List of Roleplaying Links

Mostly for my own personal reference, I figure some of you may find this useful as well.

Archives of Nethys: - Pathfinder rules
Beyond the Moon: - Spelljammer setting. 2e & 3.5
Birthright: - D20 campaign setting, mobile friendly(ish)
Candlekeep: - Forgotten Realms campaign setting
Cyclopedia Mystara: - Mystara (Known World) Campaign setting
D20 Modern SRD:
D&D4 Wiki: - 4E resourse wiki
D&D Tools: - D&D 3.0 & 3.5
Dragonlance Nexus: - Dragonlance fanpage
Dungeons and Dragons Official Homepage: - NOT Mobile Compatible
Dungeons and Dragons Wiki: - What it says.
Dungeon World SRD:
Eberron Pathfinder: - Homebrewed Pathfinder rules for the Eberron setting.
Eberron in Pathfinder: - another Eberron/Pathfinder site.
Eberron Unlimited: - Eberron Campaign page.
Eberron Wiki: -Eberron campaign setting wiki
Forgotten Futures: - Free “Scientific Romance” game
Fraternity of Shadows: - Ravenloft campaign setting
Greyhawk Wiki: - D&D Greyhawk campaign setting
Hastur: - Homebrew
Hypertext D20 SRD:
John H. Kim’s Role-Playing Game Page:
Lady Aleena: - 2e D&D fansite
Learn Tabletop Roleplaying Games: - Basically its How to RPG 101.
Maldin’s Greyhawk: - Greyhawk campaign page
MCArchetype: - Free 3rd Party Pathfinder
Mimir: - Planescape. Contains cant.
Northern Journey Campaign: - Forgotten Realms campaign site
Norwold, Royaume d’Eric: - in French. Has scans (in English) of the old TSR modules under “Scenarii TSR.”
Paizo PRD: - Official Pathfinder PRD
Pathfinder Community: - Pathfinder
Pathfinder Database: - Pathfinder homebrew
Pathfinder OGC : - Pathfinder SRD, Mobile-Friendly
PathfinderWiki: - Pathfinder “home” setting of Golarion. Semi-mobile friendly.
Planewalker: - Planescape
Savagepedia: - Savage Worlds wiki
SRD News: - what it says on the tin.
The Blackmoor Archives: Campaign Setting
The Burnt World of Athas: - Wiki for the Dark Sun capaign setting
The Escapist:  - gaming advocacy
The Forgotten Realms Wiki:
The Kriegstanz: - Planescape factions for 3e.
The Museum of Roleplaying Games:
The Rule of Threes: - Planescape. Contains rules for GURPS and Fudge.
The Siltskimmer Page: - Dark Sun fansite. In French with English translations.
Timaresh : - Planescape wiki
Vaults of Pandius: - Mystara (Known World) Campaign setting
World of Sulerin: - Homebrewed 3.5 campaign setting



Useful Sites
Encyclopedia Mythica: - mythology
Arcana Wiki: - RPG inspirations from myth and literature
Seventh Sanctum: - random generators
Chaotic Shiny: - even more stuff generators!
Behind the Name: - Names and their meanings.
Myths and Legends: - mobile friendly.

Edit 2/4/14

Iuz the Evil, a demigod who runs a chunk of Greyhawk. Originally a drop-dead gorgeous part-fiend, his biological father (the demon lord Graz'zt) cursed him to two forms, an old apparently human, and a gigantic lumbering obvious fiend with red skin. There’s nothing in canon about what he might think of Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” album, but I’m pretty sure he would like it.


Qullans are warlike humanoids tainted by chaos and insanity, their rage and aggressiveness rivaling the baser demons. These creatures are capable of honing swords to a phenomenal edge, but no warlords of other races have yet taken advantage of their strength or skill because so chaotic are they that merely doing anything against their will causes them deathly pain.

A qullan looks like a muscular human but stands over eight feet tall. They cover themselves in body paint and ritual scars, and either go naked or wear only light furs to show off old wounds from past battles. Qullans’ propensity to chaos is palpable: merely being in their presence induces confusion and panic.

Qullans live in small tribes of up to twenty members with no internal hierarchy, though stronger individuals of either sex (usually barbarian or bloodragers) gravitate towards leadership. Qullans rarely speak, even amongst themselves, and seem disconcertingly serene and withdrawn when not in battle, spending almost all their free time sharpening their blades, but the merest suspicion of non-qullans nearby drives them into a rage that will not abate until blood is spilled. They have no sense of strategy, relying on their aura of confusion to break enemy defences. Qullans never willingly work for other races, but desperate warlords have been known to herd qullans into warbands and simply drive them ahead of their main force as shock troops.

These beings may once have been humans or a minor race of giants, but something in the distant past altered them and inflicted them with a racial insanity. Most sages ascribe their insanity to a demonic curse, and indeed many qullans revere demon lords of blood and battle, but the fact that the only other beings qullan tolerate are the vile foulspawn point to a far more otherworldly origin for their madness.

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The changecat can transform at will from a normal housecat to a large plains cat the size of a cheetah.  (Jeff Easley from AD&D Greyhawk Adventures, TSR, 1988.)

This seems like an ideal animal companion for an adventurer, alternately able to hold its own in a fight then small enough to get into tight spaces and be welcome in town where it could pass unnoticed.