I feel like that post about “bashing on newcomers” was directed at my post complaining about people coming up with ideas that already exist in older Fire Emblem games.

Okay, I will give that getting your hands on all the Fire Emblem games legally is costly and difficult (if not impossible due to the JP exclusives, and BS Akaneia Saga), but just holding an interest in previous games is not that hard, hell even a brisk look through wiki descriptions or TV Tropes is enough to fill someone in on previous installments. You’re correct in saying that there’s no obligation to do so, but holding interest in only ONE game in a series is a bit much. Like, how far can you take that interest before you want to try something new? Doesn’t it get boring playing a game with the same cast over and over? How about this different cast with a different story?

Take for example, The Legend of Zelda. A Link Between Worlds (and Hyrule Warriors) came out and by all accounts it’s a fantastic game… And yet, you’ll find that not as many people talk and worship it as much as older Zelda games. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mark, Wind Waker, Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, all these previous installments and still they get recognition from fans, old and new. You can argue that it’s because Zelda has always been localised (save a few titles), but Fire Emblem’s been out in the west since 2003, over 10 years ago.

What if I said: “The next Zelda game needs a new cool weapon, like a whip! Aww yeah that’d be awesome! Imagine Link with a whip!” How much of an idiot would I look like? Same applies with Fire Emblem when you suggest something like “a dark magic user who can use staves”, because surprise surprise, it’s been a thing since the beginning (technically). Or people complaining how “male Manaketes don’t exist”… Again, since the beginning.

It was only this year (hell, these past few months) that I decided to give FE4 and 5 a shot. Guess what. I love them (despite 4’s depressing plot and 5’s unimaginable difficulty). Never would’ve become attached to these new characters if I didn’t put in the effort.

But that’s just me, and to be honest I have been likened to a grumpy old man by my friends before. It’s nothing new, I just like to shake my cane at people.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the people who won’t play other FE games because “they don’t have Casual Mode”.

Bucky headcanons

-he listens to Joan Jett and rock in general a lot
-he twists his hair into elaborate braids when he’s stressed/bored/lonely/tired/having a Bad (PTSD-intense) Day
-he calls Steve ‘sweetheart,’ ‘buttercup,’ ‘sugar,’ and ‘angelface’ (Steve calls him ‘Mo Rún (my love [Irish])’ and ‘darlin” [which makes him blush every time], among other things to be discussed at a later date)
-Natasha tried to talk to him in Russian once and he very nearly had a panic attack so now she talks to him in every common language they have except Russian
-when he found out how much his compensation from the government was for 70 years in HYDRA’s hands, the second thing he did was buy Sam a new car (the first was to take Steve dancing)
-he doesn’t like fancy food
-his favourite drink is a Shirley Temple
-his arm whirrs and overheats when he blushes
-he is the little spoon
-he is the only one who laughs at Tony’s and Clint’s jokes
-whenever he’s having a Bad Day he curls up in a closet with one of Steve’s shirts until Steve finds him and Steve sings Irish lullabies to him until he stops shaking and trying to kill him by accident
-he makes cookies a lot
-he doesn’t eat much out of the habit of saving some for Steve when he was little
-he cries sometimes from the sheer realization that he can’t protect little Steve anymore
-when he’s really passionate about something, his accent goes a bit Bronx/Hoboken from all the time working in shipyards, docks, etc. with the guys from around there
-I could go on
-so many
-don’t make him a flat character
-he isn’t
-The Winter Soldier isn’t empty either I’ll make another whole post about him

Here’s the problem: I’ve always been told and constantly reminded that no two snowflakes are alike, but to the human eye they’re all the same. But here we are, no two of us looking exactly alike, and yet we forget that we’re all the same inside.
—  Our skin is different but our hearts are the same