the reason i stopped listening to most music is that i realized anything that isn’t about hazrat ali (as) is boring and dry, there’s no fun to it

songs on hazrat ali are God’s naimat to man 

Do not let your love be obsessive and do not let your hatred be destructive. When you love, do not go to a level of obsession as a child does with the thing he loves, and when you hate, do not hate in such a way that you want your opponent to be destroyed and doomed.

‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (Radiallahu anhu)

[Narrated by ‘Abd ar-Razzaaq in al-Musannaf, 20269]


a look at some of the legendary women in Indian history- modeled by kangana ranaut 

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The lover who leans upon the beloved’s response, his love is like the flame that needs oil to live; but the lover who stands on his own feet, is like the lantern of the sun that burns without oil.
—  Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Dance of the Soul: Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan