The thing about Julia Murney is that she’s all in. It doesn’t matter the part or the opportunity, if she’s performing, she’s all in. A single song becomes a character study. A new songwriter/composer is treated like a star. A small part in a film is a scene stolen. A promo for a show is a comedic opportunity (even if Pepper inadvertently helps).

The thing about Julia Murney is that she’s supportive and kind. She will not hesistate to send out a tweet about a show she loved or performer(s) who moved her. There’s a reason why any number of your other favorite theatre people sing her praises, smile when speaking about her, or freely express their affection and appreciation.

The thing about Julia Murney is that she has a whole group of performers who had an endless love for The Wild Party, who got caught in the same YouTube vortexes we all have, who now get to work with her and sometimes still get starstruck and gushy and she treats them with respect and reflects that affection back on them.

The thing about Julia Murney is that she will look you right in the eye, even if you’re just sheepishly getting a CD or program signed. And, if you actually speak, she will make you feel like the only person in the room that matters. She doesn’t engage with fans online much, but she’ll thank you for coming to see her or have a Twitter q&a and answer as many questions as she can, even if she’s answered them before.

The thing about Julia Murney is that she’s simply wonderful. A ridiculously talented performer. A warm and caring person. An encouraging mentor. Guarded, but not shut down. Appreciative and patient. She is, plainly put, good people.

JEM wishes a lovely, delicious, most happy birthday to the subject of our page. May the coming year be filled with countless marvelous moments.


interviewer: so today is julia’s birthday right?

Happy Birthday Mafra bby! This is probably a little early but oh well haha. you’re perfect julia and you’re so sweet and kind. I hope you have the best birthday ever! love you lots xo


Happy Birthday Julia Kathleen Murney! 

Today we celebrate the ever talented, lovely, and witty Ms. Murney by reflecting on her 2013. First up, the interviews.

A good way to celebrate Julia today: be kind to people and animals. Friends, family, strangers, anybody, when someone is talking to you, look them straight in the eye and make them feel that they’re the most important person in your world at the moment. If you have a pet, give them an extra scratch or treat. Take a ridiculously adorable photo of them and post it to your favorite social media site.

[The Graham Show (x); The Muny: Meet Julia Murney (x, x); Julia Murney, Stephanie J Block, and Capathia Jenkins react to Unbroken Circle (x); Drama Desk Interview (x); Julia presents Billy Porter with the Drama Desk Award (x); The Landing Meet & Greet (x)]

do you ever cry because years ago, emma was at her apartment, alone on her birthday, making a wish, that she didn’t have to be alone, and then her little boy appeared on her door and that changed everything forever. and then she wasn’t alone on her birthday anymore.
and she will never be alone again. never again. she has her loving parents, a little brother, a man who loves her unconditionally, her baby boy and even a friend (that it’s more like a sister).
emma swan will never be alone on her birthday again. she found home and she found love and she has a family and friends.
so i think she can’t make wishes using cupcakes anymore, now she has a big group to share a cake with.

happy birthday emma swan, darling princess

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @luffys-hat
I’m so happy we are friends!! you really are lovely and I have no words to say how happy I am to be your friend so thank you for being my friend!
EXPECT MORE! I had a lot of ideas so expect a few more strawhats 
I’m so sorry this sucks…