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How do you deal with a broken heart before Valentine's day? He left me yesterday....

Awh, I’m so sorry. What an asshole. *sends positive energy your way*

Try these: 

I would definitely recommend you to wear or keep rose quartz and/or fluorite around. The rose quartz will help ease the depression and promote self love, and also help you find a new (better) partner. Fluorite absorbs negative energies and helps you to keep a straight mind when things are really getting rough. I would also say maybe go out dancing on Valentines? Go to a club, or perhaps hang out with a bunch of your friends. Good luck, my friend~


Day 25: sketch or describe a dreamy character

instead of describing, I just listed the qualities that I find very dreamy in a character.

Playing instruments specially piano, violin, or guitar is such a wonderful talent. I’ve always wanted to learn.

Day 26: Do you believe in soul mates?

I honestly don’t think there’s a single person that’s actually meant for another. They may be very very compatible and having the same interests and beliefs plays a great role on it. But let say down the road, something happend to your partner and he/she died and you found yourself another person who you can relate to in so many levels. Does that mean the 2nd partner is suppose to be your soulmate? 

Anyway, I believe in finding someone who you can spend your life with by making what your so better already relationship into something even awesome!

Day 27: Love yourself first

Loving yourself, does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart. A guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.

by: margo anand

Day 28: Love letters

letters from my current penpals are great love letters. I get to hear other peoples lives and sometimes I can relate. I’m a stay at home mom and even though I live with 7 other adults (family members). Its never the same. 

Finally done catching up this month’s journal challenge! Thanks journaling-junkie for the awesome prompts! 

February Journal Challenge - journaling-junkie

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There are literally two options why the genjutsu made Naruto like Hinata even though Naruto wasn't interested before that. Either Naruto was guilt tripped because he saw that this poor girl had loved him 11 years without getting anything from him and because Sakura guilt tripped him and said Hinata is too good for him and can't change her feelings for him. Or the other option, Naruto saw Hinata had loved him for so long and became self-absorbed. He wants someone to worship him.

I think it’s all of the above LOL. Sounds to me Sakura is basically saying “I won’t change my feelings for Sasuke, Hinata won’t change her feelings for you, so YOU have to change, and it’s not like you’ll find someone better than Hinata anyway”.

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For the character meme: Athos plz love your blog!

Aw, thank you, anon! <3

So! Athos!

  • What I like about them: My absolute favourite thing about him? His sass. His wit is so delightfully dry—crisp and curling at the corners like an autumn leaf, and I live for his deadpan retorts. On a more serious note (ok, hush, that first point was serious too): I do love that at his heart, he’s a bit of a sentimental idealist like yours truly? He feels deeply and I think generally likes to think the best of people. That he is so completely wrecked even now is also explained by this: there is nothing more messy, more self-absorbed, more of an involuted car-crash-meets-fireball than a shattered idealist. Despite all of this, though, he trusts and supports his friends with all his heart; in them he’s found a home, and in him they’ve found a leader they would follow to the ends of the earth. He’s not overtly demonstrative, but looks out for his brothers in ways both subtle and unsubtle: he ached to assuage Porthos’ anguish in 1.03, he actively pursued Aramis’ concerns in 1.04 despite all of his beliefs telling him otherwise; he took d’Artagnan under his wing and was instrumental in making sure he got a chance to earn his commission in 1.08. He sees all the good things in his brothers and how they can be even better. I love that he genuinely wants them to be happy. I love his ‘I’m 10000% done’ faces at their antics, and his quiet little smiles at them when he thinks they aren’t looking. I love that he doesn’t fight against getting out of his own misery; there are little remissions and relapses, but he wants to get better, he wants to hope, and that’s important.
  • What I dislike about them: So here’s the thing about being an idealist: you build fantastic images about the people you love and admire in your head, and you crash and crash hard when those people (inevitably) don’t live up to your impossible standards. There are a lot of things that we still don’t know about the Milady-Thomas incident, but we have seen the Milady of Athos’ memories: resplendent and romantic and angelic, dressed all in white, until the cruel, cruel reveal and the white is stained crimson. He condemns her to the noose even before his brother’s corpse has been removed from the room; there is no attempt to understand what might’ve happened. Now he protects his heart with this thorny barrier and tries to push away people who try to understand him, and it’s an understandable but completely unproductive mechanism. Also, I’ve gone on and on about Athos As A Leader that it feels like I’m repeating myself, but anyway: I don’t see Athos as a very good Leader of Men so much as an excellent leader of a tightly-knit small group of brothers whom he trusts implicitly to have their shit together in all the important moments. He won’t be a good replacement to Treville because he can’t just reach out to anybody; hell, he’s helpless even when it comes to Aramis spiralling out of control, because he inspires by example rather than one-on-one pep talks, or lectures, or Strict Talking-Tos.
  • Favourite moment:
  • Least favourite moment: Oh! Um. I’m not fond of melodramatically-brooding!alcoholic!Athos, so that whole stretch in Commodities where he’s stomping around his old house, drinking himself into a stupor and screaming and throwing wine bottles around? Made me laugh at first, and now just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I would’ve said exploring the repercussions of him renouncing his title and his lands abruptly, but the show itself went there a couple of episodes ago, so. I do want him to get to a point where he feels secure enough to seriously confront his friends on their shortcomings; I think he does excuse more than he really ought to.
  • An interesting AU for this character: Ooh! I do like the idea of Athos in a space!AU. How far can you run away, Athos? Well, there’s a whole universe out there, literally…
  • A crossover: Supernatural. God, his manangst would fit right in.
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): I’m the most invested in his relationship with d’Artagnan, but I don’t ship them romantically or sexually; it’s… very intimate friendly platonic… something. IDK. And recently my eyes have been opened to the immense potential of Milady/Athos.
  • Other ships?: I did enjoy Athos/Ninon, however brief it was. Ultimately, I think my main ship for him is Athos/Happiness.


  • BROTP: BROT4! Athos’n’Treville
  • NOTP: Haha. Not fond of Athos/Aramis.

An assortment of headcanons!

 - Before d’Artagnan came along, Athos stayed away from training recruits, and he was spoken of with both awe and fear by the newbie Muskies. Once Athos starts pouring his heart and soul into making d’Artagnan into a better soldier, Treville tells him to try and occasionally spar with the other recruits too, just to stop resentment and jealousies from brewing. He obliges. Three days later, a petrified newbie visits Treville in his office and politely requests that Athos stops training them.

(“No wonder Athos says that d’Artagnan will be the greatest of us all,” Aramis muses later.

"Putting up with you is a trial by fire," Porthos says sagely.

Athos rolls his eyes.)

- Athos had completely renounced women as the Scum of the Earth, Hell-Demons the Lot of ‘Em, before he fell at Constance’s feet somehow, and she helped him through his first detox.

- He still hasn’t shaken off some of the manners and attitudes he grew up with; Aramis and Porthos gently call him out on it or let it slide depending on how much they need him to pay for their night-time excesses.

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For the make me choose meme: Quinn or Chaos (omg this is so self-indulgent I'm so (not) sorry)

Why would you do this to me?
I love Quinn I really do but I’d have to go with Chaos on this one because he’s such a little self-absorbed shit and we love him for it and he knows it^^                            I mean you know how much I love the Quinn/Eliot or Quinn/Chaos idea but just think about how amazing it would be if Chaos worked with the team - I mean Quinn would be an enrichment but Chaos? He would annoy and insult all of them with a smug grin on his face while outsmarting everyone else and never letting them hear the end of it^^

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1, 8, 22!

1: What is your #1 favorite anime?

okay since we’re talking about anime here, it has to be The Tatami Galaxy. don’t get me wrong, i still absolutely love Steins;Gate and Higurashi, but i thought that the vns were much better than the anime. Tatami Galaxy is such a good anime that more people really need to watch

8: Who is your favorite anime character?

Okabe hands down. He had some of the best (if not the best) character development i have ever seen. he goes from a self-absorbed asshole to someone who cares greatly for his friends and would do anything to protect them. I also want to yell at him to stop being so goddamn selfless in the movie, like come on, YOU’VE SUFFERED ENOUGH YOU’RE ALLOWED TO THINK ABOUT YOURSELF FOR ONCE

22: You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose?

it’s sad that this is limited to anime only characters ummmm Irie Kyousuke, Kido Tusbomi, Uryuu Minene, Kaworu Nagisa, Akashi (from Tatami Galaxy), and Nozomi Toujou i’m such love live trash

i want something beautiful.

i want scared, complex, messy, fucked-up gay boys falling in love in a private school. i want an out & proud people person who’s popular and lonely because people love to be around him but they don’t get him, who’s closeted at home because of all this personal shit and he’s cold and reserved and manipulative and self-absorbed and terrified and just so complex because he’s been through shit but to the world he’s just fashionable and cool and bitchy and HEY GAY FRIENDDDD~

i want a jock type who’s just so afraid of what it means to love himself and he’s just as alone and he’s one of those cool kid bad boys but he’s really just lost and such a good person and he just hates himself and he’s slowly falling for this other boy who’s falling slowly back but they CAN’T BE bcos they can’t feel things that’s so wrong????? and these are just boys who are little hurricanes of personality and complexity and flaws and they’re just trying to survive and they fall in love even though it’s so goddamn difficult but they just love how the other is this beautiful piece of poetry that can be written forever and that should be enough right????? yeah right lol hahaHAHAHAH

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How do scorpios flirt? I'm a cancer, so usually (this sounds so self absorbed omg) im great at knowing people's feelings for me, through faces and tone and body language but I can't do that with this Scorpio guy I worked with and idk. (I really think I might like him ugh. He plays hockey like I'm so screwed) Also your blog is great like you're so nice and friendly it's so heartwarming.

aww thank you. i love how you described the blog! “friendly and heartwarming”.

Well the way you are describing this Scorpio, i have to wonder if he has a Capricorn rising or moon! That’ll make a person extremely hard to read because they conceal emotions very well. And as a cancer, of course you’re good at sensing feelings and body language! Just use your gut and hopefully it will give you the right naswer. good luck and i hope he likes you back xx


How I feel about group projects.

Can I just rant about how much I hate my groups in these two group projects I have?
These people are the most lazy, inconsiderate, idiotic, self-absorbed people I have ever had the displeasure of working with.

One is my co-worker and he is such a spoiled brat. He acts so entitled and I hate his stupid girlfriend who is attached at his hip. She is loud, rude, and annoying. He thinks he is the second-coming and is constantly making my life a nightmare. All he does all day is play mind-craft. He even ignores his job to do it… then we get pissed off messages from our boss to tell us to do our job. JUST SINGLE HIM OUT. He also wants me to do EVERYTHING for him, and when I tell him to do something he REFUSES. SORRY I CARE ABOUT MY GRADE ASSHOLE. And the WORST PART IS, my freaking boss won’t do ANYTHING about it!!! I have complained to him MULTIPLE times and he doesn’t believe me!!! AND HE WONT TAKE ANY DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS AGAINST HIM. SO HE GETS AWAY WITH IT. UHG.
The other person is this shy stoner who never knows what is going on. She is just floating through life, without a care. She is inconsiderate and quite stupid. I honestly am going to give her a shitty rating for group participation unless she gets her shit together. We talked about meeting up YESTERDAY, and when I texted her today about it, she had no idea what I was talking about. SHE ALSO TALKS SO QUIETLY THAT I CAN NOT HEAR HER WHEN SHE IS 1 FOOT AWAY FROM ME. WHAT THE HELL.

And the other people in my groups are okay I guess. They are just spineless and are just taking the bullshit from our other members.

….Wow… I feel so much better after that. phew. <3


a lot of people always ask me what i look for in a guy. my blank answer first off is… looks. Now that always gets me stares, everyone is like self absorbed biatch, but wait a second there let me explain. When you see a person i can assure you that none of you can’t see a stranger and say he is a jerk or a really nice guy now can you?  No, you can’t there may be a exception for the sycs out there but mostly no. So the first thing i do as a step is pick out who i like based on ugly or attractive, yeah that sound mean and judgemental but you really can’t love someone your not attracted to can you? Its not impossible but its hard so first off i see them for who they are on the outside. Then get to know them. I’m not saying date every guy you find attractive, its a step by step thing

step 1. Find attractive boys

step 2. Talk to attractive boys

step 3.Choose which boy you like best and likes you best

step 4. Decide if he is right for you.

-Don’t rush it , their is no judgement that can be made within a week or even a month so watch out people aren’t always who thy seem :)

- Don’t lead on, if you don’t like a guy who likes you be honest with him will you its not fair to him.

-Be happy in your relationship xxx

Those moments you spend with the right guy can be the moments you live for xx


Dear TruthTeller,
I am dating a man and am unsure about my feelings for him. He is older, smart, beautiful, but self absorbed. He is so focused on his goals and his dreams that I feel like he doesn’t always see me. I think I love him so leaving now isn’t an option but remaining this way isnt either. What do I do to be happy?
Lonely in love

Dear Lonely In Love,
Ive been through a similar situation and the only way to make him notice you is to be upfront about how he is making you feel. Like him know that like him you have a life as well and you, like him, chose to share a part of said life with him. Being in love is definitely not easy and feeling like you are in it alone makes the process even more difficult. Express your worries,but dont make it a constant topic of discussion. Tell him that you have needs to be met as well as him and if he cannot work to make you and your needs a factor in his everyday life than he should let you go so as you can build something with someone who will.

Sinecerely yours,

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John chilinski does not love you. He is incapable of loving anyone, he's a self absorbed bastard and the if you have any idea whats good for him you best leave his sorry faggot Ass before he hurts you. Because believe me, he will.

Listen. I do not care about your opinion. He still loves me and I know that. So shut the fuck up. You don’t even know who I am. And he knows I still love him.