21st birthday

i slept til 12:30 (had sick dreams too) and then showered, did my makeup and got real pretty and happy. then i went out to the punk cafe on the corner of harvard ave and got breakfast and read “haunted” by chuck palcdjskfsjkk. then i walked down harvard ave and went into ritual arts and bought a box and cool rocks and a snake ring and the lady gave me free incense cones for my snake and i’s birthday and it was great.

then i got home and smoked a bowl and cleaned the whole apartment while watching earth to echo and dude thats an intense kids movie damn it was good but damn haha. but now i’m listening to uptown funk and waiting for gera to come home with the white chocolate raspberry creme cheesecake for my birthday so yes, this might be my best birthday ever :)

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Go for it

1. The meaning behind my URL

2. A picture of me

3. Why I love my bestfriend

4. Last time I cried and why

5. Piercings I have

6. Favorite Band

7. Biggest turn off(s)

8. Top 5 (insert subject)

9. Tattoos I want

10. Biggest turn on(s)

11. Age

12. Ideas of a perfect date

13. Life goal(s)

14. Piercings I want

15. Relationship status

16. Favorite movie

17. A fact about my life

18. Phobia

19. Middle name

20. Anything you want to ask

I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

He doesn’t know why, but the image of Steve on a computer screen in real time, even if it is a little grainy, draws up a well of emotion that he’s been trying his hardest to ignore for the last few months. A lump forms in his throat and he can feel tears pricking the back of his eyes and this is quite possibly, the stupidest reaction he’s had to anything in his entire stupid life.

"Buck!" Steve says, tinny through the shitty speakers. Bucky can see himself in the corner of the screen, pixelated as hell. "I thought you didn’t have stable internet?"

a small gift for augustbird: an illustration from her fic our golden age, also known as “the work of literature that one day will surely kill me”


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Silk #001

Finally, I’m in the game. I have no idea what I’m doing, of course. But after ten years locked in a bunker, swinging at shadows… Who cares?

Now you can buy a Noam Chomsky garden gnome

If you love puns and often chuckle at the drollness of NPR shows—or if you’ve just always thought a miniature statue of the world’s pre-eminent linguist and anarcho-syndicalist would spruce up your lawn—you’re in luck. Though the descriptor sounds like something generated by a game of Mad Libs, Just Say Gnome is a purveyor of artisanal garden gnomes. Their flagship product, Just Say Gnome sculptor Steve Herrington explains, was first thought up over a decade ago but is newly getting attention online. Gnome Chomsky The Garden Noam, named, naturally, for linguist, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky, runs between $75 and $195, plus shipping, depending on which of two versions a buyer wants and whether it’s ordered unpainted or painted.

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