I’m tired of people saying we dont like Iggy just because she’s white

We dont mind Mac Miller, Asher Roth, Eminem, Action Bronson, Alex Wiley, G Eazy, Fergie or Gwen Stafoni.

So, no. It’s not that she’s white.

1. She’s in-genuine. She raps like Kid Sister but talks like Keith Urban

2. She has no talent whatsoever. I wouldn’t even consider her a rapper. More of a pop artist. And I know y'all heard her recent “freestyles” (if that’s what you’d even call it. More like gibberish)

3. She markets herself as a black girl but doesn’t care about black issues. She called herself a runaway slave master. When the verdict was out on Eric Garner’s murderer getting no indictment & everyone else was talking about it, she was talking about her tour with Nick Jonas. Then when Azealia Banks called her out on it, she said she rather talk about things relevant to her. She has never spoke up on black issues besides hours after she made that stupid comment & black twitter ripped her apart & she called her publicist to tweet ways for people to donate to Eric Garner’s family, etc.