[Pre-Debut] Red Velvet Wendy singing Beyonce’s ‘Halo’

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Hey world! Jorge aka Gentleman Bear here. Some of you may know already that I was at one point Wendy’s producer before SM Entertainment signed her. What you may not have known is that she can pretty much do any song and kill it. This video has never been posted online outside of Facebook until I recently stumbled upon it on Facebook again for the first time in about three years or so. This girl is talented, make sure to show her lots of love.

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Observe, as what good will I had for Sarah Palmer crumbles to dust…

At this point, I’m just thinking that Halsey must’ve tried to turn Palmer’s childhood dog into a Spartan canine and failed or something because we still, after almost 3 years, have no idea why her vendetta against Halsey is so damn personal.

See, I like the idea of Sarah Palmer. I like that she’s abrasive and straightforward, I like that there have been a number of moments where her character has really come out of its shell - following the deaths of Davis and DeMarco where she shows a different side to herself.

But the writing for her is just so inconsistent, it hurts… She looks positively evil in that last panel, I can’t tell what the writers are trying to convey because they each seem to have a wildly different interpretation of who she is. Schlerf’s Palmer was a more ‘noble’ figure who came to question the black-and-white nature of how she perceives the conflicts going on in the Reclaimer Saga, I really rather liked her when she was telling Lasky to stay the hell away from her after DeMarco’s death.

But every other writer has this weird back-and-forth kind of means of characterising her. It comes off as contradictory a lot of the time, and I’m quite sure that a lot of grievances would be put to rest if we could get some justification for her hatred of Halsey…

axios; the covenant are invading! show em whos boss!

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