A Peek at the EarthBound Handbook

The MOTHER 3 Handbook is one of Fangamer’s most popular products, and we’ve received numerous requests to make a similar guide for EarthBound. Thanks to our "You Are Now EarthBound" Kickstarter, we’re finally getting that chance! The EarthBound Handbook will be a high quality adventure through the word of EarthBound, filled with ’90s ‘TUDE, and yes, scratch-n-sniff cards.

Digital and physical copies of the EarthBound Handbook are available in our Kickstarter!


Hello! My name is Jessica-Rose and GRACE HELBIG TOLD ME I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL NAME.

Sorry. It has been a very exciting day.

For anyone wondering, gracehelbig is the sweetest woman on the face of the earth. Grace, thank you soooooo much for the hugging and the selfie-ing and being fucking awesome. I was standing in line panicking out of my mind, and as soon as Grace said “hi” I was totally relaxed. Yes, I was still smiling like an idiot and my heart was beating a mile a minute, but the fear I had over…whatever it was I was fearing just completely disappeared.

Again, thank you, Grace. I will never forget this day.

I love you.

Geologist’s Field Toolkit

Whether you’re a budding rock hound or a full-blown professional there are a few tools that no geologist should leave home without. This list is not meant to be all encompassing; you may need more or less depending on the purpose of the fieldwork and your education or experience.

—Rock Hammer/Chisel
—Shovel/pick axe
—Hand Lens
—Field Notebook and writing utensil
—Geologic maps
—Streak plate
—Rock/mineral guidebook
—Loose change (for scale in pictures)
—Small ruler
—Plastic bags (for equipment and samples)
—Acid bottle

—Good hiking or steel toe boots
—I prefer long rip-stop pants
—Work gloves
—Safety glasses
—High visibility clothing (for working roadside) 
—Hat, sunglasses, and sunblock
—Bug repellant
—Rain gear
—Cold weather gear (if in a cold climate)
—Water and food
—First aid kit
—Tent/sleeping bag/other camping equipment (If staying overnight)

Note: Just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean that you have to hit every rock you pass, especially in sensitive/protected areas. It’s best to only hammer/chisel rocks that have already broken away.


Image Courtesy: Hannes Grobe

Crouching Pixel, Hidden Object

Back in the day (and you can detect its hints in modern adventure games still), we used to deride and laugh at pixel hunting in games. You know how it is - the vital object you need to proceed in your game is a two-pixel blur in a bunch of static background art, and you’d never notice it unless you were lucky or had a guidebook.

Some people apparently liked this process.

Somewhere a developer and a marketing manager banged their heads together trying to figure out how to approach this situation - you couldn’t very well advertise a game as “pixel hunting game”, because market research clearly showed those words started several fights. But then, suddenly, they figured it out.

Now, we’re seeing lots of “hidden object games”, making pixel hunting into an art. Stick your nose to the screen! Search for the missing pixel among others of its kind! Here’s a time limit for you to keep it spicy! 

Each to their own, I suppose - hell, I tried out, finished and somewhat enjoyed one particular hidden object hunting game - but it does seem a bit weird in light of the past.

I suck at figuring out exactly what to take seriously or as a joke. And sometimes I have no control over getting hurt or annoyed at something that’s totally harmless but then I’m totally chill about something that others may find harmful. So it’s like….where is this fucking guidebook to how to be a person.


Scans of original new art from the new Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook, on sale today! There is much more inside, including detailed character designs and genga/douga from the first episode. Sorry I am not very good at scanning books like this, but please enjoy anyway!

These scans include the full cover, back and front, ending design sketches by director Utsumi, and other drawings by the character designer.

SNK Guidebook Scans: Hange Zoe


See those little blurry words on the left side of Hange’s spider web of abilities?

It says “Intelligence”, and it goes to eleven.

I’m happy to announce that our beloved Hange Zoe has the highest intelligent score of any character in the Shingeki world. Erwin and Armin only scored 10’s.

(Once again, thank you, Julystorms, for destroying your book in order to provide scans of all the Guidebook pages!)

Get Outta Town 

Is the spring/winter transition leaving you craving a last minute vacation? We here at The Inside Source are just itching to get somewhere warm to ring in summer (it’s coming soon, we promise). Before you get on that jet plane, make sure you know everything about your destination. In terms of travel books, we’re big fans of the DK Eyewitness Travel series. They’re full of fun facts, tourist must-sees, and helpful city maps. Check out eBay’s selection here

(Image courtesy of Steinar Bergolsen. Text by Jenny Bahn)