Harry Partridge - With animation you can!


Back to Tamriel by Harry Partridge is up! Go watch it!

This cartoon is the latest installment in Harry’s charming series of Skyrim cartoons, this time featuring work from our team. Counting “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”, we’ve now released two cartoons this week. Here’s to more animation~!


Rifftrax Animated Intro

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS Harry Partridge, Jonathan Coulton and the guys who made MST3K? How has the internet not spontaneously combusted?

Rifftrax Animated Intro by
Harry Partridge


’ With animation you can !“ - by Harry Partridge

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Deal With The Half-Naked Cast of NerdQuest

Are YOU shooting a low-budget indie movie in an English wood this summer?

No? Well, let me offer you the benefit of my experience on the subject anyway!

There will be a lot of standing around and absolutely no phone signal. Bring a book.

No, you can’t read over my shoulder.

ALWAYS bring a waterproof coat. This is England in the summer, it’s GOING to rain.

The gods cry upon us…

On that note, always bring a really big umbrella. First, it’s a good way to make friends when the heavens open, and second, it’s helpful if there’s a freak heatwave and no shade.

The reasonably solid ground WILL turn into calf-deep mud if it rains heavily enough.

Pictured: mud.

And it probably will. Again: England.

So wear boots. Yes, they’ll never quite be the same after being marinated in muck 12 hours a day for three days in a row, but your feet will be dry and you won’t have to buy new shoes before you go home. Unlike the trainer-wearers.

Your sacrifice will be remembered.

Don’t bother with makeup, it’ll all wash off anyway. Just get an eyelash tint and wear sunscreen.

Necromancer Purple nail varnish, on the other hand, is essential.

On that note, nix any hairstyle that won’t look reasonably similar after being doused in water. Continuity!

There are no facilities for getting changed, so all of your fellow actors will just take their shirts off at seemingly random intervals.

Shirtlessness: imminent.

This is by turns distracting and hilarious. As long as you’re not expected to do a Wonder Woman change in the middle of a forest, don’t even worry about it.

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We’ve been given the green light to share our new Animated Intro over at RiffTrax!

20 points to Gryffindor if you can spot my name! …It flies by quick so pay attention!

Huge thanks to Harry Partridge & Jonathan Coulton for putting it together!

The full high resolution animation is available at www.rifftrax.com




With Animation You Can!

by Harry Partridge

Was that a nod to Dinosaur Dracula?