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Fanart for an incredible fanfiction, Nightfall by Le’letha

"20 years after Chief Stoick’s wife and son were lost in a dragon raid, the Vikings of Berk shoot down a Night Fury…and its rider, a feral youth who believes he is a dragon."

To Tame A Titan! Part 5
(These events take place before HTTYD 2. Read Part 4 here: http://on.fb.me/1uLtvEt)

The two heads snapped and hissed at each other, until the right bit the left on the neck and pinned it to the ground. “That’s right, Sparks! Show Spew who’s in charge!” yelled Tuffnut. “Sparks? Spew?” questioned Hiccup. “That’s what we’re calling our new masters,” Ruffnut said, still bowing to them. Asserting its dominance, Sparks released Spew. The two exchanged a tense look before flying to the mountain. “I’ve never seen two Zipple heads fight for control like that,” Hiccup said. “Yeah. Barf & Belch are always so united in their mindless destruction,” Astrid quipped. “Maybe their personalities become more independent when they reach the Titan Wing stage,” Fishlegs wondered. “Then we have to make those two see eye to eye,” Hiccup decided.He and Toothless took off for the peak, followed by the Dragon Riders, Stoick on Skullcrusher, and Gobber on Grump.

The group navigated between bitterly cold gales and razor sharp ice formations. Reaching the frosty apex, they found the Titan hunting a herd of mountain sheep. “Looks like Sparks was in the mood for lamb, and Spew wanted fish!” Snotlout joked. Astrid and Stormfly divebombed Sparks & Spew, distracting them and sparing the sheep. Enraged, the Titan unleashed its binary fire on a towering snow bank, triggering an avalanche! “It’s headed for the village!” Gobber gasped. “We need to melt it with dragon fire!” Stoick exclaimed. “But if the fire spreads to the forest, it’ll burn up the whole island!” Astrid said. “Then we blast a crater in the ground and catch it all!” Stoick said. “No!” Fishlegs exclaimed. “The Whispering Death tunnels have put Berk on shaky ground. Any more tremors and we’ll sink into the sea!” Everyone turned to Hiccup to make the ultimate choice.

Does Hiccup fight the avalanche with fire and risk burning Berk?
Does Hiccup catch the avalanche in a crater and risk sinking Berk?

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