Double Ponytails.

Just days ago, before everything changed, an anon asked me to draw Lirry, because it was a rarely drawn ship. Here’s my current take on Liam and Harry, after all that’s happened - I like to think they had a private moment leaning on each other, connecting to Zayn. So I guess the drawing actually turned out Zirry/Zarriam…but can you blame me?


25/03/15 → Louis/Harry focused video for Steal My Girl. (H/L catwalk near the end. Please ignore as I embarrassingly shat myself.)


25/03/15 → Louis/Harry focused video for Where Do Broken Hearts Go.

Dear Calvin,

I don’t really know if you’re friends or lovers with Taylor Swift but either way make sure you’re very nice to our mother, her fav poptart is low fat frosted strawberry if you wanna get on her good side. Don’t get the wild berry unless she asks, those are for special occasions. You won’t want bad blood.