Always And Forever:

Interviewer: So, Harry.. Lets say the world was going to end in 24 hours. If you could do anything. How would you spend those last few hours on earth?

*Harry pauses, thinking a bit before he speaks. Composing an answer, that will make you melt inside.*



*Harry continues to think of what to say. Thoughts of you, running through his mind.*


"With her! Honestly, I’d spend every last moment with her because she means everything to me. And when earth comes crashing down, I’d hold on to her and never let her go.

Whispering to her, one final I love you before we both perish. That way when I go to heaven, I can say I died with an angel by my side.”

"That is if I couldn’t save her."

*Harry pauses before he speaks again. With a glimmer of hope in his eyes, he speaks again. Asking a question, only true love could bring.*

"Is that an option? Could I save her?"


"No, that isn’t but what if it was? What if you had the chance? Knowing that you’d have to give up your life, just to save hers. Would you?"


"Yes I would, In a heartbeat!! I’d do anything I could, to save her! She’s my earth angel and heaven has enough angels already. She deserves life and life deserves her. I know that giving up my life, would be the right choice. I’d rather be dead in heaven, than alone here on earth. Because I could never truly live my life here, without her. I’d be haunted by the fact, I didn’t do everything I possibly could to save her. I’d suffer without her, every single day. Just the fact I wouldn’t know if she’s okay and I wouldn’t be able to protect her, would be too much for my heart to take. It would kill me. Where I’d be nothing more than a zombie. Dead inside and out. So you see, I’d be dead ether way. But at least if I was in heaven I would be happy. Even though I’m dead, I’d still be at peace. I’d know that she’s okay. I’d be able to watch over her, keep her safe, be by her side and that would be enough for me. It all comes back to promises. I made promises to her, a while ago. I promised to never leave her, never let go and to love her no matter what. And I intend to keep those promises! Just like I keep her in my heart, always and forever."

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with him like seriously
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