Blood of Olympus

I’m just going to say this, if Rick Riordan goes back and Nico ends up with Reyna or any other girl I don’t know if I’ll be able to read anything else by him. Uncle Rick has done something monumental in the middle grade literature world and he needs to stand strong behind it, if not he’ll just be sending his readers, especially those struggling with sexuality, mixed signals. I love the series, and I can’t wait for the final book. I trust Riordan to stand behind his readers. Godspeed.

Height and body type chart for the HoO ladies. I wanted to get a better picture of how all of them looked so here’s my headcanons!

Annabeth is tall and slender, but not very curvy and with broad shoulders and muscular arms. 

Piper is supposed to be conventionally pretty so I gave her a thin but super curvy body and bigger chest.

Hazel is short with thin shoulders, broad hips and thick thighs. She has super-cute chubby arms and a rather small chest.

Reyna is super tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms, legs and stomach. She’s curvier than Annabeth and with a large chest.

Rachel is skinny and completely flat-chested with barely any curves at all. Her arms, legs and face is covered in freckles.

I think I’ll do the boys to if I feel like it :) Sorry if the sketch is a bit messy but I made it in like 10 minutes .. 

so I was thinking yesterday


everybody is saying how the “oath to keep with a final breath” will be about Nico’s promise to Percy but…

Percy made an oath, too. Remember in SoN when Percy promised Reyna and the Romans that he’d stand by them if anything went wrong?

Just let that possibility sink in

"Kill her!" One of the ghosts attacked, hands stuck out to strangle her. He flew right through her.
“You’re dead,” Annabeth reminded him. “Sit down.”
Ashamed, the ghost sat down.
—  The Heroes Of Olympus, The Mark Of Athena, page 345. Annabeth going on her soloqueeste, easily sassing out a ghost.

Hey guys I made some avatars of the PJO characters! Inspired by minuiko's minimalist pjo colour palettes which are amazing! Hopefully I did it right and everything outside the circles are transparent. If any of you want to use them as avatars please message me because I'd love to know!!

Edit: Some people are confused but the girl with the coral background is Calypso :)

"Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake/ I shake it off, I shake it off" Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Shake It Off