Whenever he has to spend time on earth and he’s not helping heroes battle intergalactic bad guys Drax volunteers at hospital nurseries to cuddle newborns who’s parents don’t want them, such as newborns with HIV or mutants. He says every child, no matter what, deserves to know what it’s like to be loved.

With Great Power Comes The Great Oz

GUEST: We’re thinking of taking our 15 year old daughter to see the Spiderman musical. Can you help us with tickets?
CONCIERGE: Well, I’d love to, but Spiderman closed last year. Is there another show you’d be interested in?
GUEST: What’s good for a 15 year old girl?
CONCIERGE: Probably Wicked would be the best choice for her. That’s definitely the most popular show for teenage girls.
GUEST: Hm. I don’t know.
GUEST’S WIFE: It’s fine, George. We’ll just tell her it’s Spiderman but with witches.

I am in the September Issue of Glamour Magazine wearing a leather jacket in the summer time, trying my best to look like Star-Lord. Pardon the mustache and mutton chops, I was still filming The Walk at the time. Thank you so much to Glamour for including me in the “New Wave” section next to so many beautiful and talented humans.