Don’t you owe her this?”

“Oh, fuck off,” Regina grinds out, and the mirror abruptly goes grey again.

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l’amour courtois, not even a little

[Shut your mouth - Garbage] [Shimmer - Fuel]  [Night Walks - Black Mountain] [Yours if You Like - Oleander] [I Can’t Say No (To You) - VAST] [Slow Hands - Interpol] [Between Breaths - Blaqk Audio] [Naked - The Trews] [Mercy In You - Depeche Mode] [Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack] [Turn You Inside-Out - R.E.M.] [Drawing Curtains - Buck65] [Heartlines - Florence + The Machine] [You Know You’re Right - Nirvana] [Come Undone - Duran Duran] [Sleep With Me - Angelfish] 

I’ve been having an obscenely difficult time lately with life in general and I listened to Heartlines at full volume all the way home from work and just sobbed and

I’m going to be okay

all this love [ l i s t e n ]

my word for it - angus & julia stone // please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // from eden - hozier // this love - julia stone // start of time - gabrielle aplin // touch - shura // all this love - angus & julia stone // i know places - taylor swift // don’t wait - the duke spirit // never let me go - florence + the machine // btsk - ms mr // style - taylor swift // heartlines - florence + the machine // not just a girl - she wants revenge // immortal - marina and the diamonds 

heartlines (9/20)

“Our kingdom is in grave danger. We have friends back at home to protect,” Regina says gently. “If we succeed, we may be back again someday.”

“Maybe with Henry,” Aziz offers, bobbing his head with tentative hope. “I know you’ll see him again soon.”

Regina shakes her head, but she kisses him lightly on the forehead as they rise and he wraps his arms around Emma. “Maybe someday,” she promises him, and for a moment, she can catch Regina’s eye and see the same pain and longing mirrored in her gaze. No, there won’t be a someday, not for them and Henry.

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fanmix for 3rd book in PATEOD series End of Days : [listen here]

How-The Neighbourhood  //  Right Next To You-Georgi Kay  // Hear Our Cry-Young Wonder feat. Marce Reazon  //  Heartlines-Florence +The Machines  //  Falling Sky-Red  //  Do Your Really Want to Hurt Me-Denmark + Winter  //  Elastic Heart-Sia  //  Run-AWOLNATION  //  Promises-Ryn Weaver  //  She Is a Hurricane-Asbjørn  //  Fangs (District 78 Remix)-Little Red Lung  //  Cupid-Hurts  //  Enchanted-Young Wonder  //  Between the World and You-The Hawk In Paris  //  East of Eden-Zella Day  //  Gravity Lies-Red  //    Break Them-Aero Chord feat Anna Yvette  //  Until We Go Down-Ruelle

I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.

That’s my message to all the people standing below me when I rode Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags today. I’m pretty sure my underwear was not absorbent enough to hold in all the pee and poop I let go into my shorts. 

Superman: Ultimate Flight launches out of the station accelerating riders to a top speed of 62 miles per hour (100 km/h). It then travels up to a height of 150 feet (46 m) where it completes a non-inverting half-loop, a heartline roll (ranking it among the tallest inversions in the world) before exiting in a second non-inverting half-loop. It then enters a full non-inverting loop before returning to the station.

And to the lady behind me - If you’re deaf now from my eardrum shattering scream, let me know. I have insurance. I’ll help with the cost of your hearing aids.

A flow realization

In 8 long dredging days our lives will forever be changed. We will all be listening to Florence’s new accoustic, raw and undoubtedly amazing new album, HOW BIG HOW BLUE HOW BEAUTIFUL. Flows will know the significance this album has had on florence. This album will change us all! We will be dancing, screaming, crying, belting out, and jumping when those lyrics reach our ears and transcend us into nirvana. Whether or not you’ve been a flow since Lungs, Ceremonials, or just recently, we will all be celebrating Florence Welch. The goddess with a siren’s voice, who sings of pain, drowning, transcendence, love, loss, the divine, and living with it all.


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oh god, im still all over the place after reading the post tenebras lux... giving me weird feelings but oh man if there's someone whose gonna kill this kinda story its you mari! hope to read some more soon :)

aaahh thank! 💛💛💛 the next part is going to be heavier on the actual interactions between emma and regina instead of just the pining and i intend for them to really destroy everyone reading! 💛

you are safe here

i miss you too/you will get better/you are so strong

you can’t save someone from their own brain, no matter how hard you try: a soft playlist for when you want to give someone the world, but all you can do is wait and hope and try to gently guide them back home


the stable song - gregory alan isakov | clumsy - our lady peace | medicine - daughter | the moon song - karen o & ezra koenig | cosmic love (acoustic version) - florence + the machine | i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds | laura palmer - bastille | heartlines (acoustic version) - florence + the machine | fix you - coldplay | king - lauren aquilina | the scientist (cover) - holly maezers | flaws - bastille | i wanna get better (cover) - sleeper agent | down the line - julia and the doogans

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"I like the view" (viitia - Andreas bye)

Elena quickly reached for her towel that she had dropped moments before, rapidly wrapping it around her frame. She was incredibly annoyed, one could see it just by the way her shoulders tensed. “What are you doing in my house?!?” 

viitia, v: heartlines on your hands

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using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. pass it on to 15 people. try not to repeat a song title; it’s a lot harder than you think!

pick your artist/band: florence + the machine (they’re the only band in which I know all their songs haha) 

are you a male or female? Howl
describe yourself: Over the Love 
how do you feel? No Light, No Light
if you could go anywhere, where would you go? All This and Heaven Too 
your favourite form of transportation: Ship to Wreck
your best friend is: Between Two Lungs
you and your best friends are: Hurricane Drunk
favourite time of day: Strangeness and Charm
if your life was a tv show, what would the title be? What the Water Gave Me
what is life to you? Heartlines
your relationship: Never Let Me Go
your fear: Breaking Down

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Put your music device on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop!

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1. 쩔어 - Bangtan Boys

2. Trouble - J. Cole

4. Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey

5. Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

6. Islands - Super Junior

7. Heartlines - Florence + The Machine

8. Like A Bird - Urban Zakapa

9. Rouse Yourself - JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

10. Cipher feat. Beatbox DG - Epik High

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I was tagged by royaliero (Thank you!) to write my name in songs 

S - Sleep Patterns - Merchant Ships

H - Heartlines - Florence + The Machine

A - Alleyways - The Neighbourhood 

N - Not The Sun - Brand New

N - Nobody’s Daughter - Hole

O - Oceans - Coasts

N - Naysayer - Architects

i tag no-one bc i have no friends so if you want to do this then consider yourself tagged