For The Ages Of A Day - NGCS Sequel

Everything happens so fast in Erebor. Bilbo returns, to a life that promises well-deserved happiness, but he would be a fool to think that finding that happiness by the side of a monarch would come without its surprises and adventures.

How did he end up here? It was a simple answer that Grey didn’t really know how to answer. With luggage in his hand and a bored expression, he dropped everything into his new room. “Fuck Alice.” He mumbled under his breath. This was her fault anyway. She was the one to contact MTV about their broken hearted relationship, and thus the reason that Greyson was offered a chance to get on the show. The whole idea was ridiculous, he wasn’t even in love with her. He was the reason things went sour, he just couldn’t understand what was so great about love. Huffing out a breath, he wandered out from his room in search of something to eat. Just as he was turning the corner, he knocked into someone. Grumbling out a small apology. “Sorry, didn’t see you.”

  • Job Manager:So what are your weaknesses would you say?
  • Me:...w.....white haired anime boys