Martin Luther King, Jr., was born on this day, January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. King, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and African American Civil Rights Movement leader, combated racial inequality up until his assassination on April 4th. However, his words continue to inspire many today.

Listen to Martin Luther King’s Address at the March on Washington, August 28, 1963 in memory and celebration.

I think therefore I am

I think it’s time for us to write

I think it’s time for us to fight

To battle the ideas that plague the tongue

To rise up against the instruments of destruction within

I think it’s time to stop blaming others

I think it’s time you forgave yourself

I think it’s time we became the change that we keep talking about

I think I am a hypocrite

I am a hypocrite

I think that I am great

I am great

I think that I can change

I can change

I am change

Faith works exactly the way our spine works. Without a spine you would not be able to stand. Your body would be limp. You would not achieve much unless you have help.
Faith stabilizes a person. It helps you move forward without knowing the end result. You just have to BELIEVE in someone, more than likely yourself and the higher being who created you.

Quote by Dr Martin Luther King

Happy Birthday to a King