He makes mistakes

When a Christian male or female hates themselves, they are saying, “I don’t see myself for how God sees me. I’m seeing myself for how people see me.” And there’s a need for people to recognize you and to pay attention to how you look so you can feel hunkish or beautiful. Beautiful happens in secret with Jesus where He washes away every sin, every mark, and looks at you seeing nothing that He’d want to change because He doesn’t make mistakes and He never fails to love you for who God created you to be. You won’t find it living under the pressure of everything else.

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Yeah please suck Kishimoto's balls some more. Phhssh mistakes get out of here with that shit he never makes mistake. Sarada having to deal with 12 years without a father don't worry Kishimoto will somehow fix it because he's a genius duh hurp derp, you fucking idiot.

My, how vulgar. I legit laughed so hard after reading this message! LMAO.

Now here, ladies & gentleman, is the perfect example of an immature/ whiney adult throwing a tantrum.

See how he/she immediately jumps to conclusions without waiting for an explanation. Notice how he/she whips out insults faster than a convict escaping the cops in a car chase.

Am I the person in this conversation jumping to conclusions (it’s only the first chapter for goodness sake; we haven’t even started to delve into the actual story) and lashing out like a child? Nope, you are. What do you think will happen once the actual explanation and story is revealed?

Who’s going to end up making an ass out of his/herself for jumping to conclusions and throwing tantrums? For jumping ships? For shit talking SasuSaku?

So who’s really the fucking idiot between the two of us? Cause I’m following this conversation, and let me tell you, things aren’t looking too good for you, buddy.

Sit the fuck back down and drink your sippy cup, you insolent child.

Ok but picture this, the end of 700, Sasuke leaves like omg thank god it’s over, and he spends years avoiding anywhere near Konoha and thinking he’s safe, and then he makes a mistake and gets too close and suddenly he feels it, in the wind, in the air, the manga panels are getting closer, they found him, it’s too late to back out now, naruto gaiden chapter 1

Henry Comforts Yewon When She Bursts into Tears on “We Got Married”: The “We Got Married” episode that aired on April 25 showed Super Junior‘s Henry and Yewon meeting for the first time in three weeks.

Henry visits Yewon’s house and is very careful in his actions, knowing that she has been wrapped up in a controversy while he was in Canada visiting his parents. He arrives but is unable to meet her eyes and remains awkward at first.

In order to improve the atmosphere, Henry asks, “Are you okay? How have you been?” and gives Yewon some presents he bought for her during his stay in Canada, showing his sincerity towards her.

Seeing all this, Yewon ends up breaking down into tears. She tries her best to stop crying but can’t, and Henry shows his mature side in order to comfort her.

He tells Yewon, “Everyone makes mistakes. You just need to do better from now on. Don’t worry.”

Yewon says in her individual interview, “I was sorry and grateful. I also missed [Henry]. Tears came up when I felt like he was saying ‘it’s okay’ to me.”

In Henry’s interview, he says, “I was nervous because I know a lot of things happened while I was gone. I was actually flustered at first because I thought she wouldn’t cry. I knew I needed to make her feel better.”

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I saw the posts you reblog about bayern fans hating Dante and it's really not like that. Watch a match and look the mistakes he makes and the chances he misses(it's exasperating really) then accuse the fans of being racist and sure overlook the fact that most of the fans worship Jerome Boateng or David Alaba. Sorry if what I said offended you, i just needed to make that clear (about the party the team threw I agree it was totally unacceptable but that's not what I was here to talk about)

First of all, the post was talking about people on tumblr. Dante gets the most hate that I’ve seen tbh. Even though he makes mistakes why do yall have to ride on his back everytime? (And fyi just because yall like the other 2 black players doesn’t mean yall cant still be racist its like the i have a black friend so im not racist thing) And I watch bayen matches so I know about his mistakes but yall need to seriously hop off Dante sometimes. That is all.

Why Turkey is not and has never been a great nation, according to Tao Te Ching:

“A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts.”

Reporter: Armenian genocide?
Turkish pm: So what happened to Aborigines? What happened to Native Indians and what about the genocides in Africa committed by France and the others?

It’s just disgusting how Turkish prime minister (and the previous ministers too), when asked about the Armenian genocide, replies giving examples from other genocides committed by others or genocides committed against Turks. What is that supposed to mean? Native Indians are massacred and Armenians are not? One crime justifies the other crime? We all know that world leaders are all hypocrites, and they approach the issue depending on their political agendas and relationships with different countries and not on historical evidence. But should it stop Turkey and Turkish people from facing the truth? Did Turkey really need to wait for a 100 years to discuss these? Did we need other countries or foundations to tell us what really happened? Sadly, Turkish pm is not the only one. A big % of the Turkish population (thanks to an education system full of lies and hate) has the same mindset when it comes to face the reality. What they actually say is “So Armenians and Assyrians, please stop whining, cos you see, you are not the only ones who were subject to genocides.” You will also hear them talk about how noble and peaceful and honest their ancestors were. Well I’m having a hard time believing it. I look around and I see evil people everywhere, no one trusts each other in this land, corruption is almost tradition and yet we believe our ancestors were saints? So a nation of saints raised their children to be corrupt inglorious liars, really??? How can you still believe history books and state’s claims, when so many of their lies are already exposed. How can you believe a state, that just 2 years ago declared half of its population to be terrorists and traitors? What about the recent events? What about the street names in Tatavla, what about the pogroms in 1955 and the rest?


“Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness.
Thus goodness is attained.
Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest.
Thus honesty is attained.”

  • lucho is literally the only one advocating for dani and defending dani in press conferences 
  • lucho helped steer pique in the right direction aka piquenbauer is home
  • lucho transformed us from tata’s mess
  • lucho has done a stunning job with set pieces 
  • lucho values our legends and our young talent 
  • lucho brought us to the top of the table and has kept us as contenders for a treble 

so I was sitting here thinking about klaus and how adamant he is that he can save his daughter, how he just has to save her and how he feels he’s the only one who can save her. I talked a lot today about why he would feel that way but while I was thinking about something else a little while ago I realized something else that might be on his mind and factoring into his feeling that only he can save her and why he’s acting the way he is about keeping Hayley and Hope close to him so that he can. These are just random thoughts that I hope make sense 

If we go back to the season premiere Klaus was VERY broken over loosing his daughter. He knew she was alive but still he grieved not having her and a major part of his intense grief he felt was because of his guilt over what happened, over what his actions lead to and how he wasn’t able to stop what happened to Hayley and almost to his child until it was too late. It was eating away at him, he couldn’t even be around Hayley and could barely look at her in the eyes when he finally had to face her because she had died, she had died after giving birth and their child was taken and was seconds away from being sacrificed and because of the mess they had to send her away. He felt such guilt over that whole thing even though he did everything he could to get to hayley and hope and save them before the witches did anything. technically he failed to save Hayley and he almost failed to save Hope. 

I thought about this because that whole situation in the finale happened because Klaus took his eyes off of Hayley and didn’t know where she was. When the vamps attacked the compound he told Elijah to get Hayley to safety, that’s it and Elijah didn’t do that but HE DIDN’T KNOW. not only didn’t he know that Hayley hadn’t gotten away from the compound but he also didn’t know where she really could have been until it was too late. By the time he had realized Genevieve’s treachery his power had been drained and Hayley was already gone and in the hands of the witches leaving him completely unable to save her and hope. 

That can’t happen again in Klaus’s head. He can’t make that same mistake twice he just can’t because it would be too costly. So that’s why he feels like he needs to keep them close to him and he needs to have as much control over there whereabouts as possible, because last time he relinquished that control Hayley ended up dead and his daughter almost did too and that guilt tore him apart. At the safe house he knows where they are and that they are for sure safe for the time being even if he’s not watching them every second. There is no doubt there since the spell is still working and Dahlia cant come in there. At the compound he would know where they are, he would get to them in time, he has a chance to do something in time. Last time he had no idea where Hayley was until he instinctively picked up her screams/howls and once he did get there it was too late, she was in labor already and there was nothing he could do because he had no strength. That’s why he wants them where she has control, next to him of at the very least where he knows how to find them anywhere else he doesn’t have that control. Any other alternative threatens to have history repeat itself because if Hayley is out there without him, where he doesn’t know where she is exactly and can get to her and hope then he will for sure loose her and his daughter, two things he can not handle.If Dahlia finds Hayley she will kill her, Hayley will die and his daughter will be taken AGAIN and by the time he finds them, by the time he gets there it will be too late to prevent it AGAIN  and it’s even scarier this time because If Hayley dies she’s not coming back and he will feel the devastation of her death again and even greater this time and if Hope gets taken he’s not gonna get her back, as skilled of a witch Dahlia is she could hide her forever if she wanted too so he will feel the devastation of loosing his daughter again and it will be an unbearable. He can not loose Hope, he can’t, he can’t loose Hayley either. 

Klaus is terrified of his own potential failure and history repeating itself in a more devastating fashion 

Ok so I just wanted to share my Anakin feels with you (hope you don’t mind!) but I was watching ESB, and ugh the part where Darth Sidious is all “The young rebel is the son of Anakin Skywalker” and “Skywalker must not be allowed to become a Jedi”, the most immediate thing Vader does is twist it so that there is a way for Luke to live, and convince Sidious that he can be an ally. Just- freaking Anakin feels. (Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense :P)

I never mind people sharing feels!

A sometimes contradictory, often multi-layered, not always conscious list of things Anakin was definitely thinking during that scene:

  • Oh shit, he knows. How does he know? I destroyed all the evidence. Didn’t I? Oh shit, does he know I destroyed it?
  • Does he know I know? He’s not acting like he does, but what if he’s playing me?
  • It doesn’t matter. He’s always playing me. Irrelevant. Luke can’t die. My son can’t die.
  • I have a son!
  • Luke can’t die.
  • Luke can help me. Together we could overthrow Master.* We could change things. We could -
  • Be cool. Act surprised. He can’t know.
  • Luke has to live. It doesn’t matter. Say anything. It doesn’t matter. Luke has to live.
  • Give him what he wants. What’s better than killing a Jedi? No, not that. What’s better than killing my son?
  • Of course.
  • “If he could be turned, he would be a powerful ally.”
  • But not for Master. No, not for Master. I can’t beat him on my own. He owns me. But with Luke -
  • He will join us or die, but we both know that’s a lie. There can only be two.
  • Maybe it won’t matter. He’d be suspicious if I didn’t try something. I can still use this.
  • Luke will join me. He has to. He’ll understand. We can end the war. We can end the Emperor. That’s what he wants. He’ll join me.
  • He has to.
  • Luke has to live.

* (This is the OT, and he’s long past Mustafar. I think Palpatine is always “Master” to him, even in his head.)

All the groundwork for Anakin’s turn in ROTJ was laid in this scene, before he ever even met Luke. And Palpatine completely missed it. He was so caught up in tormenting his apprentice that he never even noticed the danger.

I understand the disappointment of John Green fans but I also don’t understand why people put him on a pedestal in the first place. It’s not healthy and then when he says things like “it takes guts to make a movie with a female lead” then it’s going to be the worst thing you’ve heard all month instead of just an annoying tweet from a man. 


Deep down, Justin still is this little boy from Stratford who just wanted to live his dream. He has a heart and he has feelings just like everyone else. He also makes mistakes just like everyone else but people need to stop judging him so hard. Being under the spotlight 24/7 and having people with flashing cameras following you everywhere you go is just a life thats full of pressure as the whole world judges him. No one ever talks about the good things he does like donating money for the poor, making wishes come true through Make A Wish foundation and donating thousands to Pencils of Promise. I could carry on this list for ages because i know all the good things he has done unlike everyone else who just looks at the bad. I just wish people would give him a chance :( its so sad watching your idol break down in front of you but we have to stay strong for Justin because were one of the only things that keeps him going. Our bond is unbreakable and i will always support him and encourage him to do the right things cause he is a good person at heart. In my eyes and in millions of others, he is still Kidrauhl. But people will never understand that…..

Scott McCall isn't as stupid as some think he is, a post by me...

Actually, you know what? That’s the whole damn post.

4049. One of Robin’s last conversations with Batman occurred not long after Tokyo.  After finding out that things between him and Starfire were getting serious, Batman bluntly told Robin that getting that emotionally involved with someone else was a bad idea and that he was making a big mistake.  He even chewed out Robin, accusing him of putting Starfire in potential danger just to fulfill ‘petty romantic desires.’  Robin’s response:  ”Don’t get me wrong Bruce.  I do want to be like you…..but I also want to be happy.”

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can all of this just freaking stop? yes justin made some racist jokes when he was 14/16 and didnt know how insulting those were, but he actually realized his mistakes and apologized. im sure that if he could go back in time and change everything he would have, but that can’t happen so just let it go