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Joker and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie ) about to have a serious face off for Suicide Squad (via jdnehme)

Why Harley is a brilliant character and why I don't like the new 52 version

In Harley’s origin it is revealed that she slept her way to her doctorate rather than getting it honestly. That alone speaks volumes to her character. It shows us that she didn’t have very high morals and that she knows how to use her attractiveness to her advantage. And the fact that she did it so easily tells us that she had probably been doing it for a long time with ease. 

When she was interning at Arkham she wanted to use Joker and write a tell-all book about him to gain success as a psychiatrist. She wanted to be a famous psychiatrist but didn’t want to work for it. She was conniving and manipulative. But she had good intentions. And is why she fit so well as a villain. She was acting normal, she put on a hard working and responsible facade and didn’t let her bad morals show. When she met Joker, someone who did whatever they wanted despite what people would think - when she fell in love with him, she was liberated. She let her true self out. Harley Quinn was born. She adopted his perspective, that the world was their playground and that violence, death, terrorism, chaos was all just fun and games. She had a child like perspective in that, while she was caring and had her humanity, she didn’t really care how others were affected and only wanted to have fun. That allowed us to care for her even when she was being downright evil. Harley Quinn’s story is so dark and tragic but so brilliant and almost shakespearean. She gave up everything she had been working for to be with someone she loved and someone who liberated her and it turns out that person didn’t even care about her.

In the new 52 version, this is replaced with she worked hard to become a psychiatrist. But not for fame or success but because she wanted to help people. This undermines her character. Before Harley went crazy she had always wanted to be in the spotlight and she did what she had to to get there. Which highlights that Harley was meant to become a villain. It fit her. None of that is represented in the new 52 origin. Instead of falling in love with Joker and her love for him being her motivation into crime,  she wants to understand criminals so she becomes one.

Her next step was being thrown in a vat of acid by Joker which completes the transition which is wrong on so many levels. It was Harley’s love for the Joker that pushed her into insanity. It was liberation from a boring normal life that got her there. In the new 52 its not even something she wants. Its forced on her. Becoming a villain had no connections to her life before. Not to mention this is completely out of character for Joker. He views himself as above everyone else and no one else is like him. He would never make someone else like him. He has so many other ways to turn someone crazy. Notably, how he made Harley crazy in the original origin story! That one made sense and fit perfectly for both characters. Pushing her in acid would be too easy and is just a mindless, contrived, plot device. And in his own words ‘no one likes a copycat’.

After new 52 Harley became a villain she didn’t even have any of the aspects of the original that made her so unique. She didn’t have that child like perspective, selfishness, or innocence. She didn’t have that sense of liberation in her. She didn’t have that obsessive love for the Joker. She didn’t have that need to be in the spotlight.
In conclusion, the new 52 stripped everything that made Harley such a bold, unique, original, classic, brilliant character.

Warmup studies of Bruce Timm’s Batman the Animated Series designs. That TV show has been one of the biggest influences on me as an artist. Love the character and set designs. The color pallet was prefect! As far as I’m concerned it’s been the best iteration of batman to date!
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