I promised our fanfiction writers a writing competition and here it is! And since it is a competition, the rules are strict, but there will be some nice prizes involved, which will be announced at a later date! 

How the Endurance Competition will work:

  • You MUST sign up by March 2, 2014 in order to participate. Sign-ups are open to EVERYONE. No late sign-ups will be accepted.
  • You will write a series of COMPLETED drabbles or one shots (minimum of 100 words, 15,000 words MAX) based on a prompt of the moderator’s choice and your chosen Level of Comfort (or LoC).
  • There will be 8 rounds, each round lasting 2 weeks and worth up to 4 points. If you sign up, you’re agreeing to (try and) write for all 8 rounds.
  • However, if you skip a round or miss a deadline, you simply will lose your points for that week. You will not be disqualified from the competition.
  • Point awarding will be based on: how your piece relates to the prompt (+1 point max), the strength of your story (+2 points max), characterization (+1 point max-you may choose to go OOC, but this MUST be cited at the beginning of your story or you may lose points. For example, if you’re writing Fluffy!Tom Riddle, state as much.), and your title/summary (+1 point max. Titles and summaries are important. A lot of people make snapshot decisions on whether or not to read a fic based on the title and summary). 
  • Bonus points will be awarded to people that choose the “Hard” and “Hell” levels.
  • Each participant will be given ONE ”shield charm” for the duration of the competition. You may cash in your shield charm to have the moderator write your fic for the round of your choice; however, you will only receive half of the total possible points on the week you cash it in.
  • All pairings, themes, and ratings ARE accepted.
  • You may write squicky material, but you will not receive bonus points for trying to creep out the mod.
  • The person with the most points at the end of all 8 rounds will receive the grand prize (which will have monetary value, to be announced at a later date). All other participants will also receive some compensation for sticking with the competition til the end (may or may not have monetary value)!

Levels of Comfort (or LoCs):

  • Easy-You pick your character after the prompt is revealed.
  • Normal-You pick your character before the prompt is revealed.
  • Hard-You pick your character before the prompt is revealed, but you have to pick a character you do not normally write for.
  • Hell-The mod picks your character.

You may choose a different LoC every round. If you choose an LoC that requires you to pick your character before prompt reveal, you must send in your pick with your LoC. Either way, you will be submitting your LoC to the mod before every prompt reveal. 

If you’re interested in participating, please sign-up here! Remember to include your LoC in your sign-up, as well as your character if your LoC requires you to choose before the prompt reveal.

Round one’s prompt + deadline + general info will be announced once sign-ups are over.

DISCLAIMER: This competition is being put on by alexeivolkoffs, owner of SimplyPotterheads, and is in no way affiliated with Tumblr or its staff.

She wasn’t just a girl. Roxanne Weasley was a phenomenon. She was that storm in a teacup, that hurricane in the shape of a woman. She was electric in every step, every beat of her heart, every breath she took.

When she reached Hogwarts in 2019, the school almost came to a standstill. She followed Rose into Slytherin, wearing that green and silver tie with pride, and the cousins banded with Iris Nott to form one of the more formidable trios in the school at the time, gradually taking over.

Though she wasn’t much on the Quidditch pitch (not that she had ever really tried, she assured anyone who asked), Roxanne more than made up for it in the classroom, in her extra curricular activities, and most notably, in her talent in the Duelling Club.

Whilst her talent with her wand made her a formidable opponent, people seemed to forget that if they every came out with a taunt against Slytherin, a joke about the Weasley clan, or any insult about her family. She was a quick draw and landed many students in the hospital wing, earning herself more than one detention.

And whilst this mightn’t have won her much favour with the teachers in the classroom, it caught the eye of her Uncle Harry, and she was taken under his watchful eye following her graduation, becoming one of the most notorious Hit Witches in Britain’s history.

Dramione Veela fics list

Here is a list of Dramione Veela stories that I’ve been able to find on the net. The ones with the * next to them mean I’ve read them and rec them. The others… I’m working on reading them:

If you know of others, let me know! I’d love to add them to the list to check out.

anonymous said:

I have a drabble prompt for you. I know you have tons still to do, so please take your time, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head. I've read today that for the next week JK Rowling is going to write commentaries for the Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, and singing them as Ginny Potter. Rowling also wrote on Twitter that Ginny is expected to be joined by her family for the Final. I'd love a drabble about Harry stuck at home with the kids - welcome appearance by R/Hr :D Could you do that?

Thanks so much for this prompt, and I’m sorry it took so long! Since we’ve obviously had some new material the last couple days, I took the liberty of tweaking your idea a bit to incorporate it - hopefully you like it! :)

"For the last time, Hermione, I’m not having our children cheering for your Hogwarts sweetheart,” Ron reminded his wife as they ambled down the path toward the Potter residence, their fingers entwined as they swung their hands between them.

"And for the last time, Ron, that’s utterly ridiculous," Hermione replied. "And besides, if anybody was my ‘Hogwarts sweetheart,’ whatever that means, it was you.”

Ron flushed, clearly pleased, but still argued: “We weren’t really together at Hogwarts.”

"Not while we were both students, anyway,” Hermione countered, a particular gleam in her eye as she turned to grin at her husband.

Ron beamed at the memory. “Yeah, dunno if we want to use the term ‘sweetheart’ to describe those encounters though, do we?”

"Seems a bit tame, yes," Hermione agreed sagely.

"I’m still buying the Brazilian gear," Ron said as they approached the doorstep of the house, designed to look like a cottage but far too large to truly fit the term.

"I know," Hermione affirmed with a roll of her eyes, though Ron knew without looking that she still wore an affectionate smile as she knocked on the door.

They could only make eyes at each other a second longer; the door was opened so suddenly and with so much force that they nearly jumped out of their skin.

"Uncle Ron! Aunt Hermione!"

James flew through the entrance hall on a toy broomstick, performing various tricks that should not have been possible on a child’s broom and, much to his godparents’ chagrin, holding onto his younger brother, Al, by the ankle.

"James Sirius! You let your brother go this instant!" Hermione scolded, racing toward them as Al continued to dangle precariously in the air, looking quite unsure as to whether he should be enjoying the ride or screaming with terror.

"It’s useless, Hermione, just let them be. James will get bored soon enough." Harry had just appeared in the foyer, holding a screaming Lily in his arms. Though she was already six years old, she hadn’t quite outgrown her temper tantrum phase. "I wouldn’t let her have another biscuit," Harry explained wearily as he shifted his daughter from one side to the other.

"Place damn near falls apart without Ginny, eh?" Ron chortled, but Hermione frowned.

"Are you really letting your sons roughhouse like that, Harry?" She crossed her arms as James giggled and zigzagged between his father and his uncle. Al had begun to laugh as well, though rather nervously as he swung into Ron’s leg.

"I’m watching them; they aren’t going to be hurt," Harry dismissed, nodding toward the kitchen. They all followed him, even James on his broomstick. "Did you send Rose and Hugo along already?"

"They went ahead with Charlie," Ron replied. "We’d have gone, too, but we reckoned you might like a hand with this lot."

"Yeah, well, maybe the International Portkey will calm them down a bit," Harry remarked. "James! Al! Get down from there, will you? We’re off in…" He paused to check his watch, but realized it wasn’t there. Lily, seemingly exhausted with her crying, had torn it from his wrist in a fit of anguish and was now shaking it insistently.

"We’re off in ten minutes," Hermione informed him, using her wand to immobilize James’ broom while Ron took Lily from Harry. For some reason, a stern word or two from her favorite uncle had more of an effect on her behavior than even the promise of ice cream.

As Hermione lifted Al from James’ grip safely to the ground, Harry leaned back against the kitchen table and sighed. “I don’t give a dragon’s snout about the match,” he declared. “I just want my wife back.”

Hermione smiled sympathetically, but Ron laughed. “Nice try, mate, but I know how much you want to see Krum get his trophy.” Ron reached over to grip his shoulder. “I won’t even hold it against you, how’s that?”

"As if you didn’t want to see him win, too. You just won’t admit it," Harry retorted, and Ron shrugged.

"Ginny said Skeeter’s going to be there. Gotta keep up appearances, y’know, give her a scandal. Otherwise she’ll create something twice as bad." Ron tapped his head knowingly, and Lily giggled, the trauma of being denied a biscuit seemingly forgotten.

"Why she considers us celebrities, I’ll never know,” Hermione added, patting Al on the head as he dragged his knapsack toward the pile of luggage at the foot of the kitchen table. “We live rather unglamorous lives.”

"And thank Merlin for it," Harry concurred. The three of them chortled and shared a knowing smile. Twenty years since the first time they’d gone to the Cup, and now they were taking their children.

So much had changed, Harry thought, his grin widening as he watched his best mates talk to his children, Ron reaching for Hermione’s hand with his free one - but the most important things, thankfully, would remain ever the same.

Pillars Four

Summary: Each of Hogwarts Founders had their own item, something precious to them: the sword, the cup, the locket & the diadem. This is a collection of four one shots exploring what each object meant to them.

The Diadem

Rowena stood and took the diadem from her daughter’s head. Anger flashed in Helena’s dark eyes but it was gone quickly. Evaporated or disguised, Rowena wasn’t sure.

"That is enough, Helena."

Rowena decided to not wear the diadem again today. She walked over to her mantle and placed it in its carved wooden box. She felt her daughter’s eyes at her back.

"I must change for dinner." Rowena said over her shoulder.

Helena understood and walked to the door, her skirts dragging on the floor behind her. Then she paused in the doorway.

"I should like to wear it again, mother."

The door snapped shut and Rowena shivered.

I know.

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Spring-Summer 2013 Fest: MASTER LIST & REVEALS

We’ve come to it at last: our Master List with the artist/author reveals…

(in alphabetical order by story title)

  • A Day At Work - FIC by iiemiin - Rated: K+ - “Bring your daughter and son to work day” is not working so well for Draco Malfoy.
  • A Remembrance - FIC by silverotter1 - Rated: PG - He’s watched her these past years, remembering his past transgressions He doesn’t know she’s been watching him, too, recalling his virtues.
  • A Slip of the Tongue - FIC by peach12blossoms - Rated: R - Draco Malfoy, Hermione gathered, was not as subtle as he would like to be; nor was he as sneaky as he led everyone to believe. But it’s okay, because she loves him anyway.
  • A Walk in the Park - FIC by xfsista - Rated: R - Ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is a brilliant young healer working at St. Mungo’s. He stumbles upon a long-term patient and decides to take it upon himself to cure her.
  • Eighth Nights - FIC by black_klepon - Rated: PG - She wasn’t all that surprised to see him missing from their graduation ceremony.
  • Glamorous - FIC by captainraychill - Rated: R - Draco owns a mysterious shop that sells high-quality, custom-made glamours. Hermione visits one sweltering night with a secret and a special request.
  • Hook and Line - FIC by tygermine - Rated: PG-13/T - Winning a fake cruise with a sexy, obnoxious, and egotistical Draco Malfoy - check. Sea sickness and inebritation - check. Naked swimming - check. A Kraken - check. An angry sea goddess - check. Cannibals? - check. How did Hermione get herself into so much mischief… and she didn’t even sign up for this contest!
  • I’m  No Killer - FIC by scarletladyy - Rated: R - When the trio are captured and brought to Malfoy Manor, Draco is expected to identify them, but he finds himself unable to do so.
  • In Memoriam - FIC by yewerised168 - Rated: T - On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the Ministry throws an annual Commemoration Ball to honor the survivors and fallen warriors. Hermione attends every year, and she spends her time waiting to leave and staring after Malfoy.
  • June - FIC by secondbutton- Rated: NC-17 - All Draco wants for his birthday is his wife.
  • Mummy Isn’t Special - FIC by bellebelles - Rated: PG - It’s a simple question, or so Scorpius thinks that leaves him upset and baffled by the answer his best friend Antonio Zabini gives him. Are babies really born from kisses?
  • One hot afternoon - FIC by lyimee_lisa - Rated: T - A hot afternoon in the Heads’s common room. The heat is unbearable. But one of the portraits witnesses an amusing interaction between the two Heads.
  • Puddle Jumping - FIC & ART by rzzmg - Rated: PG-15/T+ - Flatmates, but not lovers. Draco wants to change that fact, but he’s a man with too many vices, and not enough bravery to jump the puddles of his miserable life to get the girl he wants. How is it that “April showers” can possibly bring “May flowers” in his and Hermione’s case, given the black marks against him and the fact she’s got some “mystery man” she’s pining for anyway?
  • The Book - FIC by rzzmg & ART by El-El-El - Rated: PG/K - Hermione finds a special book while cleaning out the attic one afternoon.
  • Through Grey Eyes - FIC by lovestowrite4ever - Rated: PG-15/T+ - It’s May, and the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. As a gesture of good will, the Malfoy family have opened up Malfoy Manor and allowed the celebration ball to be held there. The trio go, it’s expected after all, but they’re not happy about the location. Hermione, in particular, struggles with dancing on the same floor she was tortured. She is comforted by an unlikely source: Draco Malfoy, who has something to say after all this time.
  • Where My Demons Hide - FIC by amethyst18 - Rated: T+ - Draco Malfoy has been sentenced to death. With Hermione and a ticking clock at his side, Draco will use his final hours searching for the one thing he never thought he’d find: Redemption.
  • Yell Help - FIC by mister_otter & ART by captainraychill - Rated: R - A midsummer night’s tale of wine, merriment, and a party game gone curiously awry…Based on the prompt A Midsummer Night’s Dream Costume Ball.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to the reviewers who took time out of their busy life schedules to read and leave a little lurf for our participants!

Artists/Authors: You may feel free to re-post your stories anywhere else you’d like.

Title: Someday

Ship: James Potter/Lily Evans

SummarySomeday, the world will stop spinning and it’ll all make sense again. But until then, all they can do is keep fighting. James/Lily One-shot.

A fic written in honor of James and Lily’s deaths, October 31, 1981, by Amy. Enjoy.

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One Shot Master List.

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to create a master list of the one shots I’ve written and published on ff.net thus far—I have more planned, of course, and this is by no means a “final” list, so to speak, but I figured it’d be nice to put all of the current ones in one place!

  1. Draco’s Turn [M]
    → It’s a rendezvous that occurs once a month—what will Draco have in store for Hermione tonight? Smutty one shot.
    → Draco x Hermione / Romance
  2. The Auror and the Death Eater [M]
    → Smutty one shot. Sequel to “Draco’s Turn”. This time Hermione holds the reins, and Draco’s been a bad Death Eater.
    → Draco x Hermione / Romance
  3. The Love of a Death Eater [M]
    → Hermione Granger is a captive at Malfoy Manor and has a very…interesting method for relieving stress during the war. Smutty one shot.
    → Draco x Hermione / Romance
  4. Draco’s Mudblood [M]
    → One shot sequel to “The Love of a Death Eater”. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss—even if it means losing yourself and your state of sanity along the way.
    → Draco x Hermione / Romance & Tragedy
  5. Draco’s Birthday [T]
    → It’s Draco’s 32nd birthday, and a birthday party is the last thing on his mind. For Hermione, however, her husband’s birthday is a time for celebration, and together the Dramione family is in for a bit of mischief and discomfort as Hermione struggles to gather together friends and family for a Malfoy celebration that takes the cake.
    → Draco x Hermione / Humor
  6. The Oak Tree [T]
    → There was an oak tree in the backyard; it was withered and decaying from months of harsh weather and neglect. It was rotting away, piece by piece, and so was he.
    → Draco x Hermione / Angst & Drama
  7. Building Sapphire Skies [M]
    → She wants a world painted in streaks of blue, so he spends a decade building her a sky full of sapphires.
    → Draco x Hermione / Romance & Tragedy
  8. Never Let Me Go [M]
    → There’s a boy with hair the color of glittering diamonds and a girl who spends a lifetime falling in love with him.
    → Lucius x Narcissa (includes Draco x Hermione) / Romance & Hurt/Comfort

If you’d like to see my fanfic page in full to see all of my stories—including my multi-chapter fics—then click here.

- Danielle :)

Dramionelove ~Love Fest~ 2014 - Master List and Reveals

Here is the long-awaited Master List and Reveals:



Caught Not Quite In Time - by SusanMarieR - Rated: G - (Prompt 14) - Poor Hugo was tricked into thinking that’s where he could save his sandwich ‘til later.

Forgiven - by Slytheringurrl - Rated: PG-13 - (Prompt 83) - It wasn’t about forgetting, it was about forgiving.

Hide and Seek - by Gotle - Rated: MA - (Prompt 18) - Draco finds Hermione’s birthday gift for Harry, the newest broom. Unable to let Potter have the latest broom, Draco does a little last minute hiding.

Meeee-OW! - by kali_elektra - Rated: M - (Prompt 26) - Draco enjoys the benefits of a stealthy disguise.

Oh, If Only I Was A Dragon - by SusanMarieR - Rated: G - (Prompt 14) - Hugo is convinced that if he were a dragon he could get whatever he so desires.

I Was The One Who Cared After All by shine_alive - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 39) - In order to survive, Draco has learned to please anyone and everyone who crosses his path. Hermione wants to change his fortune.



Your Cup of Tea - by RZZMG - Rated: PG (Prompt 107) - How many sugars would you like in your tea?… Forget about the sugar, have a spoonful of me!

The Soloist - by RZZMG - Rated: PG - (Prompt 46) - She is witness to his sorrow and his search for forgiveness…

Waters of the Horned God (Part 1Part 2- by Ningloreth - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 69) - Auror Hermione Granger finds there’s much more to her new partner, Draco Malfoy, than meets the eye.



A Bay Day - by iiemiin - Rated: K+ - (Prompt 9) - Hermione Granger is clumsy, but she can’t be that clumsy to have accidents only around Draco Malfoy today!

A Malfoy Conspiracy - by dragoncastle - Rated: T - (Prompt 34) - It’s Hermione and Ron’s big day! So why is Draco the one standing at the altar waiting for Hermione?

Backseat Love by MissesHermioneMalfoy - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 2) - Harry and Pansy have just had their wedding reception, and Hermione’s a little tipsy. What will happen in the backseat of Draco’s Bentley when they get a little frisky?

Black Rose - by Dawn-Of-Indescribable-Colors - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 15) - Draco is falling in love with Hermione, his Ministry co-worker, who hates his guts. However, he is also engaged in a passionate sexual relationship with Black Rose, a beautiful dancer in a sinful wizarding nightclub, but the gorgeous witch always keeps her carnival mask on when they are together…

Consequences - by kingslyer - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 108) - Prisoner-of-War!Hermione’s attempted escape from the dungeons has some not entirely unpleasant consequences.

Flirting Fancies - by PenofaPhoenix - Rated: T - (Prompt 31) - After entrusting Rose and Hugo to Draco’s care while she’s on a business trip, Hermione returns to find the Manor—and Draco—in an unexpected state.

For Your Eyes Only (Part 1Part 2Part 3) - by LREarl - Rated: MA -  (Prompt 86) - A James Bond take with Hermione Granger playing the titular role. Draco Malfoy’s her leading gent, Ron Weasley’s vying for her affections, Professor McGonagall is ‘M’ and the Weasley twins are ‘Q’. Post Hogwarts.

Game On - by ELELEL & RZZMG - Rated: R - (Prompt 90) - Sentenced to live for a period of five years without magic by the Wizengamot, Draco expects his future’s going to badly suck—until his court-appointed probation officer, Hermione Granger, takes it upon herself to teach him about the fun world of non-contact Muggle sports.

His One Unforgivable Sin (Part 1Part 2) -  by dramioneinlove Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 96)- In a world where Muggleborns are the lower class, Hermione Granger works for Madam Malkin’s as an apprentice. When pure-blood women who have bought dress robes there are murdered, Draco Malfoy, Chief of Aurors and son of Minister, starts the investigation, and Hermione is his first suspect.

I’ll Be The Star, You The Co-Star by lrthunder - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 106) - When Draco obtains a copy of a sex tape Hermione made with her ex-boyfriend, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Inspiration - by worldwithoutlgc - Rated: PG-15 - (Prompt 91) - When it comes to dates, Hermione thinks that nothing could be safer than a visit to an art gallery. An innocent date to see an old friend’s gallery exhibit, however, redefines Draco and Hermione’s concept of ‘art’ and ‘inspiration’.

Kokomo (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7) - by WitchyFlamingo - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 80) - Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy both work for the Department for International Magical Cooperation. They’ve perfected their ability to avoid each other over the years. Assigned to work together on a case that takes them all the way to sunny Jamaica, the pair suddenly find themselves unable to stay away from each other. What happens in Jamaica…

Lucky Thirteen - by Vittoriane - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 41) - Hermione’s lost everyone in the Battle of Hogwarts, but her personal war isn’t over, not with a Time-Turner in her possession.

Naughty Chocolates - by melas_2ndsoul - Rated: R - (Prompt 72) - Draco Malfoy decides to have a little fun, and sends something sweet to Hermione.

Of House-Elves and Lonely Hearts (Part 1Part 2Part 3,Part 4Part 5by hiddenhibernian Rated: PG-13/T - (Prompt 23) - Ten years after the fall of Voldemort, a cold wind blows through the wizarding world once more. Astoria Malfoy has a debt to settle, and the time has come to make Hermione Granger pay for old sins. Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy finds it means very little to get almost everything he ever wanted – not when he has already lost his heart.

Samhain’s Blessings (Part 1Part 2Part 3) - by k_lynne317 - Rated: PG-15 - (Prompt 93) - Hermione goes into labor in the dead of night. Healer Draco is on call at St. Mungo’s when she shows up at the hospital alone.

Sweets and Sleeplessness - by thornedhuntress - Rated: M/R - (Prompt 42) - Draco always knew his sweet-tooth would someday get him into trouble. He just didn’t realize quite how much.

Symptomatic (Part 1Part 2) - by kanames_harisen - Rated: PG-13 -(Prompt 51) - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: also known as PTSD, shell shock, or battle fatigue. Or, in terms relating to Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, an unwelcome, forcibly-mutual slice of hell.

That went well! - by evil_kitten18 - Rated: K - (Prompt 22) - It was supposed to be an easy mission. Not when they were in charge!

The Champagne-Induced Hook-Up - by SlytherinGurrl - Rated: M - (Prompt 32) - Hermione wasn’t a prude – but she didn’t expect to find herself naked in a strange bed with a man drinking Champagne off her navel.

The Ginger Malfoy (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4) - by Delancey Rated: MT/R - (Prompt 11) - The war is over, and after serving a short stint in Azkaban, Draco returns to wizarding England to finally claim Hermione Granger and her young son, Reg, as his. But Hermione isn’t a push-over and Draco has to earn his redemption before she’ll tell him the truth about her boy’s paternity.

The Impostures of Draco Malfoy (Part 1Part 2Part 3) - by ally_147 - Rated: R - (Prompt 73) - “I will have this mirror, Granger. One way or another, it’s only a matter of time.” Hermione took two steps back and shot him a challenging look. “I would very much like to see you try, Malfoy.” A slow, dangerous smirk crept over his lips and a flash of something indiscernible went through his stormy grey eyes. “Game on then, Granger.”

The Malfoy Legacy - by pips_n_chiaw - Rated: PG - (Prompt 25) - It was a peculiar Malfoy trait that brought Draco and Hermione together.

The Scheming Minds of Gryffindors by HeartsIgnite - Rated: PG-13 - (Prompt 48) - Rita Skeeter is out to get Hermione—again. But that won’t happen, not if Harry and Ron have anything to say about it. With a little luck, more than one of their little schemes will work out in Hermione’s favor.

The Serpent Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7,Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17APart 17BPart 18Part 19Part 20Part 21 (final) by waterflower_20 - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompts 27 & 80) - The Serpent’, a famous thief, has been a pain in the arse for Head Auror Harry Potter for almost two years. Determined to see him behind bars, he asks his best Auror, Hermione Granger, to take him down. Problem is, the charismatic thief, proves to be Miss Granger’s match. In more ways than one…

This Green Hell - by strawberry_kait - Rated: T+ - (Prompt 50) - During a recon mission through the jungles of Borneo, Hit Wizard Draco Malfoy and Auror Hermione Granger survive a surprise attack. Well, almost…

What Happens In The Dark - by Articcat621 - Rated: NC-17 - (Prompt 8) - Ginny and Luna convince Hermione to attend speed dating in the dark. There, she just might meet her dream man.


Congratulations to all on submitting some extraordinary pieces for this fest & thank you writers, artists, readers, and reviewers so much for making this fest a smashing success! 

A gazillion and one ‘thank yous’ to the multi-talented, super awesome, amazingly wonderful 
SlytherinGurrlfor creating such gorgeous banners, icons, and pimping materials for the fest!!!! Please don’t forget to thank her, folks!

Please let us know here in the comments below if you rec any art or fics elsewhere on the internet (your blog, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, CrackBroom Rec list, etc.). Supply a link, too, if you would, so the creators can thank you for your rec! :)

Let’s keep the Dramione love going on for a long time to come, folks!

Dramione fic recs

Shout-out to the lovely and patient anon!

Summary: “We are not,” she announced, “naming our first son ‘Betelgeuse.’” Post Hogwarts.

Rating: K+

Warnings: None

Status: Completed One-Shot

Summary: Persephone isn’t kidnapped and Hades hedges his bets. The only love story here is a War story. Hogwarts Era.

Rating: M

Warnings: Dark themes, HBP events complaint, sexual content.

Status: Completed Multi-chapter

Summary: Our heroine is a mucky muck with the Ministry of Magic, and our hero is also is a mucky-much with the Ministry of Magic. Things happen. AU, Post Hogwarts 20+ years.

Rating: MA

Warnings: Strong profanity, unresolved sexual tension (idk why that’s there, there’s smut. The sexual tension becomes decidedly resolved.)

Status: Completed, Multi-chapter

Summary: He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. “There,” she spat. “Now your blood ‘s filthy too!” Post HBP.

Rating: M

Warnings: Mature content and themes, explicit language.

Status: Multi-chapter complete (I think? There’s 47 chapters)

Summary: Many years have passed, and Draco has become a reclusive Shaman who practices arcane sexual magic. Hermione seeks him out so she can make a secret confession. Post-Hogwarts. Epilogue compliant.


Warnings: explicit sexual situations, implicit sexual situations, mild violence, secondary character death

Status: Multi-Chapter Incomplete

Summary: Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again. When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind. A story of second chances. Post-Hogwarts.

Rating: MA

Warnings: Explicit sexual situations, mild profanity, mild violence, psychological torture, secondary character death, unresolved sexual tension.

Status: Multi-chapter complete

Summary: The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in Wizarding Society and asks Hermione Granger for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger.I’m not about to let pride get in the way of an Azkaban sentence.

Rating: M

Warnings: Psychological torture, so much fucking angst, implied sexual situations, explicit sexual situations, dark!fic, mature themes.

Status: Multi-chapter complete.

Summary: It takes the unexpected engagement of their children to get Draco and Hermione in a room together, but only the selfish acts of their estranged spouses and a 300 Galleon bottle of firewhiskey will get them in a bedroom. What starts out as a one time mistake soon becomes a full blown affair with a deadline; the day their children say “I do”. But rarely do things go according to plan. Post-Hogwarts.

Rating: M

Warnings: implied sexual situations, explicit sexual situations, mild profanity, adultery

Status: Multi-chapter incomplete.

Summary: Driven mad with desire by Hermione Granger’s unseemly Muggle sundresses, Draco decides to torture his house elves. Yes, that should bring her coming. And Bon Bon is perfect for the job. Post-Hogwarts.

Rating: M

Warnings: explicit sexual content, implied sexual content.

Status: Completed One-Shot.

Also: Silencio is a popular fic. Set in Hogwarts-Era, Draco and Hermione begin an affair. It’s utterly maddening and will make you seethe and cry and convulse and all that good stuff. Angsty to the nines. 

As of now I am reading To Begin Again, and I last read We Learned the Sea (I read the first chapter and realised I’d read this fic years ago, one of my first Dramiones.)

Lady Malfoy is a long read, in need of editing, but one worth mentioning.

Hi anon! I’m taking 150 word prompts! Thank you so much for the message. My OTPs can be found in my About page. This is a bit of an AU crossover… thing, because my ultimate OTP is the Doctor and Rose. Hope you like it! :)

Prompt: Your OTP facing a Boggart.

She lay on the floor, blond hair covering her slightly wrinkled face. If not for the blood, she could have been asleep.

“No.” Rose could only stand in front of her, shaking her head. “No,” she whispered. “Doctor, what’s she doing here? She can’t be here. No. She can’t be dead.”


Doctor, she’s dead.” Her voice had risen, shaking and choked with tears. “She’s DEAD!” she screamed.

The Doctor pushed her away, and Rose fell against the wall. “Doctor-?”

“That’s not your mum, Rose.”

The body disappeared, the blood fading from the floor. Images appeared before them: planets, space, the sense of time and infinity spread out in front of them.

A vast emptiness.

Planet after planet after planet- completely bare.

On each, they could see the small silhouette of a single Time Lord.

He was alone.

Watching solemnly, he pulled out his wand, shaking slightly.

“Riddikulus,” he whispered.

DramioneLove ~Love~ Fest 2014 - Week One Round-Up




What an exciting start to the fest!

Here’s the round-up summary: Draco Malfoy’s inherited empathy towards magical creatures leads him to Veterinarian Hermione Granger’s door over and over again… Aurors Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are on the case as they visit a mysterious spring whose waters are believed to act as a potent aphrodisiac… Draco Malfoy sends a naughty Valentine’s present to Head Girl, Hermione Granger, determined to prove she’s really a sex goddess under the bookworm persona… Hermione Granger offers down-on-his-luck rent!boy Draco Malfoy a way out of his awful predicament… single and frustrated Hermione Granger agrees to try speed dating in the dark, and one particular partner catches her attention with his sexy-as-sin voice… Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy learn to forgive each other by surrendering themselves to the other for one night… survival in the jungles of Borneo can bring two people together - or make them want to commit partner-murder if your names are Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy…

Here are the lovelies to sink your heart into this weekend (ordered by type, then in alphabetical order by story name):


  • Forgiven - Rated: PG-13 - Prompt #83 - It wasn’t about forgetting, it was about forgiving.
  • I Was The One Who Cared After All - Rated: NC-17 - Prompt #39 -In order to survive, Draco has learned to please anyone and everyone who crosses his path. Hermione wants to change his fortune.


  • Naughty Chocolates - Rated: R - Prompt #72 - Draco Malfoy decides to have a little fun, and sends something sweet to Hermione.
  • The Malfoy Legacy - Rated: PG - Prompt #25 - It was a peculiar Malfoy trait that brought Draco and Hermione together.
  • This Green Hell - Rated: T+ - Prompt #50 - During a recon mission through the jungles of Borneo, Hit Wizard Draco Malfoy and Auror Hermione Granger survive a surprise attack. Well, almost…
  • What Happens In The Dark - Rated: NC-17 - Prompt #8 - Ginny and Luna convince Hermione to attend speed dating in the dark. There, she just might meet her dream man.
Of Stags and Does

They were still seventeen, both of them. It was their last year at Hogwarts, and a war raged around them. She feared for her family, feared for the people Lord Voldemort stood against. It was a different year, a darker year. Because they knew the world they were about to walk into, and for all their exams and careers advice, none of them felt at all prepared to step out into it.

She had spent a summer at war with herself, too, trying to reason out the suggestion that she fancied James Potter. She realised that she was right eventually, when they met again on the Hogwarts Express and seeing his face was the happiest she had felt in months…she didn’t fancy James Potter, she was in love with him.

But she was just a silly little girl and this was a silly little feeling, and it would go away eventually.

Only, it didn’t.

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Hermione Granger has always been a very punctual sort of being—she never misses anything and she’s never late. Until one day…she is. But not in the way her husband suspects.

This is a late birthday one shot for my friend Shannon! Sorry that I haven’t been able to upload it until now; everything’s been so hectic on my end! But here it is—finally completed! I hope you like it!

Light and Shadow - Part Five

Helga smiled to herself.  A bitter wind had recently swept down from the mountains, but the air was clear and the sunlight strong.  She embraced it, but Salazar had never liked the cold.  He walked with his arms folded under his cloak.  When he huffed, his breath misted in the morning air. 

Helga pointed ahead to a leafy clearing where the sunlight came streaking through the branches of the trees.  “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Hmm.”  Salazar’s expression was impassive.  He strode in front of her, pushing aside overhanging branches with casual distaste.

They were searching for daisy roots for a shrinking potion.  At this time of the year they would be lucky to find any, but Helga – as she said – was ever an optimist.

Salazar pushed ahead of her, crunching through the undergrowth.  “You’re barely even looking,” Helga said, hurrying after him.

He didn’t answer.  Instead he stopped and stood very still.

After only a moment’s hesitation, Helga touched his arm.  “What is it?”

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Weasleys on an Airplane

For Tara, my wonderful fic friend and a beta for my original novel, who (perhaps jokingly) requested: “Ron +  the New York Stock Exchange! Dolly Parton lyrics! Hermione + the Cold War! Ron and Hermione travel back in time to help build the pyramids! Mwahahahahahaha!”

Well, here it is. Bring it on, woman. :)

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I figured since it was Dramione week (every week is Dramione week for me), I’d go through with my promise of uploading a tentative snippet of my new fic, Creatures of Hope. The prologue is already up, and although finishing Shades of Grey is my main priority at the moment, I have been working on CoH in my spare time.

So, without further ado, here’s a small snippet from the first official chapter of Creatures of Hope

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mallflower said:

Hi, I wondered if you had any fics where Hermione is ostracized/cast out by her friends and so she grows closer to Draco?

Hi! Here are some that should be close to what you are looking for:

  • All I Want - T, 5 chapters - For as long as she had known him, time always froze whenever Draco’s eyes connected with hers. Suddenly finding herself ostracized from the Weasleys as a result of an argument with Ron, Hermione might finally be able to give Draco something he has wanted for a long time, something he never thought he could have, and something she never thought he would want.
  • Unbreakable - M, 28 chapters - When Hermione Granger gets pregnant in school she refuses to name the father of her unborn child to the Professors or her friends. Draco Malfoy knows the child is his and he’s busy planning on getting him, Hermione and their child safely away from his father, who is determined to make Draco take the dark mark and join the Death Eaters.
  • Reunited - T, 9 chapters  - Hermione sighed, beginning to suspect that Kingsley might have just managed to get her to do something she had been putting off for years, face her past. Ten years after the war Hermione agrees to do Kingsley a favour, bringing her in contact with her friends that she hasn’t seen in years.
  • Consequences of War - T, 29 chapters - Draco is asked to do the unthinkable when the Golden Trio is brought to Malfoy Manor. Can he handle the consequences of his actions or will he flee like the coward everyone believes him to be?
  • Not a Granger Anymore - T, one shot - It has been ten years since Hermione has been seen and she returns, married, to the Hogwarts Reunion. Ron’s angry, Hermione is rich and the Weasleys aren’t exactly popular.
  • A Year and A Day - T, 53 chapters - It’s one thing to marry your enemy but it is completely idiotic to actually fall in love with him. Could it be Stockholm Syndrome? I doubt it. It could have been necessity, I mean I was abandoned by Harry and I felt alone. That must be it.

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