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Stop using Will as a plot device.

I can’t believe I’ve been freaking out over Rumbelle for an hour… SO GOOD!

As much as I love and adore Rumbelle and consider them my OTP, I love Will and really like the idea of Scarlet Beauty as true love in the AU world of OUAT. Have you guys read fanfics for those two? Adorable. I just really love Michael Socha and maybe ship Michael and Emilie together, but aren’t they dating other people… If so, I can’t ship them together because that’s just wrong. There are so many questions I have about Will’s character this half of the season. What was that object Will was trying to find on the beach when Mary Margaret found him? When are we going to learn more about Ana like A&E said? When are we going to learn more about how Scarlet Beauty became canon? I know they mentioned it a few weeks ago but it was very brief…

I want to know the little things. I want to know Will’s character development instead of seeing him sit on the sidelines and being used as a plot device. I was actually really surprised to see Will get so much screen time tonight because he barely gets any… surprised, but pleasantly surprised. I feel like A&E said this and that leading up to the season and they didn’t deliver it? Not hate, just really confused on a lot of information missing. Will was my favorite character on OUATIW and he was really the only reason why I watched the show. I was really hoping to see his character grow more, but I haven’t seen anything happen on the show like A&E have promised. We have one more episode and then the 2 hour finale, so maybe we will get some more information then? I don’t know.

It’s just really frustrating to see a character I love being used as a plot device when they have such a great story behind them. 

Dear Jordyn,

I love you.
I love you to the moon and back.
I love everything about you.
I love how you are always cold and use me to warm you up.
I love your little kid voice when you want me to tell you something.
I love how adorable you are. You are seriously the cutest thing in the world.
I love how sassy you are. You won’t take anyone’s shit and will gladly put them in there place.
I love that you eat as much as I do.
I love that we can eat together.
I love our mutual understanding that food comes first.
I love how loyal you are. No matter how close you are, you will always be there for someone who needs you.
I love your big heart. I know it’s new for you to acknowledge the fact that you have one.
I love that you let me in beyond your hard exterior.
I love that we don’t have to do anything to be entertained. We can sit and do nothing for hours and be content just being together.
I love that you push me to follow my dreams.
I love that you care so much for those you love.
I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. Its the best thing to see.
I love that laugh, you know which one. And the smile that comes with it. God, it’s my favorite thing in the world.
I love that you don’t judge me. About anything.
I love that you think I’m beautiful whether I’m covered in dirt and sweaty or in jeans and your favorite shirt.
I love that you try as hard as you can for me to see myself the way you do, because you know I can’t. But you won’t stop until I do.
I love the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. The love in your eyes is priceless.
I love that you get my bag out of your car because you know I’m slow at changing.
I love knowing you will always be here to listen to all my pointless thoughts and stories.
I love that you appreciate shit stories just as much as I do.
I love that we can talk about anything. Including but not limited too thoughts on penises.
I love that you love my family.
I love that you are willing to do anything to be with me.
I love that you will fight for me.
I love when I’m holding you and I pull you closer, you hold on tighter, because you know I need to know you aren’t going anywhere.
I love that you know when I need to be held and when I need to hold you.
I love that you help me with trig. Without you, I’d never pass.
I love that I’m barley taller than you. Its perfect.
I love that you call me Isabella.
I love that you take time to notice and remember all the little things about me.
I love that we tease each other.
I love that we can go from sweet to sexual in .2 seconds and right back to sweet with no problem.
I love that you know my fears, even when I don’t say them.
I love that you know when I say “you asshole” I’m really saying I love you more than anything.
I love that you are terrified at how much you care. Because I am too, were in this together.
I love that you arent afraid to admit your fears to me.
I love that you love me just as much, if not more, as I love you.
I love every little thing about you.
Head to Toe. I love all of it.
Even your crazy family.
I’ve completely fallen for you.
You’ve knocked down all my walls and worked your way into my heart.
My guard is gone.
That is the scariest thing to ever admit.
But its the truth.
I know it will be hard.
I know things will be complicated.
We will get angry.
We will fight.
But we will fix it.
No matter what we will work through it.
You are the girl I love.
The girl I want to be with.
The girl I am going to marry.
You are my person Jordyn LeAnne Watters, and I’m never letting you go.
First and Last Baby.
I Pinky Promise.

Letter to Tay

Hey taylorswift!!! You follow me btw! I was just wondering… Is there any way you could help me write a song for my brothers Bar Mitzvah? It is in June this year. I know you are busy, but maybe one night we could video chat or something? I already made lyrics that I like, but I don’t know how to put them together😁😬😶 -Jackie Krieger

Oh and PS: I can sing and I can understand basic piano and guitar. I understand if you can’t help me.


[Arashi Blast in Hawaii]: Ohmiya everywhere ♥

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libby whats your #1 ship

i’m sorry i can’t i love everything so much 


EH:  I have a lot of things to say but i don’t know how am i supposed to say them. Thank you so much. After this concert ends, I don’t know when i can meet you again. But i believe everyone will stay with us. And we will not forget about everyone and we wish to spend time while being thankful for all the love. Saying farewell is really lonely but we will greet you for the last time.Thanks to everyone, we managed to come up until here. We wont forget everyone’s love and we’ll work even harder. Thank you
Please wait for us.

DH: We really have a great time together for a month. We really didn’t planned all of this but we worked hard, before we know it we managed to make time to meet each other, we managed to have time where we keep giving and receiving love. After this, if we keep working hard those time will increase. After this we will live life to the fullest while sharing our love. I will keep being the Donghae who can keep receiving love from everyone. Thank you [x] #ThanksForThePresent_2ndDnETour

When you have a broken heart, the first thing a stranger will ask is ‘how long were you two together?’ As if your pain can be determined by how long you were with someone. Or if you were with them at all. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling.

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davekat isn't even a good ship

1) they are happy together
2) they have one of the healthiest canon relationships
3) did u not see them smiling, they make each other so happy
4) i dont understand how a ship can be bad if they are both more emotionally stable because they are together????

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Am I alone in really really wanting to know who Lily’s friends were??? Who her best friend was??? Was her only bestie really Snape?? Did she get along with her dormmates?? Was there someone who was to her what Sirius was to James?? Was there a girl in her life who was so important to her she was or could have potentially been Harry’s godmother??? I’m sorry for bugging you with this but it’s 2 AM where I live and I was unceremoniously hit by Lily Evans feels

Noooo you aren’t alone!

Talk to me about Lily’s room mates, about them sitting together that first night and awkwardly introducing themselves until one of them blurts out how much they love the braid Lily is wearing and she beams and tells them about her older sister who “isn’t magical but can make the best hairstyles!” and they’re so excited they only settle down around 11.

Tell me about them messing around with make-up for the first time and getting it EVERYWHERE, Lily laughing as one of them manages to get nail polish on her nose and can’t get it off again because the other used a semi-permanent sticking charm.

Tell me about Lily crying because Petunia won’t answer her letters and the boys made fun of her when they saw she was upset and it’s the worst. Tell me about girls wrapping her up in a hug and taking her to the kitchens for hot chocolate and reassurances that it’ll be okay.

Tell me about getting their first periods and rolling around in pain and making up stories where they’re the heroine who is bleeding to death until “hey Mary do you have some more of those muggle painkillers”.

Tell me about her friends telling Lily that Snape is bad news, and she’s angry at them but at the same time grateful because she needed to hear that from someone else.

Tell me about the roommates noticing James teasing Lily all the time and rolling their eyes because, yeah, he didn’t mean it maliciously, but turning her skirt fluorescent pink was still a shitty move, and taking turns sending pinching hexes James’ way (and some Sirius’ as well because the boy did something to deserve it for sure). (Remus totally noticed but only smirks, so the girls decide they like him best, except for Mary, who thinks Peter is the cutest ever)

Tell me about girls consoling each other when family members die, when they lose friends and realize they’re not safe at all anymore, that there might come a point where they have to start distrusting each other, but today is not that day, and they need hugs.

Tell me about them being excited when James and Lily end up together, but do not hesitate to tell him that “if you hurt her I’ll kill you. We all will” - James’ eyes widen but then he wraps them all in a group hug because “Lily’s mates are my mates”.

Tell me about Lily’s bridesmaids!!! Cute little matching dresses and endless hours of fitting and complaining and so much free champagne. Also cake?? “How about we just wear our school uniforms it’d be so hot” “NO, Emmi.”

Also hello, I know no one wants to hear this, but who do you think organized the funeral? Between Sirius being in Azkaban and Remus probably buried in self-hatred, it would have been organized by the Order or smth, so I bet Lily’s friends talked to McGonagall and they decided on the simple ceremony, with so many flowers, and all of them wore black robes but a lily in their hair.


Series: Fairy Tail.
Setting: Chapter 428.
Pairing: NaLu.
POV: Natsu.

I just wanted to quickly write this part in Natsu’s point of view. You know, because I’m a sucker for angst. You saw the distress in his eyes when Lucy hit the floor, now you can read it for yourselves ~

Natsu’s mind reeled with a thousand questions, a thousand emotions. He thought of Juvia, bedridden because the man she loved had disappeared. He thought of Igneel, of the promise he’d made. And he thought of Lucy, of the sickening expression she’d made as her palm struck Gray across the face. She was so broken that the pieces seemed to crack each time he thought to put them back together. What should he do? How could he make it all better?

Fear painted his vision white. Something Lucy had said seemed to reach inside Gray and grasp feelings he’d long since tried to forget. Natsu wanted to say something too, wanted to take Lucy’s hand and walk her out of this place – with Gray right beside them. 

He saw her drop to her knees long before her cries of pain registered through the fear. Gray remained untouched by her display of agony, though there was something new in his eyes. A sense of anguish bled from his steel expression, if only for a moment. Natsu threw one foot forward, ready to destroy the bastard who hurt Lucy. His eyes swept the room.


That girl – the one with the twisted smile – she’d done this to Lucy. Wasn’t it bad enough that he’d hurt Lucy? Wasn’t it bad enough that Gray refused to come back? Now this girl, this girl went and – 

Natsu released a grunt when the weight of his body jerked back and his face hit the cold, hard floor. He feared only for Lucy as she writhed on the ground. His own pain meant nothing. Virgo’s struggle inspired his own, giving him enough momentum to lift himself off the ground. The chains went slack, but only for a moment, only long enough to give him a glimmer of hope. And then he was trapped. An iron snake constricted around his limbs, giving his struggle a painful side effect. He felt suddenly exposed. Vulnerable. 

All Natsu could see in the blur of rage, the blur of desperation, was Lucy’s painful expression. How could he do this? How could Gray sit back and watch as his friend struggled? Anger flared through Natsu like a raging fire. Hot and without mercy, it gave him the strength he needed to push on once again. 

“Gray!” he roared, only able to master his rage when Lucy’s life hung in the balance. He stared first at the blade pressed close to her face, then to the man he’d once called a friend, hidden behind his new ‘allies’. 

“This is what you get for sticking your nose in other people’s business… Natsu…” 

Is that all he can say?? Is that all he could say to his friends? To his family? Natsu writhed against the chains, but only enough to exert his fury. Lucy’s life was top priority. Lucy’s happiness. The happiness he’d stolen on his journey. Shit, he should’ve apologised the moment he saw her standing there in the crowd. He wanted to tell her, tell her how much she meant to him. Pain seized his heart.

“Snap out of it Gray! You’re being possessed by a demon!”

“I’m perfectly sane,” Gray scoffed.

There was a darkness surrounding Natsu’s friend that hadn’t made itself known before. He could see it exude from the demon that donned Gray’s face. It was the mark on his torso that brought Natsu’s anguish to the surface. The mark of another guild was one thing, but to wear the mark of these beasts, of the enemy, was unforgivable. He’d make Gray suffer before he dragged his ass back to Fairy Tail. He’d show him the true power of friendship.

“I destroyed that family link of ours of my own accord. Now does that answer your question?” Gray goaded. 

The terror on Lucy’s face made Natsu’s blood run cold. She lay there, broken and betrayed, a thousand thoughts running through her pain-riddled eyes. He wanted to touch her gently, to cradle her against him until the sorrow melted away. Natsu growled through his teeth. He wanted to believe in Gray, to believe in his friend. So then why? Why was this happening? After everything they’d been through. After everything they lost. 

He promised her, that’s why.

He promised Lucy that he’d bring her to Fairy Tail. He needed to make things right. He wanted to see her smile. That smile was worth all of this and so much more. The weight of it all seemed to crush him. For the first time since they’d set out on their journey, Natsu doubted his own ability. His ability to protect her. 


Long Distance Relationships

They are exhausting 
They are hard
You get used to being lonely
Your used to only seeing their face through Skype
You get used to airport reunions and goodbyes
Your used to dropping a ton of money just to see them for a few days
It’s easier to get frustrated with each other 
You end up hating the distance

But, you learn to appreciate the distance. I believe that all relationships who can get through long distance, are true and can face anything. You learn to appreciate the time you do get to spend together, you fall in love with the same pictures months apart. Trust is a necessity between the two people. You learn how to make choices and get through arguments together even being miles apart. While I have resented the distance that has pulled us apart for the last three years, I also know it has built the wonderful and strong relationship we have today. While, I’m excited to finally close the distance between us I know that a part of me will miss it. 

“Do you really think we survived
the worst parts of our lives together,
so that we could be separated during
the good ones?”
Your eyes broke contact with
mine and you hesitated for a moment
before you reestablished the connection
I remember how your pupils dilated and
seemed to swallow the
blue surrounding them
“I really loved you, but I
can’t risk getting that bad
I remember the reluctance in your voice
how difficult it was for you to speak and
the way it sounded like each
word caused your throat to bleed
I remember how I couldn’t move how
it felt like every part of my body weighed
a thousand pounds how I could
feel all of the color drain from
my face how I knew this was it that it was
happening again, but this time
I was going to let it swallow me
like how your pupils effortlessly swallowed
the deep blue of your eyes
I think we were meant to be together but
we did it all wrong
And now all I can remember is the way that
your hair looked like from the back
when you walked out the door.
Romance: Building it Slowly

Anonymous asked:

first omg i just i’m in love with your page sorry i don’t have tumblr but my name is angie btw, i think i read all of your answereds yesterday so i’m so happy to find you :) well here go my question, i’m writting a history and isn’t about romance, but will have a little of it, the thing is that when the boy see the girls he find out her beautiful, and she interesanting but i don’t want to be like love at first sigh or something, i want to build them slowly, i don’t even want to  them be in love in the first book/history, i don’t want to make it obvious that them will be together later, how can i do that? also, the girl is trying to live a new life after her past (she is a mytologic creature) but at the same time she don’t want to be close to people, so that sounds weird? is contradictory? or is bad? i will mean a lot if you help me :D also i will love to send you all but is in spanish :/ so probably i will talk with my literature teacher :) thanks

I’m so glad you found me! :)

My posts  Subtle Signs of Love, Stages of Love, and Getting to Know Your Neighbor have all the information you should need to slowly build a romance slowly in your story. How to Avoid Forced Romantic Sub-Plot has tips to help you keep the romance from taking over the story. The slower you build the relationship, the less obvious it will be that they get together later on. Especially if they’re more like close friends in the beginning.

I don’t think it sounds too weird for a mythical creature to distance herself from others a bit when starting out a new life. It doesn’t seem contradictory to me at all. In fact, it makes sense, I think. :)

Good luck with your story!

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Why do you love gotzeus and your top 5 moments, pics or gifts of them, also why those moments are your faves .... go! :-)

Ugh… I can’t even explain why I love them so much. Maybe because their so real. You can see how much they mean to each other and how happy they make each other. How much fun they have together. You see it in their eyes when they talk about each other how important their relationship is. It’s weird, because I don’t know them, but it makes me happy to see them happy together. Either way you see their relationship.. it’s a very special one. 

#1st moment: Marco comforting a sad, injured Mario after a loss against Real Madrid, while everybody else is “celebrating” the game with the fans. This is one of my favourite moments because… arg, just look at them. Marcos hand in Marios hair, his cheek resting on his head; Mario leans with his head against Marcos chest/cuddles up against Marco… I can’t look at this picture for too long, I feel like my heart is exploding 

#2nd moment: The supercup (august/13/2014) of course. The fact that Marco and Mario standing in the middle of the pitch, Marco grinning like an idiot and Mario being totally nervous, constantly running his fingers through his hair, still gives me so many feels. And the fact that Marco is totally checking Mario out, doesn’t make it any better. 

#3th moment: Marcos Facebook post after the announcement of Marios transfer to Bayern. The way he’s committed to Mario and protect him still makes me very emotional. 

#4th moment: Marco cuddles Marco from behind while a snowball fight during training. I’m not sure if Marco uses Mario as his riot shield or he just needs some love, but you can’t tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you ever saw (and gay af). I mean, Marco presses his body against Marios as he would never ever wanna let him go and squeezes his eyes shut… this needs no explanation.

#5th moment: The “locker room thing”, how I just call it. After a 5:0 victory against Mönchengladbach, Mario and Marco celebrated this great result in the locker room until late in the evening. Alone. Just the two of them.  Even Kloppo was gone. And Chris Brown’s songs was all you heard. Why that is one of my favourite moments? I repeat: they were completely alone. Pumped with adrenalin. For hours. 

There are so many more, this was really hard to do. But these are defenitely  5 of my favourite moments that ever happened. 
Thanks for your great question, it was fun to answer! xx


B1A4 Appreciation Week ~ Day 2 - Favorite OT5 moment 

It makes me smile every times, when I see B1A4 having group hug. As my thought, whenever they won on music shows or any awards. They did a lot of group hugs, which is showing that they have been work hard together, help, care, and love each other like a family, and become successful. They not only having group hug every time they win an award. They also did group hug on New Year and they randomly did some other times. As you can see, a group hug is something really meaningful to them. That is how far they have come together and how far they have becoming success. 

  • Beast:You came back.
  • Belle:Of course I came back! I couldn't let them- Oh, this is all my fault! If only I'd come here sooner.
  •'s's better this way.
  • Belle:Don't talk like that. It'll be all right. We're together now, everything's going to be fine, you'll see.
  • Beast:At least...I got to see last time. *dies*
  • Belle:No. No! Please! Please don't leave me! I love you.
how many times do you think suho has replayed all the music kris ever gave to him

he probably has playlists. and some of it is in Korean so he can understand the lyrics but there are also songs in English and Mandarin, songs he never would have found without Kris, songs they listened to together late at night. Kris would mumble out translations of the lyrics, tracing his fingers on Suho’s hand instead of looking him in the eye because Kris has always been a little shy when it comes to love. 

Now Suho plays them over again in the dark, like the first time, but it isn’t the same. All the melodies are there but something is missing and Suho rubs his thumb across his palm over and over and tries to imagine that what he’s missing isn’t Kris.

That speech was so eloquent and beautiful. You can just tell how much that meant to Taylor and to Andrea. That moment was so incredibly special and important. You can just see the pride pouring out of Andrea’s heart and the relationship her and Taylor have is beautiful. I love them so much and I’m so happy they got to share this moment together. There was simply no one better than Andrea to present that award to her daughter.