Officer Juventino Castro shot and killed Jordan Baker at a Northwest Houston strip center in January. According to the police, Castro, a 10-year veteran of the force, believed Baker matched the description of suspects in a string of robberies at the strip mall where Castro worked an extra security job.

Castro’s attempt to stop Baker, who was wearing a black hoodie, led to a brief struggle and a chase. Police said that Baker then reached into his waistband and charged toward Castro, prompting the officer to shoot him. Baker was unarmed.

Baker’s mother contended that Castro profiled her son as a criminal.

On Tuesday, after months of hearings, the grand jury panel decided to not indict Castro in Baker’s death



My name is Miles, and I’m a mentally ill nonbinary guy, 19 years old, and the host of a DID system, currently living with my parents in Fulshear, Texas. My parents misgender me, mock my gender and mental illness. call my mental illnesses fake, and basically encourage others to do the same. They also frequently threaten to kick me out, and my dad has recently stated that he doesn’t think it’s healthy for everyone else in the family for me to continue living with them. I feel like I might be kicked out soon. 

Because of my mental illnesses and my low paying job with very few hours, living alone is not an option for me. I have to have someone to live with. With my current job (8 dollars an hour, about 20-30 hours a week) I am willing to pay up to 150 dollars a month rent and/or groceries, as well as help out in whatever ways I can. I am okay with and actually love pets. I am allergic to cigarettes and basically any smoked drug, but as long as you don’t smoke near me or in any room I may frequent I am fine with living with you. I am completely fine with alcohol.


  • Transportation (I am getting a learner’s permit soon, but cannot drive as of now. An ability to help me learn to drive would be nice, but is not required.)
  • Internet access (Because of my dependent personality disorder I get very anxious if I can’t get on the internet)
  • Close enough to the Houston Community College Katy Campus that I can start attending school in January.
  • If you can’t provide transportation: A pace to get food and stuff within walking distance.
  • Also a place to work within walking distance if you cannot provide transportation. 
  • If you aren’t close enough to my work and I have to find a new job, I may need finical assistance. 

If you may be willing to help me out, please message me on my blog, or text me at 281-904-1363, as those are the quickest ways to reach me. If you go to my blog, you can also find out a lot more about myself, my mental illnesses, and my alters, and I plan on making a more detailed post about my situation when I get the chance. 

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