Wellsobard Plush

I finally finished making my Wellsobard Plush! I’ve never made a plush like this before hence why it has taken so long. He is made from my own pattern using felt and is mainly hand sewn with the occasional bit of hot glue.

I had to research the costume first to get the correct details. Then I made the body, the outfit to go over, hand embroidered all the detailed and then stitched and glued everything in place. He’s just over 10 inches tall (27 cms) and stands on his own.

I am really happy with how he turned out :)

Snow makes her skin
Speed makes his being
when the melting snow going down the mountains
the Speed would reverse the everything

I make this for Snowells week, still do not know the PS fic is OK or not, but ahhh……if it’s not fine for SnoWells week, PLZ let me know and I will delete it. AND the anything wrong about my grammar. plz let me know.

I’m trying hard to learn the English, friends on tumblr force me do more excerise. thx for meeting you guys LOL