Fact number one: I love The Knife’s Heartbeats. Like, a LOT. Like, it’s one of my all time favorite songs (off a meaty list of great tunes). Fact number two: I love Jose Gonzalez, that Swedish folkster who never fails to melt me with his gorgeous songs, both solo and with his band Junip. Fact three: I love Jose Gonzalez’s cover of The Knife’s Heartbeats, I mean… it’s a song that’s been covered a gazillion times, but Jose’s cover from many years ago just bowled me over with its pastoral beauty (and it went on to soundtrack a Sony Bravia commercial, at the height of Sony’s command in the television sector, if you recall). When I encountered Austrian producers filous and Mount’s chill, melodic house remix of Jose Gonzalez’s cover of Heartbeats, I found myself faced with fact number four: a well crafted remix of a song I love very much can only result in even more love. My heart floats on cloud nine when listening to this gem. While we’re at it, let’s drift away to filous’ remix of Kodaline’s High Hopes, too.


Les amours imaginaires aka Heartbeats (2010) - (Dir. Xavier Dolan)

" It’s a very “shallow” film. These people are into a very conceptual love. There’s no depth - they are literally in love with themselves through the eyes of a beautiful man. And it would be great if he could love them. That’s basically what’s going on. They are choosing an impossible target so they won’t have to get involved in real things. They’re very romantic, but at some point the reason why there aren’t any crying scenes is because it’s a very banal love story. I saw no reason to have anything sincere. Basically what I was trying to tell people through this film is how shallow we can be in love.” Xavier Dolan