also, I LOVE that she says, “please ask them to be patient.”

She knows she doesn’t want things to stay like this forever. But she’s getting used to her new circumstances in a way that she’s comfortable with, and she needs to feel okay before she considers rebelling. This is a big shock to her, and she knows she needs to get through it before she can take any action. Her dad isn’t like the court. She loves and respects him and wants to make him happy. That doesn’t mean she agrees with him on everything, but it does mean she pays a heck of a lot more attention to what he thinks.

(obviously he is still emotionally abusive, but I just wanted to explore her side of things more.)

Annie is taking care of herself in the only way she knows how, and I couldn’t be more proud of her tbh.

Tom Siddell on Writing Female Characters
  • Tom Siddell on Writing Female Characters


How do you get comfortable writing female characters?

Tom: Comfortable? My big secret is that I don’t try to write female characters, I just try to write good characters.


That’s how you figure out the ladies.

[laughter from fans]

A fan: We’re people!

[more laughter]

Tom: Like I was saying earlier, when I design a character—I never do but if I had to write out a list of their character traits, I don’t want to see their gender on there at all. Because somebody can be headstrong, somebody can be obtuse, somebody can be, you know, stupid, but girl, boy, that isn’t a character trait.

Of course you can flavor a character based on their sex and gender or whatever, but when it comes down to writing a character, you need to make sure they have a certain motivation, to start off with, and then a reason and a way to interact with other people, first and foremost. And I guess that’s all I do really.

I just, I knew what’s gonna happen in the comic and I knew the sort of characters that Annie and Kat were in particular, and I’ve imagined myself reacting to certain things. I don’t have them reacting as a girl would, because what does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything. I just have them…well I just try to write them as naturally as possible, and I’ve had great feedback from it. And I guess there’s no hard and fast rule.

For me, I guess it’s kind of a cop-out to say, but, I just get a feeling as to whether they themselves would react in a certain way and if it doesn’t feel natural then I know I’m doing something wrong. And that’s never really come into any conflict with reader feedback.

But you don’t wear makeup.

[Laughter from fans]

Tom: Not right now, no.

A fan: Not on Wednesdays.