• Hannibal Lecter 30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Favourite OTP moment: The Museum scene in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

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If you haven’t guessed that my OTP is Clannibal yet then me and you have some talkin’ to do. I know i’ve already used this scene but this whole part completely sealed the deal on how amazing this movie is. It set sail my little shipper heart and simultaneously made me roll up in a ball and cry because of feelings.

Have you ever met someone and you didn’t really know what to think of them at first but slowly and surely you’ve gained trust, confidence to the point where the only bit of your life that makes sense is them, and completely them? The only  thing you’re sure of in life. That your heart does a little jolt when you see them and you come over all clammy and hot and cold at the same time? You haven’t realized the true extent of your feelings but yet your so closely intertwined your feelings are so raw and passionate, it’s come to a head. And you have that moment, that one moment that you will never expect when time stands still, your heart makes fleeting beats and your walls come down, and you just talk? All is silent but warm, but you can feel your heart become heavier and you look into their eyes and you know they’re going to be a part of your life now. They changed it, and you don’t know how to feel and neither do they but they know, in their eyes. They’re deep, shining and beautiful. This little bubble, this little pocket in the world that makes everything feel right, bright and beautiful. That little bit of ray that makes everything fall into place. This connection is formed, bonded, and built on the red line of fate that twists and turns so?

Yeah, this is what this scene represents. When your true self is shown, for fleeting moments. When you’ve captured in this moment, raptured, and there is no then and later but just now. Look how their walls come down. Lecter’s cold and calculating look into soft and reflective, Starling no nonsense into a frightened, lonely little girl. They get it. They get each other. Look how when Lecter has to drag himself out of that scene, and Starling is still caught. Starling is the light, the joy in Lecter’s world. She is the humanity, the strength that died when Mischa did. She is the wounded deer, half alive, that gives life. That gives hope. That makes the teacup reverse. The slight touch of the finger. Iam there for you. We’re connected.Like the comforting touch of a loved one. His first intended human contact in years. He rips her heart out, yet tends to it like a little wounded bird. Caught in the instance where he did not mock. Caught in the instance where he saw hope, faith, in this corrupted, bloody world. Starling’s innocence, pure and light against this drab background. Pulled back the police, or by Grutas men? 

It’s so beautiful. So well done. 


Day 6: Best Movie Scene

The Towel

I just really enjoy this scene, because it shows you the tiny bit of humanity that Hannibal Lecter actually has. Or, when examined from another point of view, it shows a method of manipulation that Lecter uses to convince Starling that he isn’t all that bad. Whatever the reason behind his actions, this scene sticks out in my mind above all others.