so I was tagged by soulcoda and jeanmarcofrappuccino like 82 years ago to do the six selfie thing so now I present to you: some pics I found off the internet tbh

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Thallen Week Day 5: Coffee Shop AU

It was strange how all his senses were sort of muted to everything else around him, but heightened when the cute blonde barista was nearby. Barry enjoyed it, though. He enjoyed noticing the scent of his deodorant when he walked by. He enjoyed hearing the sound of his voice when he’d ask if Barry wanted an extra shot of espresso in his coffee. Speaking of his which, he could feel it going cold. 

“I knew I’d find you here!” Iris came up from behind Barry and scared the living crap out of him. At least she snapped him back into reality. “Seriously, I suggest this place once and you’re back here like every day. C’mon it’s not like the coffee is that good.”

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Part of the Persona fandom : Just let P4 protag go already… He’s suffered enough…

Yu : I’m having so much fun woohoo! Best anti-shadows method ever!


Shiromuras I’ve commissioned, bc…. nerd duo otp…..


1. kaalashnikov
2. whowink
3. ah-bao (this one’s old!)
4. pryce14


ok so I was tagged by rainbowfox20 (thx sweetie) , in some kind of recent selfie thing?? haha My selfie senses must be tingling cuz the last one was taken jes 2 days ago (thank u makeup)! And the rest well….ok the one with the glasses is how I normally look..on a good day that is, and the bun hair one was just a phase!! hahha relish in my awkward selfies.

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As the tin says, there’s a couple new items up in my Etsy shop for you to take a gander at! A couple art prints that instead of being printed on white paper, are done on a silver paper, and so they give everything a subtle sparkle finish and glisten in different light. But it’s not holographic-shiny so you don’t risk accidentally blinding yourself if the sun were to hit them at the right angle.

The first one can be seen here, the second one here, and the shop in general is here. There’s more prints, a cookbook, and stickers to check out too!

anime-ask-blogs asked:

Hi! Firstly I love your blog. And I wanted to get some advice from you. I started a Hetalia blog a few days ago and I really don't know what to do to get noticed by people (Now I understand you Canada-kun.) I keep posting things and waiting for questions but it feels like I've been waiting for questions since the Renaissance... You can post this to wherever you want and I'll really be happy if you answer this ^w^

Hi! Hope you’re having a good day!

I think tagging your content (but not too much, clogging a tag only makes you annoying) is one way to get to it. Be active on other tumblrs that are kinda related, ask questions, ask to be promoted (if they allow it), you never know who might want to drop by.

That’s pretty much how it works haha, sorry it’s not really any productive advice! Hopefully people will come check your stuff out!