HMM Gojulas Comparison colour scheme of what the CG render had, the draw up and an original with the newly shown HMM one for convenience.

Overall I like it a lot. I’m a little disappointing with the proportions though (the back tanks and the arms should be smaller), but it really makes up for it with sooo much detail. The only thing still making me hesitant to buy it first up when it becomes available… is that soon after there will probably be one with the cannons and extras :l Individual CPs are hard to come by and all that is seriously gonna hit the wallet hard. Also, the size. I really am, as others were lead to believe it would be much taller and larger. It is in fact very close to an original when judging next to a HMM equivalent Iron Kong. I much prefer this more subdued colour scheme to the OJR one and hope they keep it.

(New pics came from Zoids Poison forum in the Kotobukiya tag.)


Merry Christmas toooo meeeeeee!
Well. Christmas/rewards for this year’s efforts etc.

More Zoids for the pile I still need to work through. I’ve already got my white Blade Liger Mirage and Van’s Blade Liger, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get Leon’s. It’ll look great next to my Naomi Gun Sniper.

Saving this one for a summer day when its too warm or humid for painting. Like my Blade Liger Mirage, I’m gonna leave most of it I’m the colours it comes in and just pick out the details.


Finally finished Christmas Zoids #2, the Geno Saurer. Heard horror stories about how hard this one was, and I’m pretty sure I’d rank the Berserk Fury as harder. It’s also waaay smaller than I expected, looks like a tiny Hasbro model beside the Berserk Fury. No panel lining because I’m still really upset with how it turned out before and don’t wanna try anything else until I get a cheaper model to experiment with.

Geno Breaker is next, and I have a feeling it will be the end of me.

Are there any Zoid builders out there who have advice for someone who’s about to tackle their first HMM? I got my HMM Lightning Saix last week and I’m really eager to get started, but I’m hella afraid I’m going to screw things up and be out a hundred bucks.

This is mostly directed to folks that have assembled a Saix of their own, but if anyone thinks they can give any advice, please feel free. Like, do I need any glue or special tools? I noticed that on some instructions, they have a little picture of pliers next to some of the parts. Does that mean I need pliers to put something on or take something off?

I had a feeling getting an HMM would be a pretty tall order, but man am I scared. I don’t want to screw this beauty up.