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A new hope: 15 things The A.V. Club would like to see in the new Star Wars movies

#1: A return to magic

The Force Awakens has the chance to restore that feeling of the inexplicable, which was once the greatest power in the Star Wars universe. All it will take is a little more poetry and a whole let less pragmatism, and an understanding that in a space fantasy like Star Wars, it’s actually okay to explain things away with “a wizard did it.”

#6: Intergalactic sleaze

Hopefully Abrams and company will continue hinting at that sleazy, morally gray underbelly beneath the series’ black-and-white, good-versus-evil dynamic. They don’t need to throw in a Total Recall-style triple-breasted prostitute or anything, but more weird aliens who prioritize their own petty self-interests over an intergalactic struggle would certainly be welcome.

#9 Meaningful interactions between its female characters

So in addition to revisiting the Luke/Han friendship, and delving into the complex paternal drama inherent in the story, these new films should also take the opportunity to explore mother/daughter bonds, begrudging female friendships, and loyal sisterhoods

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