He is an American motographer living in Japan. What is a motographer? It is someone who cruises around on a motorcycle and occasionally stops to take photos.

He enjoy nature and despise cities. However, many of his photos are of cityscapes. This is because the urban world is everywhere he turns in Japan. So are crowds of people. He shoot what he see. He don’t use tripods, fancy lenses or expensive editing software, he just shoot on the run, mostly at night.

hawkeye39, aka Motographer in Japan on Tumblr.

His photostream on Flickr.

hawkeye39 asked:

Great to see you getting some recognition for your amazing work. Congrats on the Lensblr editorship!

Adventure with Lensblr is definitely one of most impacting experiences in my short life. Why? Because I discovered that out of all things that I burn with passion for, the art of photography will never cease to amaze me. 

The road is long and I’m at the very beggining, yet I have most excellent company during this trip. As the best motographer I know, I’m pretty sure you know it well. Thank you!


hawkeye39 powiedział(a): What’s happening with you?


Everything’s fine. Just an echo of thoughts lying behind the courtain. I learned the hard way not to post important photographs in certain states of mind. But soon I made the note under 'Necropolis' more adequate, I guess. Maybe I’m opening doors to a new journey, but first I need to rethink some important things in my life.

Stay tuned and many thanks!