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I want to see all of your faces when Harry comes out alone.

Wow when did we get to the level of getting antis who are talking about Harry coming out? Wow, what about those 410 women he f***ed?

How fast the night changes.

Can we please talk about the scene in MM:FR where Furiosa uses Max as a rifle stand? ‘Cause that was such a good scene.

Furiosa knows that she’s a better shot that Max, she knows she can hit that car, but she doesn’t force Max to give up the gun. He tries and fails and realizes she can do better, and has no problem handing over the gun. Furiosa doesn’t rub it in his face, doesn’t even mention it; she just takes the shot and they’re off, no hesitation, no pointless hubris.

No one can deny that Max is a badass, he’s pretty stereotypically manly, and yet never once does he stop to think about the fact that he’s being out-badass-ed by a woman. He doesn’t even think about how he’s being out-badass-ed at all. He doesn’t give a shit. He wants to survive and help these people because they’ve earned his trust.

I also noticed the part when the Vuvalini first see the men; they’re skeptical, but Furiosa just replies with “they’re dependable” or something along those lines (I’m not 100% sure of the line), and that’s it. The women don’t distrust them simply because they’re men. Furiosa says they’re fine, she trusts them, and their little group grows. There’s no pointless animosity on either side.

So refreshing. (Though it’s a bit of a red flag that people treating each other like people is refreshing in movies these days…)

New Blood-Donor Policy, Same Gay Stigma for The New York Times
Illustration by Jeannie Phan

For an Op-Ed about how gay men are now allowed to donate blood, but with the prerequisite of being celibate for a year. So yes, they can now donate, but their process is more complicated and still steeped in stigma.

Big thanks to Matt Dorfman!

You can read it here.

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Most embarrassing fictional crush?

I seem to remember my friends and I having a sleepover in our early teens and agreeing that we thought…oh god, I can’t even remember his name…anyway, the David Eddings series? Not the Belgariad but the sequel series, where everyone goes to the other continent? OK I’m going to look it up. THE MALLOREON. Anyway, the emperor dude, who Wikipedia tells me is called Zakath, I think we were agreed he was pretty hot stuff. Although honestly, I’m more embarrassed to admit how much I liked those books than by the crush per se. 

Thinking Out Loud

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: None; read how they met here if you want; “y/f/n” means “your full name.” 
Word Count: 1431
Request: “Song fic request?! How about a SamxReader to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran ❤” - by moxtiel

Sam Winchester was completely and undeniably in love with you.

He was in love with every aspect of you; from the way your smile lit up your face to the way you hummed your favorite songs when you thought nobody was listening.

He was in love with how you cracked corny jokes during the worst of times just to make him laugh. He was in love with how you always managed to get him to let his guard down.

How he felt safe while vulnerable around you because you always did the best you could to help him, even if it was just sitting with him in silence.

How you were willing to debate with him just for fun.

How your fingers intertwined perfectly with his.

How your laugh sounded at midnight when both of you were exhausted but unwilling to go to sleep.


He couldn’t pinpoint exactly when he had fallen in love with you. All he knew was that it was a collection of unforgettable moments staggering over the last three years that resulted in admiration and adoration. Not long after meeting you became the main source of joy in Sam’s heart, just as he became the joy in yours. With you, he was in a state of euphoria. He wanted to protect you from the world and all the monsters in it, even if he was well aware that you could protect yourself. It was this sense of commitment that led him to believe against hope that just maybe the both of you would live to grow old together.

That’s why he knew he was making the right decision.

You strode into the bunker’s library and over to where Dean was seated, studying a lore book. “Hey, have you seen Sam anywhere?”

“Not since this morning,” Dean answered, looking up at you. “Why?”

“He’s just been gone all day,” you shrugged casually. The truth was that you were worried; you hadn’t seen Sam all day and he almost never went without so much as hello. “It’s unusual.”

“Yeah, well, you know Sammy. I wouldn’t worry too much. He’s probably just off trying to set something up or find a case or something. Have you tried texting him?”

“No, but I guess I should’ve,” you chuckled. Of course you should’ve just texted him first. You pulled out your phone as you made your way back to the door of the library. “Thanks, Dean.”

“No problem, kiddo,” he called out as you stepped out into the hallway. You sent a quick text to Sam, certain that he was really just off researching.

Haven’t seen you all day. You OK?

It was only seconds that that your phone was buzzing in your hand and a reply was flashing on the screen.

Great. Meet me up on the roof.

The reply was vague but your curiosity prompted you towards the roof. You navigated through the bunker until you reached the stairway to the roof. You climbed the stairs while pondering why in the world he was up there - that is, until you reached the top and pushed the door open.

What you saw was nothing like what you expected.

Sam was standing next to a white-cloth covered table, two plates of food sitting on either side with candles between them. The candles flickered beautifully against the sunset in the background. More candles lined the edge of the rooftop. It was the perfect, cliche rooftop date setup. The entire scene was incredible.

And there Sam was, standing in a full suit, gazing at you with an unabashed grin as he waited for you to speak.

You approached Sam with a smile. “What is all this?”

“Well, I thought maybe we should have a date,” he explained as he pulled out your chair for you. You sat down as he did the same with a murmured ‘thank you.’ You couldn’t help but notice just how proud he looked, like a child who at aced an important test. “You know, between hunts and all the travelling that we do, we don’t get much time for just us. And tonight, I want to change that.”

“That’s sweet, Sam, and a really good idea. Thank you.”

“So do you like everything?” He asked.

“Of course. Everything looks beautiful. And, well, you look extra handsome in that suit,” you grinned.

“You look pretty beautiful yourself,” he replied in admiration.

You laughed as a blush painted your cheeks. “So did you set everything up yourself?”

“More or less,” he shrugged nonchalantly. “Although I did have some help carrying everything up here, courtesy of Dean.”

“I’ll have to thank Dean later then,” you teased. You picked up your fork and twirled some spaghetti with it. You took a bite, surprised by how good it tasted. When you finished the bite you asked, “did you make this is?”

“Yeah, that I actually made on my own” he answered modestly. “It was a family recipe.”

“It’s so good,” you complimented. “You really ought to cook more.”

“Thank you,” he chuckled. “Maybe I will.”

Sam and you fell into a companionable silence, both slowly working your ways through your meals. It was tranquil and relaxing; much different from the busy, grim activities of your daily lives. You liked the change.

“Do you remember how we met?” Sam asked, after both of you had finished eating.

“Of course,” you replied with a small laugh. “Three years ago in a graveyard. How could I forget?”

“I dunno, I just like to think back to then sometimes,” he mused. “About how one accidental meeting got us here. How if one of us had shown up just a little earlier or a little later, we never would’ve meet.”

“Or if I hadn’t realized you were a hunter,” you added.

“I still can’t believe you tried to trick me into thinking you were the vic’s sibling,” he shook his head with an amused chuckle.

“You tried it first!” You exclaimed. “At least I didn’t pull the fed card.”

“Hey, what else was I supposed to do?” He defended playfully. “What if you ended up being some random civilian or you actually were the vic’s sibling? I had to have some type of plausible reason for being there.”

“Which included investigating a closed case in the dead of night,” you teased.

“It was still something plausible,” he smiled. “But like I said before, that one moment started all this. It lead us here, to this rooftop. The past three years have been incredible and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would’ve wanted to share them with other than you.”

“I can’t think of anyone I would’ve rather been with either, Sam,” you replied. “We’ve been through so much - but it was all worth it, because you were there by my side. You never let me give up, no matter what. You’re my best friend and so much more.”

“My thoughts exactly. So, that’s why I need to do this,” he replied. You watched curiously as he got up from his seat and kneeled in front of you. It was only when he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a small black big that you realized what he was doing. You stifled a gasp with your hand as he opened it to reveal a small, silver band with a single diamond in the center. It was stunning and simple, perhaps even vintage. “Y/F/N, I love you and I have for a very long time. You are incredible and perfect and I honestly don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. But what I think I’m trying to say is, I want us to be together for the rest of our lives, no matter how long or short that time may be. You know, in the type of lives we lead we don’t get a lot of opportunities for love or even relationships. So, Y/N…will you marry me?”

“Yes,” you answered instantaneously, your voice barely above a whisper. You were completely awe-struck. “Of course, Sam. Of course I’ll marry you.”

You both laughed joyously as he took the ring out of it’s velvet box and slipped it on to your finger. As soon as it was secured you pulled him up to you, kissing him fiercely. You could feel him smiling beneath the kiss. He pulled away and engulfed you in a hug, which you graciously accepted.

“I love you, Sam Winchester,” you murmured.

“I love you, too, Y/N.”

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Even better: the Senshi and Mamoru (any continuity) accidentally come to FMA Land during it after the main story. What happens?

Well, Ami is going to find automail and alchemy as a phenomenon pretty interesting. Mamoru too. She and Ed and Winry are going to be talking for hours (Mamoru will skulk around and listen). Ed is going to be frustrated about how the Senshi’s powers do not make sense to him scientifically. He’s going to be trying forever to figure out what type of alchemy it is and how it can ignore the laws of equivalent exhchange. 

The Senshi will love Al and Al will love them. AL AND THE MOON KITTIES GUYS. And when Al and Mamoru discover their shared love of cats…it will be amazing.

It is not going to pretty, Rei and Minako interacting with Ed. Minako will definitely enjoy calling Ed short when she finds out that’s a button, and yeah, there will be a fight. I’M NOT SURE ED WILL WIN. And he’s going to say something to piss Rei off soon after that, and his fate is sealed. Ed’s ego at the very least is going to be wounded.

May and Usagi will get along particularly well and start doing things in unison. It will be terrifying.

Mako and Winry are going to get along very well and be baking buddies and Usagi will be in food heaven. Usagi will love the shit out of Winry and crush on her so hard, but that’s a given. Oh and Mako and Izumi meeting? It’s going to be “Mako and Haruka 2.0″ only even more so because Izumi is so effortless in owning her dual nature, the way Mako always dreamed of. Izumi will find her pretty cute and start momming her pretty quickly.

Haruka and Ed are also not going to get along, which Michiru will find hilarious. But imagine if they meet Olivier. Oh god, Haruka will hit on her and Olivier will say something that rips her to shreds. AFTER THAT THEY WILL BE FIERCELY COMPETITIVE. Especially since Michiru will doubtless comment on how attractive Olivier is to stoke the flames. (Olivier will terrify Usagi as much as she arouses her. Her blunt and dismissive nature will likely anger Rei, Mako and Minako. Minako WILL appreciate Alex and encourage him to rip his shirt off, which means it well never be on again until she leaves).

Riza will find the girls cute (and they will all love her) and Roy will be much nicer than he is to Ed, but secretly think they’re a nuisance. He will piss Rei off by showing off with his fire and they will get competitive about it. Usagi will like Roy but the other girls will be skeptical. He and Haruka will also butt heads a lot. Mamoru will REALLY dislike him, but he’s not going to be obvious about it, just pretty passive aggressive. 

Greedling is going to hit on Rei (and the other girls). He’s going to die several times. But Minako will be intrigued. He may have met his match, the one person who will eventually freak him out with her…particular brand of greediness. 

With the exception of May, Ed historically really likes little kids, so I think he’ll be fond of Chibs and Hotaru, as will Al. Unless he steps on Chibs’ temper somehow, in which case they will develop a similar relationship to the one him and May have. 

Setsuna would probably quietly observe everything and creep Ed out.

As far a plot goes, there’s really nothing like Usagi’s form of magic in FMA land, so I have no idea how the homunculi would deal with it. It could be as easy as giving Usagi an opening to attack and they’re all gone. I think the real danger would be Usagi being too sympathetic to one of them and getting tricked- Gluttony maybe, or Envy once she’s seen his real form. DEFINITELY Pride. But the other Senshi might prevent that from getting out of control. Either way, the Senshi’s presence- Usagi and Hotaru’s godlike powers and the girls having the equivalent of really powerful elemental alchemy- means the fight is going to be finished a lot quicker. 


Bill Murray brought Broadway to a stand still while singing with a crowd of fans and media surrounding him. He then marched right down the block and into the front entrance of the End Sullivan Theater. It was like watching the making of a music video.

how 8tracks works
  • oh you wanted the actual song?? .... well here's a cover!
  • looking for some ed sheeran? how about you try this cover!
  • now you're looking for 5sos? here are some lq audios of ppl recording the song on their phones!
  • halsey?! ah shit man she's cool here's hq
  • what the fuck even is that band? how about more covers of ed sheeran!!
  • here is every just vocals audio of 1d ever
  • ...... who is the maine?

It makes my blood boil when fucking tories gloat about how “the country is safe from ed Miliband”

Don’t you fucking talk about SAFETY. What are you safe from? Getting your nasty arse taxed? What are we safe from? Nothing. NOTHING. The working class are not safe from this militant fascism.

Let’s not talk safety, when your idea of safety is less tax on ya big salary, and our idea of safe is being fed and housed. Cunts

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Can we just think about for a second how beautiful ed sheerans wedding vows will be?

But can you imagine being the girl that has to write wedding vows for Ed Sheeran? Like mine would come out sounding like some Dr. Seuss rhyming bullshit. I’d literally be so ashamed of myself.