fangirl challenge: [3/5] cartoons/animes - Death Note.

"The real evil is the power to kill people. Someone who finds himself with that power is cursed. No matter how you use it, anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness."

the mother deserved better


I traveled with a boy a long time ago. No. Not a boy. A man. A wise man, brave man, so human, so full of heart. Maybe the greatest man I knew. The Last Centurion, they called him, and he was. The last. The one, and only. He told me once, and these words burn on the surface of my hearts with so much shame and so much guilt: “You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.”

He saw into me, right from the very start, he saw my ugly soul, my vanity, my greed and selfishness. And yet he joined me, following the woman he loved, but also seduced by the adventures. Oh, I was delighted. He was wise and moral and beautiful and I selfishly lured him some more, because his admiration was flattering and addictive. A wiseman, a hero, the purest heart, willing to offer his life for me, how could I resist?

And then the words he once told me turned against him too.

I watched him love, make choices and sacrifice so much. I watched him fight, make a stand and die over and over again. Because he believed in me. Because he let my allure made him think of me as someone worth all the trust, devotion and losses.

And in the end I watched him scatter into nothingness. A boy, no, a man, who once saw into me and did not look away. A hero to my human side, a champion to my weak side, a doctor to my broken side. Who saved me on so many ways, mostly from myself, as he guided me, sheltered me and showed me what a true man who makes people better should be made of.

[BREAKS INTO YOUR HOUSE] i heard you talking shit about peeta mellark

guys I miss Marco


top 3 faith moments asked by sidewalksecrets


"He’s known sadness, and it has made him kind."


I tried to kill you. I’ll do it again. Go, Enzo!


Charlie & Miles | 2.20

"You’re okay, I gotcha."

do you ever cry because of how much mako loves korra and how completely devoted he is to her because i do

 u just know Max lost the only good thing about being a spectral. 

unless he has a certain key of course… wink wink  *cough* doorman*cough*

the owner of this character is Zack Morrison creator of paranatural


It’s okay. After all, my life would have no meaning without you. Follow your heart. Besides, you won’t die. I won’t let you!

You know what single line really GOT to me?

The ONE line that had my radar PINGING and that I should have paid more attention to? (This is also one of the infinite reasons us allies should HEAR when oppressed groups say something is problematic. Many times we just don’t notice.)

"He always got the women."

…like, no?

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Rachel (feat. ex-Patriot) | S2 Deleted Scene: Rachel is attacked (2.22) (x)

aaaayo who else is super grossed out by abby and finn this episode??? what?? everyone??

  • ugh
  • i expected it
  • but still
  • UGH

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Oh my goodness, Art history Professor Peeta is perfection. I want more. Please give me more!

He wore glasses to make him completely irresistible, obviously. :)

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Scared yet? ((Gfdi ))

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