Stephen Shore via Instagram

Stephen Shore Loves Instagram (and Thinks Warhol Would Have, Too)

From Ryan Tracartin’s Vimeo-art to David Hockney’s iPad paintings, visual thinkers are often the first to embrace and experiment with new technology. It’s no surprise then that Stephen Shore, the American wunderkind who led color photography’s art vanguard in the ‘70s, should have adopted the social medium of Instagram with such boyish enthusiasm. 

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Adam Robb

A Smoky Bourbon Cocktail form a Legendary Toronto Experimentalist

Impactful aromatics have always played an essential role in the creations of the Canadian mixologist Frankie Solarik. Inside BarChef, his Modernist cocktail laboratory on Toronto’s Queen Street West, multi sensory presentations evoke the flavors of the season - not just in the glass, but surrounding it, too.

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