For the first 18 years of my life, we had at least 6 barn cats at a time. Living on a farm, far away from the kids I went to school with, these cats were my best friends. Every spring there’d be a new litter or two, and every so often I had to deal with the deaths of my kitty friends. Gradually our number of cats got smaller and smaller - they’d find new homes at nearby farms, among other things.
This winter I bought my first indoor cat, Bear, and she filled up a part of my heart that had been empty for a while. She brings such joy to my days.
TONIGHT, my mom and I were sitting in the sunroom with Bear, and we see a little grey and white kitty prancing through our yard and up to our patio. She had the most adorable little stripes on her tail. Bear was so excited, she sat at the window fixated on this strange, but familiar creature. After a little while she happily pranced away to the next farm over.
It was so exciting. This experience lit up my night and brought me back to my childhood for a little while.

“Please don’t do this.” [OQ Drabble]

A true drabble. (Fewer than 100 words, right? I think this is just one shy of that.) A detour from the end of 4B.

“There has to be another way,” he tells her, begs her.

Regina’s deaf to his despair, and he knows only a lifetime of sorrow ahead of this moment, when all she sees is one of regret, should she fail where no one else can succeed.

Who knew that the savior would be the one who needed saving, in the end?

“Please don’t do this,” Robin implores, heart in his throat, and it strangles the sound of his cries as she surrenders to the darkness, dashing her soul to the sky, and the dagger bearing her name to the ground.

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17 days 23 hours 39 minutes and 30 seconds until you're home which means 17 more sleeps with her bear that she made you and then you get to fall asleep next to her every night and spend 1,814,400 seconds with her

This hurt my head.
But oh my god I know 😍

My daughter got to take home the class mascot. She has to take the bear with her everywhere she goes. Then she has to write a few sentences about what she did with him/her.  

The weather has been a bit chilly lately,  so I made hat and blanket to keep the bear warm. It didn’t take very long and is not exactly my best work, but my daughter was so pleased. She can’t wait to show her school friends what her Mommy made for the bear.  

Always On My Mind

Chapter 10

afrosheeba is my procrastinating buddy. 

Today is girls day. 

I don’t know how Sophia managed to fly out here to spend time with me but it’s greatly appreciated. We really can’t spend long periods of time without each other. We’re in weird pajamas watching movies and eating junk food…well not me.

“You know what’s bonkers?” Sophie asked, smirking as she popped a gummy bear into her mouth.

“What? You saying bonkers? Cause that’s fucking strange.”

“Nah, what’s bonkers is you eating broccoli out of a bowl like it’s fucking popcorn. That’s not real food hun. Eat bitch.” she chuckled, pulling her large hair into a bun. I looked down at my bowl and laughed, she won this time. 

I did plan on getting her back though..

“Sophia don’t play with me.” I said, tugging at the zipper of my onesie. I glanced at myself again, laughing at the brown face mask I’ve managed to wear thanks to Sophia.

“Is Ty ever giving you that surprise?” That brought back memories I didn’t want to think of, I brushed it off even though it stayed in the corner of my mind.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, sitting up to change the movie. I was staying in London until the magazine came out, which was in about two days. Giving me plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself. I clicked on the movie The Princess And The Frog and got a howl in approval. “Dumb ass.” I muttered, laughing when she glared at me. She laid across the hotel couch, her feet landing in my lap and I used them as a stand for my bowl. 

“You know you can like…chill with the diets right?”

“Actually, I have a shoot as soon as I get back to the states since you know so much about my life.” I snapped, glaring at her through narrowed eyes and popping more broccoli into my mouth.

“Fine.” She huffed, sliding further down the couch.

“You know what?” I asked, Sophia tilted her head up to let me know she was listening. “I think i’m gonna name my kid Abel, like later in life.. If it’s a boy…” I trailed off, her loud cackling cutting off. 

“Evanna you’re so stupid, don’t name your child after The Weeknd now that’s TOO far.” She howled, shaking her head and turning her attention to the computer screen again. 

“I like The Weeknd” I murmured, popping another broccoli in my mouth.

 I whipped my head towards the door as a knock sounded.

The list of things of embarrassing things that happen to me is pretty much infinite.

“Dammit.” I loudly whispered, grabbing my phone to check if I should be expecting anyone. I looked at Tyler and I’s conversation and saw the typing bubble, so I reluctantly pushed her feet off of my lap and began trudging to the door. “Just don’t get it E.” She whined, poking at her face mask. “Shut up.” I snapped, looking down at my phone again, only to be met by the typing icon again. I didn’t bother looking through the peephole and it’s a bad habit of mine.

I kept my eyes on my phone as I slowly opened the door. I nearly dropped the thing when I looked up. “Holy fuck.” I screamed, slamming the door. I couldn’t believe what I saw, I thought I was going crazy. I looked at my phone again before the person behind the door knocked again. 

Tyler: Surprise.

This is real, perfect.

I quickly opened the door again and dropped my phone as I jumped into his arms. I cringed when I heard the smack of my phone on the tiled floor. I didn’t check on it because I was too busy flipping out. “Larry.” I cooed squeezing him tightly. “Eva, I wasn’t ready.” He breathed, setting me down and laughing at my appearance. I blushed and looked down at my onesie clad body and shrugged. “I would kissed you, but” he paused and gestured to the ugly facemask I was wearing. “Where’s Laurie?” I asked, nodding to the door so he can come inside. 

“Lau is in the lobby, he bring too much stuff.” He said, stepping inside behind me. 

“I was waiting for you guys to come back.” Sophia pouted, crossing her arms around her chest. I smirked, knowing she was containing her inner fangirl very well. “You got a room here?” She asked, sitting up and walking over to give him a hug. He nodded and he giggled when he saw what she looked like too. 

“Girls day” She shrugged, and pulled back. “Is Laurent coming too?” She asked, playing with a loose strand of her hair. She smiled wide when he nodded. 

“Well I’m gonna rinse this shit off my face and go to my secret place and get some food, I’ll bring y’all something back.” Sophia said, grabbing her things and heading for the door. “You leaving like that?” Larry asked, amused with the whole situation. She looked down at her fuzzy pink pajama pants and her white tank top and laughed.

“My room is a couple doors down.” She shrugged, waving at me before pausing in the doorway and wriggling her eyebrows suggestively. “Don’t have too much fun kids.” She cackled, I scowled at her even though I laughed. 

“Fuck you, get out.” I giggled and she slammed the door. “Larry, stop laughing at me.” I chuckled, pushing him playfully. 

“You always talk to her like that?” He asked, playing with the zipper of my onesie. “Uh, yea pretty much.” I shrugged “It shows our love and affection.” 

“That don’t look like love.” He chuckled, kissing the top of my head. 

“You of all people should understand, I’ve seen how you and your brother argue.” I said earning a laugh from him. 

“He start it though.” He replied, wrapping his arms around my waist. I almost nuzzled into his chest but I forgot about the shit on my face, so I leaned back cautiously. “I miss you so much Eva.”

“I missed you more Larry.” I whispered, looking up into his eyes. 

I need this stuff off my face…………….. now. 

“Larry, I need to take a shower. Why don’t you go find your brother and I’ll come down when I’m out.” I suggested, even though I wasn’t really giving him a choice, i’m going to shower regardless. 

“But I want to stay with you.” He whined nuzzling his head in my neck. 

“You can, I promise it will only be ten minutes.” I pleaded, slowly moving away from him.

“Nine minutes?” he asked pulling at my zipper


“Five minutes?”

“Larry.” I scolded, narrowing my eyes at him. 

‘Okai fine.” He huffed, dropping his arms down. “I’m mad at you if it more than ten.” I smiled, and kissed his cheek, laughing as he pouted again. I pulled my arms from around him and jogged to the bathroom to clean myself and plan on how to not look a hot ass mess every time my boyfriend comes around. 

I quickly scrubbed my face mask off and washed my body. I scrubbed some shampoo in my hair. I chuckled to myself because this was going to take way longer than ten minutes. I closed my eyes and let the warm body trickle down my body. I let all my stress pour down the drain and rinsed the last of my shampoo out of my hair. My eyes flew open when arms wrapped around me and a soft kiss was placed on my neck. “Larry?”

“You take too long.” He stepped forward, snatching the washcloth from my hands and pulling me closer to him. “I miss you.” He said before turning me and crashing his lips into mine. I can already feel my heart melting and my knees turning to jelly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed me up against a wall and began attacking my neck. He lifted me quickly and my legs naturally wrapped around his waist. I moaned softly as his lips wrapped around one of my nipples. I wanted to cry when he set me back down to stand I think he noticed this because he smirked. “Turn.” I decided that I’ll never be prepared for what he has to offer, even if we’ve only had sex once. 

I’m probably right too. 

Soon my front half was pressed against the wall as Larry positioned himself at my entrance. Before thrusting in with such force, I’m surprised I’m not through the wall and in someone else’s hotel room. “Larry” I moaned as he found a steady rhythm along with The Weeknd’s sultry voice pouring from my speakers.  I would be laughing right know because I made a bet Sophia that I was going to fuck to this song one day.

 I have finally checked that box on the bucket list and Sophia owes me twenty bucks. I needed something to grip on but the tile of the shower offered nothing and I was sliding up and down the wall with each thrust. Larry soon stepped forward embedding himself deep inside me. Knowing Sophia could walk back in the room and hear us gave me the urge to roll my eyes but Larry’s fingers touching my clit sent that thought flying out the window. 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

“Oh God Larry.” I whimpered as he began to drag out his thrusts slowly and of course it was perfectly in sync with the music. He groaned when I clenched around him. I wouldn’t be able to take this any longer. I was close and I was trying my best to hold on but I couldn’t, I prepared for death when I felt my orgasm wash through me. I screamed so loud I was sure the mirror shattered and the lights busted. But when I opened my eyes everything was still intact and Larry was still torturing me.

This was going to be way more than ten minutes.


I was literally in the shower long enough for him to bring a change of clothes and slip in there with me. 

And I really thought it was only going to take like thirty minutes.

I sat on Larry’s lap in his shirt while he played with my wet hair. This is when I finally heard the door swinging open. “Ya’ll didn’t want to put up a do not disturb sign or something? Dayum, a bitch got a whole outfit while you were at it.” Sophia yelped, smirking when she saw my clothing. “Actually i was kidding. I just went shopping because i felt like there was going to be a little ‘reunion’” She said, dropping her shopping bags at her feet. 

“You owe me twenty bucks.” I chirped, not taking my eyes of the computer and grabbing my leave-in conditioner from the arm of the couch. “Didn’t even get the fucking food.” I mumbled, crossing my arms. 

“Wha…..” She trailed off and I looked at her as she connected the dots. “YOU DID NOT.” She screamed, I laughed at her and looked back at confused Larry, he didn’t know about our bet. 

“Yes I did bitch.” I sang, wiggling my hips only to be stopped my a harsh grip on my hip. I turned and slowly trailed my eyes up his body, starting at the hem of his tank top that highlighted every outline of his muscles, to the tattoos on both arms. Up to his neck, that was missing his neckwarmer and finally stopped at his face.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” He whispered only loud enough for me to hear and I flushed. I smiled and turned back to Sophia who was digging in her bags, pulling out articles of clothing. “Hey Sophie, I’m gonna need my twenty.” I smirked as she froze. 

“So you really fucked to The Weeknd?”

“Yup.” She raised her eyebrows in disbelief and looked up to meet my serious face. 

“Or Nah?”

“Yup.” I shrugged and she sighed loudly before grabbing a twenty dollar bill from her purse and walking over to me only to throw it at me. I narrowed my eyes at her and she looked past me at Larry. “You keep an eye on her ya hear?” She paused to look me up and down. “Fucking freak.” I laughed as combed my hair and Larry wrapped his arms around my waist. 

“That means we’re a perfect match.” I called behind her as she walked out “Right Larry?” I asked and he nodded, we both laughed Sophia as she stopped walking to scowl at us. She was about to go camp out in her room until a knock at the door sounded. “That’s Lau, open it” Larry said, running his fingers through my hair again. I turned to glare at him but I was interrupted by an high pitched squeal. I turned and saw Sophia beaming and freaking out with Laurent in front of her.

 I chuckled when her face lit up and I can admit that I was excited too. I watched as Laurent swooped her up instantly, swinging her around as he hugged her tight. I would go to him but I didn’t want everyone to witness me on wobbly legs or the ‘good dick walk’ as Sophia would say. Eventually he put her down and gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek and jogged over to do the same to me. “LAURIE” I screamed as he picked me up and swung me around, Larry’s little chuckles sounding behind me. “I miss you Eva.” He said as he sat me back down I wobbled a little, only Larry noticed, I could see him smirk in my peripheral. “I missed you too Laurent.” I nudged his shoulder and resumed my seat on Larry’s lap.  

Larry and I sat and watched Sophia and Laurent interact with each other. I couldn’t really understand them, Sophia was in a committed relationship even though she was crazy for Laurent. I love little Benjamin and she does even more. Her loyalty shell is indeed cracking. 

I shook my head and grabbed my phone to order a pizza, that I was going to force Sophia to pick up. I began braiding one of my french braids as Larry played with the hem of his shirt I was wearing. I’m guessing it’s because he can’t play with my hair anymore. 

I listened to Sophia’s cute little giggles range to ugly cackles as Lau told her stories about all the workshops they went too as they were gone. They eventually came and sat on the couch with us. I smiled and looked around at everyone cuddled up around my computer watching Naturo. I finally finished my other braid and pushed my hair stuff on the floor to lay back on Larry. I got a loud sigh from Sophia in refusal. “Evanna go put that up, you lost it last time and I’m not gonna deal with that.” I groaned loudly but admit it was true. I had to stop leaving my shit everywhere because my favorite brush was somewhere across the globe. “Fine” I huffed and got up from my comfortable position.

It wasn’t until I started walking until I realized that Larry made me forget how to walk properly. I hobbled around to the door of my bedroom, I heard Sophia whisper “Look look look. It’s the good dick walk.” Before everyone erupted in laughter. I ended up joining in as I finally reached my suitcase. I wobbled back out with my arms crossed and a false scowl planted on my face. Everyone silenced once they saw me standing there and I could tell laughs were being held in. 

“Fuck you.” I chuckled, breaking the silence with laughter and everyone joined in.

One day she’s going to get enough of annoying me. 

“You love me though.” she cooed as I took my seat on Larry’s side. I looked at her snuggled into Laurent’s side and wigged my eyebrows. I’m definitely getting her back. 

She’s just going to have to win now. 

“I really don’t” I giggled, looking up at Larry as he watched the glowing screen of my computer. I smiled and looked over at Laurent and Sophia as they continued to stare at each other.

I wonder if she knows how she’s gonna get out of this one. 


feedback or nah?

Who even says or nah anymore. 


Off the Books

((First bit of the wra-foundation quest “The Bookbinder’s Daughter”))

Magic ability or not, thought Magdalena Appleby, there was something about tea that demanded it be made with real water, real heat from a real fire, and of course the use of real tea leaves went without saying. Plus milk from a real cow. Not that there were conjured cows, to her knowledge, but you never knew what they’d be up to in Lordaeron these days. 

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She’s the girl that has a few best friends and doesn’t need anymore. The girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes. She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back and say sorry. She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her. The girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up. She’s the girl who never sleeps without her teddy bear by her side. She’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is. She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you. She’s the girl who believes in loving somebody forever.

nat really likes her necklace tributes- i do believe that is a heart with a green gem in the center

The company president’s daughters aren’t anybody you’d ever want to fuck with. Twin girls, 19 years of age, yet they can wreck your shit like nothing else. The older one, Amelia, She’s the crazy one. An ivy-leaguer, that got in on her own, not with daddy’s money, so she’s pretty damn brilliant, and utterly bat-shit. Not a great combination. The younger one, Madeline, no one’s seen her in ages. Rumor has is she spent her time up in Canada with the ex-wife of the president, studying abroad. She’s quiet, but don’t mistake that for meekness, not if you value your life. and, there’s that bear of her’s, a polar bear only as big as a dachshund, yet twice, three times as vicious. A pair of villains if i ever saw one.

Bonnie was walking down the streets of New Orleans, not knowing how to start her new life. She had just gotten out of the Prison World and being there for over an year was definitely something. The Bennett witch was walking in and out different “magic” shops in hope of finding even the slightest clue of what Grams was talking about when she said Bonnie had a higher purpose in life. As she was lost in thought, the brunette bumped into someone and almost lost balance. “Sorry…” She murmured, bending over to gather her things from the ground.