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↳ They are meant to be, they care about each other no matter what; through all the messy parts of life their feelings about each other never change. They clearly have a love that’s so meaningful, they are willing to ‘cool it off’ to get it right. Within all their sarcasm and banter is a beautiful love story. Even when they aren’t/weren’t together they always protected each other, always comforted each other; they always had each other’s back.


Hey there Sophia fans! There are just a few weeks till this precious woman’s birthday, and queenhalstead, ssarahhanlon, sasskingjay, and I wanted to make it as special as possible so we are setting up a video project for her! We would love for you to participate!

Our main goal of the project is to gather videos made by you, recording yourself wishing her a happy birthday, we of course will be participating too. 

Terms to guide you:

  • video should range from about 30 - 45 seconds (we want to keep it quite short)
  • any kind of camera will suffice - phones, webcams, etc. (but if you use a phone be sure to record horizontally a.k.a landscape mode so there aren’t any bars on the side making it harder to edit.) 
  • this is a positive thing so please no hate or highly inappropriate comments. 
  • You can say just about anything you want for example tell her how she’s made an impact on your life, how she’s inspired you, or simply thank her for being on your favorite tv show(s). (but remember to say “Happy Birthday!”) 
  • you can send your video to be accepted to this email: (
  • deadline is July 5th 
  • if you have any questions you can please, please ask! (this is quite a big project with lots of moving parts so don’t be afraid to ask!!) 

Thank you all! Let’s make this an extraordinary present for her! 


Okay, so while I don’t really love gender roles and I would be pretty offended if someone *asked my mother to date me*, that was really cute of Noah. I was floored when he wiped off her swing for her.

I don’t agree with no sex before marriage, either, but I really respect that Noah believes in that. I think it’s really cool that he’s got thinks that he believes in and wants to find a partner that will work with him.

I was SO SAD for Bear when he broke his hand. Not only for the money it’s costing his family, but also because–Bear doesn’t function well with an injury like that, you know?

Um, also, I would so give Rainy hugs and kisses. I’m a really touchy feely person with people I trust. I could get used to trusting that family.

And Bam? Baby, I love you. You are awesome. But for the love of Doritos, get AWAY from people while they’re working!


T minus 10 minutes … and it’s totally going to rain.

We’ve been watching the lightening for half an hour. They’re actually making all of us go to our cars for half an hour after the opening act, just to wait out what’s supposed to be the worst of it.

You guys remember that Bush concert where Gavin Rossdale played Glycerine in a downpour?

We’re gonna get soaked.


Hello Followers!

My apologies for the few posts- I am abroad, and have internet only once or twice a week. Currently I am doing fieldwork in Madagascar, which is a very unique place! I’ll try and share some photos, in case any of you are interested.

This is a picture of a Madagascar or Malagasy Coucal, fairly common in the area I’m working in- mangrove and dry forest. They’re large birds, and quite beautiful with the pattern on the head and also bright reddish-orange on the wing. I was happy to catch this guy in a bush near our field station just after dawn, after finding the tides were too high to get to my research sites. The lighting wasn’t great, but he kept moving around when I tried to adjust.

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I fucked my guy friend in the bushes at a freaky as fuck truck stop in the middle of nowhere on a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne (Australia in case you're not Aussie) when my guy best friend was sleeping in the car. I have so many confessions I was a slut in my high school days. But I'm happily in a 2 year long relationship with the man of my dreams 😊

I’m crying :’)

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Why would the Democrats love to run a campaign against Scott Walker? How would he be a bad GOP nominee for the presidency?

He has no foreign policy experience, he’s one of the least charismatic of the GOP candidates, he is DESPISED by unions (even the Republicans want union support in general elections), and he’s not terribly likable. Walker also isn’t as formidable of a fundraiser as guys like Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Paul, and probably Perry. 

Walker would win more Electoral votes than Cruz or Paul (and probably Perry – although Perry is beginning to worry me), but he’s not going to excite the base or the activists and the GOP nominee needs to motivate both wings of the party in order to win an Electoral College victory.

this guy jumps out from the bushes and screams n the guy filming him is like AHH and then the guy in the bushes is like “AARON DID U C-obviously u didn’t c ur face ” n for some reason i can’t stop laughing