Malibu Barbie
©Del Antonio
She said Barbie dolls
You know Malibu Barbie
The blonde haired one reminded me
Of me
Even though my skin was cocoa brown
I was like Malibu Barbie
Traveling around town
In my drop top candy red car
My imagination took me far
It’s all I had to get away from my ken doll
He was far from the Malibu one
I was only six
And that’s supposed to be spelled
Not S-E-X
But he made me sex
I began to smell like sex
All I was used for was sex
And I was six
Not S-E-X
It was like one scene from a horror movie
With multiple takes
I listened to this young lady look back on her life
She still can’t recall the first time
But she remember multiple times
Holding on to her dream
That she was Malibu Barbie
And one day there would be a Malibu ken
That S-E-X wouldn’t be her only means
But it was hard to focus
Hard to remember what beauty was
That’s what she told me
She still struggled even after 21
But she pushed
She fought
Pass the ugly stuff
She said she was still a masterpiece
Maybe not Mona Lisa like
But her own vision
Of what beauty is like
Overcoming her first encounter of ken
She said she collect Malibu barbies now
She got a couple of ken dolls too
It’s a reminder how
She made it through