40 Of The Greatest Bassists Of All Time - Picked By NME Readers

Este Haim

You said: “Este Haim not neccessarily for skill but for style !” – Beth Willows
We say: Haim’s eldest sister is perhaps the most exciting new bassist of the decade – and not just because of her awesome gurning bass-face. Energetic and dynamic on stage, her lines are a integral part of the Cali sound. (x)


We are more than our bodies, we are more than our skin color, we are more than “sexy”, we are more than society’s idea of what’s beautiful, we are more than double standards, we are more than “cat fights”, we are more than the institutions we are born in that think they can tell us what we can and cannot do, or better said, who we can and cannot be. 
Because some of our sisters in other countries are being denied an education - and one of those girls, currently sitting in a broken road hiding from her family reading a book she stole, could very well find the cure for cancer- and she is being silenced. but we will fight for her. we will fight for each other and we will fight for equality. We will fight because we are more than the chains that bind us. we are ideas. we are intelligence. we are compassion. we are creativity. we are kindness. we are women. and we stand together. 
— Fifth Harmony

1989 Tour Confirmed Setlist

Main Stage

Welcome To New York


Out Of The Woods

Sparks Fly

All You Had To Do Was Stay


Shake It Off

I Wish You Would

Wildest Dreams

How You Get The Girl

This Love

I Know Places


State Of Grace


You are In Love

I Knew You Were Trouble (duet with Meredith

All Too Well

I Almost Do

Stay Stay Stay

Holy Ground

Sad Beautiful Tragic


Begin Again

The Last Time

Everything Has Changed 

The Moment I Knew

Girl At Home



Back To December

Speak Now

Never Grow Up




Last Kiss

Riptide (Feat. Vance Joy)

B Stage 



Hey Stephen

White Horse

You Belong With Me


Tell Me Why 

The Way I Loved You

Forever & Always

The Best Day 


Tim McGraw

Picture To Burn

Teardrops On My Guitar

A Place In This World

Cold As You

The Outside

Tied Together With A Smile

Stay Beautiful

Mary’s Song

Our Song

I’m Only Me When I’m With You 


A perfectly Good Heart

Should’ve Said No 

Main Stage Pt. 2

The Wire (Feat. HAIM)

Love Story


New Romantics

Dear John


Better Than Revenge

The Story Of Us

Come Back… Be Here

Bad Blood


Blank Space

All Unreleased Songs

The Christmas Album


Teardrops On My Guitar

All Too Well (10 minute version) 


Shake It Off 

Ending Songs

We’re All In This Together (feat. Vance Joy, HAIM, and Shawn Mendes) 

Long Live