“Besides being one of New York’s most important and controversial photographers, Andres Serrano is a longtime friend. In these photographs, the large scale and the angle of the poses lend a heroic quality to the rapper, the Boy Scout, and the pilot. These works are from Serrano’s photo series and book America, which set out to document the cultural reality of our nation today. The series also included such diverse personas as a Playboy Bunny, a homeless man, a firefighter, a street vendor, and a museum director—that’s me.

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[#AndresSerrano (American, born 1950). America (Snoop Dogg), 2002. © Andres Serrano] #BKMphotography

Dr. David Silverberg rescues man in wheelchair from D.C. subway tracks

“I just kind of took a quick look to see if the train was coming. I’ve got a nine-year-old so I didn’t want to get killed and leave her without a father,” said Silverberg.

“Anyhow, there was no train coming, so I just jumped down and did my best to try to pick him up, but it was pretty tough.”

Silverberg said he called out to another man for help and the man came over right away.

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Here’s a video I made of my two good friend’s covering Hero by Family of the Year. They uploaded a short clip to facebook of them covering it, but couldn’t record the whole thing. I liked it so much I offered to record a full video, and this is the outcome! Enjoy! 


“HERO” Movie Trailer

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