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Hello, this may seem random but I have this head cannon that when Rouge was a child he tried to talk like Gajeel and now when ever Rouge gets REALLY pissed off he reverts back to speaking like that and it amuses Sting to no end cus the prim and stoic Rouge is losing his shit and swearing and using slang and it just really amuses me. Sorry if I bothered you!!

[[BTS reaction when he sees you in a restaurant and starts telling another member in Korean how beautiful he thinks you are, only to find out that you speak and understand Korean. Requested by Anonymous.]]

[[Omg so cute!! ]] 


Looks at you and blushes. “W-w-w-what you understand?! I m-mean well you know…” Dies of embarrassment. 


"You— wait…No one told me…" Is lost in thoughts "What is life—"


blushes madly and gets all shy. “W-well now that I know you understand— I want you to know that it is true…” Gets even more shy


Stares at you with a blank look. “Ehhh— well….we all learn something new every day—” 


"Huh— you understood what I said…Wait no! I mean wait what?! Since when!" Laughs nervously 


Blank stare. “Whattttttttttttttttt….?”


"R-really?" Giggles. "Ah this is so embarrassing!" 

Main Pairing: Sugawara/Hinata

Side Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa

Summary: Sugawara will never admit he’s jealous, will never admit that he’s curious… Being Iwaizumi’s best friend meant seeing the perks of that kind of relationship. Oikawa is younger, fun, vibrant… Sure, Suga might admit that he thinks about it every now and then, after all it would be nice having his own younger boyfriend who will work around his hectic schedule, but there’s no way he will say he wants it. Sadly, or maybe luckily, he doesn’t have to say anything. Iwaizumi and Oikawa already have some plans for him.