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A thousand words

madjm made a post wishing for a fic where Clarke had drawn Bellamy and then accidentally left it with the Mount Weather map for him to find after he left.  I decided to give it a shot.


It had just been a rough sketch, started when the stress of Finn and worry over the 47 in Mount Weather became too much.  She’d needed to do something, anything, with her hands, and he had been sitting there, speaking with Octavia.  Before she even realized what she was doing, she had drawn the outline of his face, had begun to detail his eyes.

                Clarke… well, she hated to leave anything undone, and so she’d found herself adding to it whenever she had a spare moment.  She’d struggled over the shape of his lips, but she’d found adding the careful detail of his freckles had been enjoyable.

                And then the Grounders had made their demands for Finn, and Clarke had tucked the picture away and forgotten about it.  Until now, when she was tearing her blankets apart looking for it, because she had been strong.  She had pushed aside weakness and sent Bellamy away for the good of all, but damn if the guilt of that didn’t threaten to rise up and choke her.  So she needed to see his face, and the only way she could do that is if she found the damn picture.

                I was weak.  It’s worth the risk.

Clarke froze, her hands coming up to cover her mouth, because her stomach roiled and threatened to expel the little she had managed to eat since this whole mess had begun.  God, she had sent him away thinking she was willing to risk his life.

                God, she was willing to risk his life.  And knowing that made her hurt, but it would be better if she could just find the damn picture, explain herself to his face, if not the actual him.

                Where had she had it last?

She had been working on it.  She could remember that.  She had been watching him… had he been talking to Kane?  Maybe Raven?  But there had been a spark in his eye, a spark that was distinctly Bellamy, and she had been determined to bring that spark to life in her drawing.  But then Murphy had come, and of course she wasn’t going to let Murphy of all people see what she was doing.  So she had… she had…

                She had shoved it into her other papers.

                Her other papers had been the map of Mount Weather.

                The map of Mount Weather that was now miles away.  With Bellamy.

                She felt her legs give out and she landed on her sleeping bag.  She stared at the top of her makeshift tent and then, against her will, she began to laugh.  She laughed until the laughter became tears, and then she cried, because she now she didn’t even have a picture of him to help keep her strong.

                It had been sent away – just like she had sent him away.


                They had stopped to camp for the night, because Lincoln said they should be well rested for what came next, and though everything in Bellamy screamed to keep going, he couldn’t deny the other man’s wisdom.

                The only problem was, he couldn’t sleep.

                Lincoln lay across the fire, and if he wasn’t already out, then he was doing a good impression of it.  So Bellamy figured he’d take first watch and spend the time figuring out what to do once he got into Mount Weather.

                It’s worth the risk.

He blinked and tried to push the words out of his mind, to push Clarke’s expression as she said them out of his mind.  Clarke was determined to save their people, and she was a smart girl.  It only made sense that she would eventually see the logic in his words.

                Didn’t stop it from cutting him when she did, though.

                He sighed and pulled out the map.  He had looked at it a hundred times before with Clarke, of course.  She had a real talent, and it showed in the incredibly detailed map she had developed of the inner workings of Mount Weather.  He unfolded the paper, only for another one to tumble out.  He stared at it for a moment, lying on the ground, and then he scrambled for it.

                Maybe this was a note from Clarke.  Maybe there was more to it, than just it’s worth the risk.  Maybe she had learned something and –

                He stared at the paper, not quite comprehending what he was seeing. 

                Clarke had a real talent.  The detail she could put onto paper was amazing.  Tiny little things, like the freckles across his nose.  She even drew a little scar he had on his chin, one he forgot he had half the time.

                Bellamy looked at the drawing, undeniably in Clarke’s hand, because her style was unmistakable – and stared at his own face.  He stared, because he couldn’t quite believe it.  Clarke was talented, but Bellamy knew something like this took time.  So when had she –

                He thought back, remembering feeling her gaze on him.  Whenever he had looked, she had been staring down at her paper, working tirelessly on what he had assumed to be the map… but looking at that, he saw that not much had changed since that first time he saw it.  A few added details, some things switched around, but it was mostly the same.  And that meant…

                That meant that he had felt her gaze on him.  That she had been watching him.  Watching him and drawing him.  He held the paper in his fingers and traced his own features, and he realized that this was how Clarke Griffin saw him.

                He had a tiny smirk, and he had no idea how he got that kind of detail into his eyes.  There was… there was a challenge there, a glint in his eyes, the slightest of arches in his brow.  Bellamy knew Clarke cared about him, that she even needed him in some ways.  It had been a lot of trial and error, but they had fallen into positions of leadership over their people, and Bellamy knew that neither of them could have kept as many alive as they had without the other. 

                But he’d always assumed that outside of that, he was a bit of a non-entity to Clarke.  Clarke who looked at Finn like he hung the moon, and who was so determined to keep everyone alive that she wouldn’t even truly give the boy she loved the time of day.  And it would have made sense to Bellamy, if he had opened this paper and found Finn’s face, because that would be the closest thing to longing that the Princess would allow herself.

                What he didn’t understand, was why it was his face there instead.

                I was weak.

Whenever he thought of Clarke’s words he always focused on the last part – It’s worth the risk – when it was the first three words that held far more meaning.

                She thought that loving Finn had made her weak.  Bellamy stared at the picture, and cursed himself for an idiot.  Hadn’t he been thinking, how much he could identify with Gustus, who would do anything for his Commander, even if it meant disobeying her? 

                Why hadn’t it occurred to him, that Clarke could probably identify with Lexa?

                Lexa, who wore a stoic expression and showed no weakness, even though killing Gustus must have killed a piece of her?

                Lexa had killed Gustus to give her people their best chance.

                Clarke had sent Bellamy away to give their people theirs.

                His grip on the picture tightened, began to crumple it, and he immediately loosened his hold, not wanting to damage what must have taken most of Clarke’s rare moments of peace.  He smoothed out the edges, and before he really knew what was happening, he realized that his smirk mirrored the one that Clarke had drawn on his features.

                He had left the camp understanding why Clarke had sent him away, but feeling hurt that she had been so capable of risking his life, so soon after saying she couldn’t lose him, too.

                Well, Princess could deny her weaknesses all she wanted, but Bellamy was going to survive this.  He was going to survive this and save their people, and then he would make it back to her and return the picture.

                And he would let her know that he wasn’t going to be just a weakness for her to ignore.

picture the john murphy who found himself in grounder hands

a slumped over mess, starved and dehydrated, and broken. a boy who isn’t even sure if he wants to survive, because no one can out there alone. because his people wanted to see him hang. because he deserved to die. 

who doesn’t spare anything but a few sneers, and quiet hisses for the first day they get to work on him before he moves up to biting words of fuck you and why don’t you ask them yourselves, bitch ——— because they’re not right, he’s not a traitor, and the less helpful he makes himself, the more likely it is that, that knife finds itself a home in his chest

picture him broken down, and taken apart, and stripped down to his seams, and he’s so close to giving up but they keep dragging him back, and he hates them for it, for not letting him die, and he hates the people who hung him for not believing in him, and he hates bellamy for ignoring his pleas, and clarke for opening her fucking mouth, and charlotte for driving that knife in, in the first place

mostly he just hates himself for trusting them

it’s day three before he realizes the hate keeps him going, it keeps this fire lit in him, it keeps his head up when he could let it slump, and it silences the pleas for death, and the sobs, and the whispers in the dead of night to a long gone father to protect him

one hundred  

when they ask, he tells him, because he’s got one hundred reasons to, for everyone who tried to end him, and for letting it happen

and he knows there’s something up when the door to his cage isn’t locked, but he doesn’t care, and he drags himself across the dirt and back to that camp, because he’s not the scared little boy anymore, he’s the one with the knife now, and he wants to live

I just want all the babies to be happy and alive and to sit around a campfire sharing their adventures  and Clarke gets asked how she got out of Mount Weather cause lets be honest, Monty, Jasp, Harps, and co were probably all wondering and she’s just all nonchalant like,

"I just jumped off a waterfall. Anya did it so it was probs safe"

and everyone but Bellamy is just staring at her like, ‘thats our fearless leader’ while Bellamy is just ‘gdi Princess’. Then it transitions into Octavia talking about how she fought along side grounders and everyone once again is all ‘Thats our girl. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee’ and Bellamy is just all sighs but bursting with pride at the same time. All the while Murphy is pretending not to care, but slowly as the night progresses he sits closer to everyone and enjoys himself but will totally out right deny it in the morning.  I just really want them sharing campfire stories and being happy and possibly getting drunk.

John of the Sky People

Days passed in a haze filled with screams that ripped at his throat and pain that seared him to the bone, white hot and burning. When they’d finished with him, they locked him in a cage barely big enough for him to lay on his side without metal bars pressing into his broken body. And maybe before all this he’d complain about the lack of space or the mud pit that acted as a floor or about the chill that seeped through the underground cave and left him with a feeling of hopelessness that only grew with each passing day. Now he felt relieved when they shoved him roughly back into his metal box, now this vermin infested den was his salvation from whatever tortures they could concoct that day. It was where he could heal; where the blinding pain became a dull throb, and the wish for death engulfed him.

Murphy wouldn’t admit it to anyone (not even the grounders could get that out of him) but he’d tried for death before. It was weak, he knew, that he couldn’t fight the sense of hopelessness that consumed him. He’d tried, in the hours where they left him alone in the darkness of his cell, he’d found something sharp and held it in his fist, wondering what in the hell he would do. What could he do, he wasn’t able to take his own life but god, did he want to. He wanted to be free of the tortures, of the pain and the screams, of the feeling of blood rushing free from skin and the way he nearly cracked his jaw keeping himself from letting out a sound, a word, during whatever horror they thought would pull information from him. But he’d be damned if they got him to rat out on the hundred.

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The bridge

A/N : This is a short Bellarke one-shot. Set after Bellamy and the 47 were rescued, everything is finally quiet at Camp Jaha. But Clarke’s mind isn’t. 

Bellamy was out in the woods with Lincoln, the Grounder showing him what herbs could be used for medicinal purposes and which ones could kill a grown man in less than a second. But Bellamy wasn’t really listening. 

Now that everything was back to normal and that the truce with the Grounders had grown stable, the adults had taken back the control of Camp Jaha. Apparently Clarke and he were only useful when lives were threatened. Never mind the fact that they, a bunch of teenagers, already knew how to set their tents and organize guard shifts. 

The Council trusted Clarke and Bellamy only for small chores, like picking up herbs or tending to a scratch. The older leaders were afraid that if the two teenagers were to get back in the spotlight, they would lose their hold over the community and everything would go astray. Never mind the fact that Clarke and Bellamy had been leaders on Earth for longer than they had. 

These thoughts made Bellamy bitter as he searched the ground for feverfew, although he wasn’t quite sure what it looked like and simply followed Lincoln as the man expertly uprooted plants.

The roar of the river could easily be heard in the silence that reigned between the men. It had turned out that Lincoln was not very talkative, especially when he was focused on a task.

"We just need to cross the bridge, I know a field where cinquefoil grows," Lincoln told his chore partner in a low voice, being discreet out of habit.

As they began walking, Bellamy could gradually see the bridge Lincoln was talking about. When they were close enough, Bellamy recognized the person who was standing in the middle of it. It was Clarke. He wasn’t aware that his Princess - he didn’t know when he’d started to call her his, it had just happened - had been sent on a mission as well. And why was she alone ? Even though the truce with the Grounders was going strong, no one was supposed to be outside of camp by themselves. And certainly not Clarke, since her mother had been overly protective of her ever since Finn died. 

He started calling out to her to get her attention when he realized that she wasn’t just standing on the bridge ; she had a leg over the railing and was already lifting the other one. Bellamy told Lincoln not to follow as he broke into a run, stopping a few meters away so as not to scare Clarke. 

He heard her talking. At first he thought that she had noticed him and was speaking to him but she was looking in the other direction, her speech incoherent, as if she kept answering to someone. 

"Please, I don’t want to… No… I told you I was sorry ! You gave me no choice ! I know it was my fault but…" 

Then she paused for a while and Bellamy held his breath as she seemed to listen to someone intently before she nodded. 

"Okay, Finn. I’m coming," she said in a low voice but Bellamy heard her anyway. 

He suddenly realized what was happening. She was hurt more deeply than he’d initially thought. He knew she was unwell when she started pushing him away, but he had no idea that things were this bad. 

Clarke was hallucinating Finn. God knew what he was telling her. But Clarke’s last words rang in his head. As he realized what his Princess was about to do, Bellamy ran a few steps and lunged forward, preventing Clarke from falling into the river as she let go of the bridge’s railing. 

"What are you doing ?!" she screamed. "Let me go ! I have to go !" she sobbed, but her actions contradicted her words. 

As she was screaming for Bellamy to let her go, she was clutching him like he was all she had. And he was. She’d lost - no, she’d murdered - Finn, and then pushed everyone away at Lexa’s advice. She didn’t have anything to live for. Not anymore. 

"Clarke, Princess, calm down ! What are you doing ?!" Bellamy shouted at her. He had never been so panicked in his entire life. "What were you thinking ?! You would’ve died !"

"So what, Bellamy ?! What use am I anyway ? All I ever do is endanger people ! Finn’s right, I should just join him and stop hurting everyone I care about ! I tried to be strong for everyone, but it’s over now. The Council’s taken over. I’m useless. No one needs me anymore," she ended in a whisper, the fight now out of her. 

She was trying to get out of Bellamy’s arms, not to jump but to distance herself from him when he released her and grabbed her wrists instead. 

"Is that what you think ?! That no one needs you anymore ?!" Bellamy said in a cold voice, anger seeping out of his pores. "Well, guess what, Clarke you couldn’t be more wrong. I need you. So don’t you dare to ever do anything like that again ! You understand me ?!” 

Clarke, shocked, stared at him wide-eyed as he waited for a reply. She had no idea. She thought he just saw her as his co-leader, and now that these days were over, well… She’d thought he wouldn’t care anymore. She could now see how wrong she was. How much he obviously cared for her. The only other time she’d ever seen him react so violently was when Octavia had almost died a few weeks earlier. 

He loved her, she suddenly realized. And gazing into his deep brown eyes that stared back at her with emotions she could barely comprehend, she realized that she loved him too. That was the reason why she’d pushed him away the most. Why she’d been avoiding him lately. Why she was so scared that he’d find her crazy for seeing Finn’s ghost. 

She loved him. She didn’t need to join Finn to matter. Even if they weren’t leaders, they’d be fine. Because they’d be together. 

But Clarke wasn’t ready to act on her feelings quite yet. She could only hope that Bellamy would be patient enough. 

When Clarke suddenly threw herself at Bellamy, he didn’t quite know what to expect. His arms came around to hold her out of instinct, and that’s when he noticed that his Princess was doing the same thing. She was hugging him. Did that mean… 

"I’m sorry, Bellamy," she whispered in his neck. "I won’t do this again."

Clarke sighed contentedly as she nestled into the embrace of the man she loved, watching Finn walk away from her. She knew he would eventually be back to torment her, but she wasn’t worried. She wasn’t alone anymore, her warrior would help her against all foe. She knew it now. And she reveled in the feeling of warmth and certainty that threatened to overwhelm her. 

"Come on, Princess, I’m taking you home," Bellamy told her as he let her go and took her hand in his. 

On the walk back home, he eventually realized that Lincoln had already left, trusting him to make it right. As everyone in camp would have, actually, since anyone could see how deep the love ran between them, even if the lovebirds weren’t aware of it yet. 

A/N 2 : So this didn’t come out as I expected. Not my best piece but oh well. I’m posting it anyway. (I really hope this doesn’t happen in the show, though) And I also know nothing about medicinal herbs, so I’m sorry if I got them wrong ^^ 

Bonding for Peace (Chap 1)

Title: Bonding for Peace

Chapter Rating: K

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Clarke/Lexa

Prompt(s): Clarke is forced to marry Lexa in order to insure peace for the sky people and to save Finn.

Warning: Femslash, First Time

Beta: Delilah Moon

Summary: It is time to make peace between the grounders and sky people. Only a bonding ceremony can make lasting peace. (Lexa/Clarke)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Nothing I write is for profit. Everything I wrote is not meant to offend anyone.

Warning: Change from story: Clarke and Finn never had sex.

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the thing about the Bellarke leadership dynamic

Not gonna lie, I’ve been seeing quite a few negative comments about the current storyline and Clarke’s character that I would like to address, specifically regarding the leadership qualities that both Bellamy and Clarke possess and how Clarke has been the main focus of the first half of this season. I’ve seen a few people complaining about Bellamy “being placed under Clarke” on the leadership front, and Clarke apparently being the sole person in charge. But that’s just not right.

The thing is, their roles right now in terms of leadership are no different to how they have always been. It’s their circumstances that have changed, and they have had to adapt for the time being. They are no longer in charge of a group of teenagers, fighting to survive in the forest, trying to outwit the Grounders while at the same time hunting for food and water and preparing for the winter. Now, they are separated from their people and have been thrown into an entirely different world full of politics and alliances and a different sort of enemy.

So after all that, I kind of understand when people think that the writers have now placed Clarke in charge of everyone, including Bellamy. But here’s the thing…

"You inspire them."

Bellamy has always been a leader for the people, this fact was established in Season 1. He’s part of the lower class - the working class - on the Ark, and he understands people and what makes them tick. The teenagers have always looked up to him; he is their charismatic leader who is one of them, who could tell them to go to war and they’d follow in a heartbeat. His 100 (~47) would follow him to their deaths if he called for it.

"They listen to you more." "They were willing to fight and die for you."

On the other hand, Clarke is the more political of the two. Clarke was raised with the elite privileged on the Ark, she has been surrounded by politics and leaders. Her own mother was on the Council, and her family were best friends with the Jaha’s. Clarke understands leadership and politics in a more theoretical, detached sense. While people look up to her too, she is not as great at working the masses as Bellamy because she didn’t grow up as one of them. Sure, she has been through a tonne of struggles during her time on Earth, but that doesn’t dispute the fact that she wasn’t around them from the beginning and she hasn’t been raised in the same way. The political field is her playground, whereas Bellamy’s is with the people, and that’s why the focus has been on her leadership for the first half of the season.

Bellamy and Clarke are in a totally different situation than they were in Season 1. Bellamy has been separated from his people - the teenagers who all look up to him - whereas Clarke is doing what she does best: negotiating truces, playing politics, and dealing with the adults; all things that she has a more fundamental understanding of and more experience with. This is where she shines when it comes to leadership, this has been made evident since Season 1.

Bellamy hasn’t been pushed aside by Clarke, he has stepped aside because the situation has called for it. Bellamy isn’t interested in politics, he just wants to keep his people safe. And he can’t lead his people if they’re not there. He needs to get them out of Mount Weather, so he can do what he does best and protect them.

This is why I adore Bellamy and Clarke, both separately and as Bellarke. They work together so well as people and as leaders because they balance each other out. Bellamy handles the things relating directly to his people - the food, the day to day organisation, the “military” - and Clarke deals with the politics. To completely butcher the Harry Potter quote: Neither could lead if the other wasn’t there.

Bellamy hasn’t been pushed aside in favour of Clarke (although the writers have admitted that there has been less focus on his storyline because of the whole Finn thing), and he most certainly hasn’t been demoted as a leader. It’s not that he isn’t in charge any more, and it’s not because Clarke is the #1 leader or whatever everyone has been saying; it’s because they both have a different skill set when it comes to leadership, and Clarke is having to employ hers right now because they are dealing with the adults and the Grounders.

So please, stop bitching about Clarke, who is doing her thing and keeping everyone alive, and take a step back to think about things. Really think about them. Do you honestly think that Bellamy could have negotiated a Grounder truce or dealt with the high ranking officials from the Ark? This isn’t Clarke’s fault, she is doing what she has to do, and I clearly get very frustrated when people falsely accuse her (and the writers) of treading on Bellamy’s toes and shoving him out of his leadership position.

Bellamy will get his chance to lead again when he is reunited with his people at Mount Weather (possibly after some torture but STILL). It’s coming. And when it does, the balance between Bellamy and Clarke will be restored.

i s2g the chillest person in this entire show is lincoln and he’s a grounder who’s been tortured, held captive, turned into a reaper, died, came back to life, is being rehabilitated, and is now going back to his captors in order to save some kids that aren’t even his people along with the man who tortured and held him captive the first time around meanwhile bellamy is angsting over clarke going along with his plan 

I'll Protect You//A Bellamy Blake Imagine

Anon said: Hey! I love your imagines! I was wondering if you do a Bellamy Blake imagine? One where you’ve been captured by the grounders (you get tortured) but he rescues you and he blames himself and he vows to ‘avenge’ you. Thanks if you do do this!

Yes protective!Bellamy is my favorite thing


The grounder sliced into your stomach again, causing you to scream in pain. 

"I’m going to ask you again. Where. Is. Their camp?"

You spit in his face. 

He sighed. “You know, it’s such a shame. I wanted to avoid cutting up your pretty face.” And with that, he took out a cruel looking blade and made identical slices along your jawline, making you yelp.

All of a sudden, there were angry shouts and a gunshot and the Grounder dropped to the floor, blood blossoming from the bullet wound on his chest.

Kids that were on the drop ship came flooding in, shouting and waving their guns. 

Blackness creeped at the edges of your vision and you struggled to hold onto consciousness. Bellamy saw you and came running.

"(Y/N), stay with me. I’m gonna get you out of here, I just need you to stay awake."

You nodded weakly and he picked you up. “We got her, let’s go!” he yelled. They followed him and you blacked out. 

You woke up in the drop ship and saw Bellamy on your left with his head in his hands.

"Bell?" you said, your voice sounding scratchy.

"(Y/N)." The relief in his voice was apparent. 

"What happened?"

"You were kidnapped and tortured by Grounders. But it’s okay. You’re safe now. God, this is all my fault," he said, his voice breaking.

"How in the hell is this your fault?" you asked angrily. "I was the one that wasn’t careful, I was the one that was stupid enough to get taken, not you."

He looked at you and his eyes filled with tears. “Your face. It’s all cut up. Your stomach too.”

You snorted. “I didn’t notice, thanks for telling me.”

"I hate seeing you like this," he said, sniffling. "I swear to you, I will get them for this. I will kill every last one of them for doing this to you."

You laughed, and then winced at the pain in your torso. You tilted his chin up so he was looking you in the eye. “Bellamy Blake, this is not your fault, and I forbid you to blame yourself. I love you, and I refuse to watch you tear yourself apart over this.”

"You love me?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah, I do."

"I love you too, and I am so glad that you’re safe."

"I’m glad that I have you to keep me safe."

THE 100 2x09

The devastation on Bellamy’s face when Clarke told him to go to Mt Weather (where he could potentially die) was clear as day!

He knew he had to do this in order to protect Clarke but he still didn’t want to go and leave her behind, alone with the grounders, where she could be harmed and he wouldn’t be able to protect her.


You know what would be such a bittersweet thing to the 100 for me. If Clarke kept on this way but she just slowly got more and more broken under the pressure whilst dealing with emotional and mental pain of what they went through to only eventually just breakdown, not being able to cope. Instead of Abby or Kane taking charge, it’ll be a well done mixture of Raven and O

That would be amazing. Octavia is the only sky person that understands the Grounders ways truly, she has fought with them in times of need she has saved some of their people whilst fighting along side one of their leaders. She mourned with them when Finn massacred their people.

Raven doesn’t see her love as weakness, she’ll fight til the death for her family, she’s amazingly smart, she is working through her problems without taking people down with her.

I love Clarke as the leader but you know what I really want to see, what happens when someone else that is not either an adult nor upperclass as leader (I consider Bell as an adult cause he’s meant to be nearly 24)

anonymous asked:

The Hundred obviously

Top 5 favourite characters: Bellamy, Murphy, Raven, Clarke, Octavia
Other characters you like: Kane, Miller, Monty, Anya
Least favourite characters: Indra, Maya I guess, Cage Wallace, Byrne
Otps: Bellarke 
Notps: Flarke? Bellamy/pain
Favourite friendships: Japer/Monty, Murphy/Bellamy, Raven/Clarke, Raven/Bellamy
Favourite family: the Blakes
Favourite episodes: basically all of them
Favourite season/book/movie: season 2
Favourite quotes: all of Bellamy’s motivational speaches
Best musical moment: scary grounder attack music
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: the bellarke hug definitely, but every bellarke scene tbh
When it really disappointed you: Lexa in 2x09, Anyas death
Saddest moment: Raven reacting to Finn’s death

Most well done character death: Finn Collins
Favourite guest star: Idk
Favourite cast member: Bob Morley, Lindsay Morgan, Richard Harmon
Character you wish was still alive: Anya
One thing you hope really happens: Bellamy gets turtured for information in Mt Weather and Clarke realizes that Lexa is talking bullshit cause love is strenght
Most shocking twist: Clarke becoming an idiot in 2x09, Wells’ death, Mount Weather in general
When did you start watching/reading?: in the middle of season 1 I guess
Best animal/creature: -
Favourite location: The dropship
Trope you wish they would stop using: Heartless/Rational leader
One thing this show/book/film does better than others: It’s actual about society and survival. Also the casting is great.
Funniest moments: Everything Jasper and Monty
Couple you would like to see: Besides Bellarke - Raven and Wick, Miller and someone? Raven and Lexa?
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: idk
Favourite outfit: haha no. Probably Lexa.
Favourite item: Bellamys gun.
Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: The DVD
What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?: Blake familiy definitely and The 100 (not the Grounders, not Mt Weather not the Arc.)
Most boring plotline: Flarke tbh, Jaha surviving the drop
Most laughably bad moment: Idk
Best flashback/flashfoward if any: Bellamy and Octavias past
Most layered character: Jon Murphy? or Bellamy
Most one dimensional character: Wells Jaha
Scariest moment: Monty and Bellamy in a cage, hanging Murphy and the after effects of that
Grossest moment: Slaying Gustus?
Best looking male: Bellamy Blake
Best looking female: Octavia Blake, Lexa
Who you’re crushing on (if any): Bellamy (I’m lame)
Favourite cast moment: - 
Favourite transportation: what?
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise): We are grounders Part 2 - the smoke
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: Bellamy giving up on his rebel attitude, Clarke trying to lead on her own and shutting Kane and Abby out, locking Jaha away
Best promo: Season 2 B even if it hurts like a bitch
At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: like 2 or 3 episodes into it