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do not bow to fate. contest others; contest the heavens. hunt your enemies, hunt for sport, hunt because it makes you feel alive. blacken your eyes—with fists, with fury, with the shadow of the storm, it doesn’t matter which. in the end, they’re all one and the same. mount up, ride out, and drag the underworld with you: you are master of the hunt, and there are none who can escape you.

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An (as yet incomplete) audio pronunciation guide to the names in the Fae Tales verse.

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Alternative titles for Game Theory

Alternative titles for Game Theory:

 ’It Will Just Be A Few Chapters of Hateporn That I’ll Never Pub-OH SHIT’

'And It Certainly Won't Be An Epic Love Story More Epic Than FtDWR and ISWF That's For - FUCKING SHIT.'

'Gwyn and Augus Will You Sort Yourselves Out JESUS NO DON'T DO THAT'

'Augus That Was Very Irresponsible Why Am I So Turned On.'

'Fucking Augus. Fucking Gwyn. …Fucking Ash.'

'Gwyn Being Sorry For Everything Doesn't Actually Make Up For Augus Being Sorry For Nothing.'

'Wow Gwyn's Family Is A Pile of Turds'

'I Should Have Split This Into Two Books.'

'Oh Look A Trilogy. FUCK.'

'Sex Doesn't Solve Anything. But Who Cares.'

'How Not To Have Any Sort Of Relationship.'


'Gwyn Look At Your Life. Look At Your Choices.'

'Gentleness Hurts Like A Bitch.'

'Wow The Trows Are Cute.'

'Hey Pia Efnisien Is The Greatest Villain Can't Wait to See What You Do With HIM WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S DEAD.'

'Never Mind, Crielle's Here.'

'The Story of How Nearly Every Chapter Was Porn.'

'Game Theory Would Only Be About 100,000 Words If You Took The Porn Out No I'm Kind of Serious Sort Of.'

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I'm really dying for some just really long, intense kissing scenes with Augus and Gwyn, since Gwyn seems to really enjoy it and goodness knows Augus is willing to indulge in things Gwyn actually likes.

This is not pertaining to anything in the canon, just a random drabble:

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I am made of impossible things. Swamps that grow in darkness without the sun to kiss the leaves awake and unfurling. I was born in a lake that had no love for me and demanded my survival. I was given a brother I was never supposed to have. I was an Unseelie King who fell for a Seelie King who wasn’t Seelie.
—  Augus Each Uisge’s Thoughts, Game Theory by Not_Poignant
Chapter 1 - Massacre - of THE COURT OF FIVE THRONES is UP!

Author: not-poignant / Pia Foxhall
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Augus Each Uisge/Gwyn ap Nudd
Tags: A fuckton, go check them out at the chapter. :D

Summary: Gwyn ap Nudd - newly crowned King of the Unseelie Kingdom - is saddled with a broken Court, not knowing who he can trust, while the bright Seelie Court bears down upon them, seeking to depower the Unseelie Kingdom once and for all. His lover and Advisor, waterhorse Augus Each Uisge, is unloved by many, fielding multiple assassination attempts. Drifting away from each other as life threatens to completely fracture the tenuous connection they have, they must both find allies and a way to survive in a world of fae fraught with chaos.



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Chapter 18 of The Court of Five Thrones is up!

No new tags. This is an Augus/Gwyn focused chapter, and I hope folks enjoy it. We do have some Ash and Aleutia in the mix as well.

Chapter 18 - Blood - is here at AO3

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